Where Is Home?

Like There Is Any Easy Answer to That Question

It is funny when people ask where I am from or where home is, I never really know what to say.

I was born in Dallas (Texas), spent my collegiate years in Boulder (Colorado), settled in Birmingham (Alabama) for the eight years after college, and currently live and work in Nashville (Tennessee). I truly believe that I have resided in the best places this country has to offer — minus perhaps Austin (Texas) which would be next on my list.

My Three Nieces - Macon, Kate, and Anne Shelton at My Parent's House in Dallas

My Three Nieces - Macon, Kate, and Anne Shelton at My Parent's House in Dallas

Even though I spent my formative years in Texas and still head back frequently to eat Mexican food and visit my parents, I would venture to call Birmingham “home.” Birmingham is the home of the restaurants I crave and the people I love. It is where I met Molly (my dog) and where I owned my first property. It is where I established my independence and where I can retreat when I need to be taken care of.

Now that I am focused on building a life in Nashville, I wonder if and when this feeling will shift and it will truly become “home.”

So now I will ask you…Where are do you consider “home”?

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  • Nashville is home. Born and raised here and although I moved away for 9 years I couldn’t wait to get back here.

    Love the new blog!

  • The picture of your nieces says it all, Lindsey. Home is wherever your family is. My home is wherever Gail is. At the moment, we are in Franklin. 😉

    I like the blog! Nice work.

  • I feel homeless having also moved around a lot. I think where the people you love are…that’s home!

  • Welcome to the blogosphere. If Hyatt likes ya, you must be alright.

    For me, home is with my wife, Erica. Although, my condo is most comfortable for me, wherever Erica is at is most calming.

  • I’m just passing through. My home is beyond the scope of my imagination.

    For now, I make my home in Northern California in a little town not far from Sacramento. It is a wonderful place to live–1 1/2 hours to San Francisco and the Northern CA coast, 2 hours to Lake Tahoe and a few hours to Yosemite.

    Congratulations on your new blog!

  • My home is Nashville, but for me Home is where the heart is. Right now Im just passing through. Because Heaven is the real home for me and being with my Heavenly Dad. Great Blog

  • I don’t think I’ve ever had a home, in the sense that you describe it. I have moved frequently enough throughout my life that I don’t have an attachment to a single place. I suppose that means “home” is wherever I am living at the moment.

  • great question, lindsey! it’s not a simple question to answer, however.

    the short version: i was born & raised in windsor, ontario (canada), but for the last ten years, have lived in mississauga, just outside of toronto. since moving here, my parents and all my brothers moved across the country to calgary, alberta, so when i say i am going ‘home’ at christmas, it is a more figurative use of the word. i also say, however, that i am going ‘home’, when i return back to mississauga.

    this is all further confused by the fact that the place on earth i feel most at home in is paris, france, which, one day, i hope to call my actual home. 🙂

  • John Ireland

    home is where i was born and lived most of my life – lexington, ky. my wife and i now live just a few mins. south in wilmore. 🙂

    would love to live in ireland or scotland! seriously…

  • Home for me has evolved from my hometown of Escondido, CA to Palm Springs, to Forest Falls, to Scottsdale, AZ, to Winter Park, FL, to Phoenix, AZ. At each place, we’ve created a home for ourselves and our children to live and be loved and nurtured in, we’ve been blessed with great church “homes” in each place we’ve lived and our current home of 2 yrs is really starting to feel a lot like home!

    I would love to live in Tennessee or Rwanda. Maybe both someday!

  • Hi! Just found your site through Pete’s so its my first comment 🙂 I completely know how you feel, I have the same problem all the time! Right now home is in Tel Aviv, Israel, but ‘home’ has been in numerous places over the years. When people always ask me though, I tend to answer with the ‘well my family lives in Michigan, so thats where I go home to on furlough.”

    Anyways, like your site 🙂


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  • Melissa

    Except for Austin! #dreamscometrue