25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me…Or Maybe You Did

1. I am related to George Washington. I know that everyone says that, but seriously I am. My mom’s maiden name is Washington and our family has one of his four pistols.

George Washington

George Washington

2. I used to plan all the special events for Books-A-Million and met a long list of famous authors and celebrities in that gig — Pat Conroy (my favorite), Nora Roberts, Paula Deen, John McCain, Joel Osteen, Patricia Cornwell, and Lou Holtz – just to name a few.

3. I Twitter, a lot. It really is a technology you should check out (www.twitter.com). Through it I have found a church, met new friends, and learned a ton.

4. I love to take road trips. Mostly because they area great excuse for me to sing and do dramatic interpretation of songs. One of my many talents. Seriously, you should see me do it sometime — I am fantastic.

5. This is embarrassing but I prefer really cheesy television that is designed for teenage girls. ABC Family Channel Movies, Gossip Girl, 90210, and One Tree Hill are a few of my favorites. I know I need to get a grip…I am 32, not 13.

6. My older sister, Marcie, pushed me off a ski lift when I was in elementary school. I was unharmed, but I am not convinced that she was trying to off me.

7. I dream of someday being called “sporty.” Probably a more honest adjective is “gluttonous” but someday “sporty.”

8. Confession – I pooped in the shower at camp. Before your imagination runs away with you, I was in First or Second Grade but still I knew better, which is why lied about it. I tend to blurt out this confession when the mood is somber and typically get a good laugh.

9. I used to tell people that once we met & hung out with Rob & Chad Lowe on a ski trip. My sister had to tell me a few years ago that this was only a figment of my overactive imagination. I had no idea. Ever since them I am a little reluctant to trust my “memory.”

10. I have the cutest nieces in the world – Macon (6) is beyond her years, Anne Shelton (4) has this sassy spunk that they should bottle and sell, and Kate (1) has these CHEEKS that make you grin from ear to ear. They live in Raleigh, NC and I miss them terribly.

4 Years Old and Sassy - Anne Shelton Porterfield

4 Years Old and Sassy - Anne Shelton Porterfield

11. My goddaughter Sarah Trammell (9) rocks! I am loving watching her transform from a little girl to a teenager.

12. I LOVE camp. I have the fondest memories of my days at Sky Ranch, Camp Mystic, Frontier Ranch, and Windy Gap.

13. Sometimes I snort when I laugh. Not very attractive, but true.

14. My favorite food is Risotto, any kind of Risotto.

15. I usually order my meals based on what sides accompany the meat (mashed potatoes, grits, pomme frites, etc.)

16. I think I look really cool in this green wig that I have stolen from a friend.

17. The thing I miss most about living in Texas (besides my amazing friends and family) is Mexican food. Hands down, the Mexican food.

18. I wish there was a place for cool thirty-somethings to square dance. I would SO be there.

19. I have incredible friends in my life. I have collected them from every period of life (high school, college, Birmingham, and now Nashville) and feel so privileged to call each of them “friend.”

20. I think that Ben Harper wrote “Walk Away” as a special lesson just for me. Haven’t learned it yet, but working on it.

21. I sometimes go a whole month without going to the grocery store.

22. I am running the Country Music Half Marathon with Powered by Hope. Maybe this will help with #7?

23. I am addicted to my blackberry. Isn’t admitting your problem the first step to recovery?

24. I lose my debit card ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I think I have already misplaced it twice this year. Regions Bank sends me like 3 at a time.

25. My dog, Molly, is the best dog ever. If I really think she could model, win dog shows and agility contests – I just am not ready to share her with the world. But I will share her with you now…



Now how about you share three things I don’t know about you?

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  • Love your list! So fun to get to know more about you.

    Hmmm… as for three things about me:
    1) I love grapefruit. Eat it nearly every day.
    2) I have a deep passion for orphaned children but I don’t know how to direct that passion yet.
    3) As a kid I sketched literally hundreds of house plans. I thought I would be an architect one day. I have my dream house sketched and hope to build it one day.

  • John Ireland

    my wife and i resemble #4; LOVE to travel!

    1) i am a licensed private pilot (rarely get to fly anymore due to cost :()

    2) accepted the redemption Christ offers on August 13, 2000

    3) spent six years as a medic in the Air Force Reserve

  • 1. I have watched wheel of fortune since I was 16 yrs old and have won $1000’s of dollars so many times in the bonus round – I could be living in a beach condo in California with all my “winnings” by now.
    2. I have dropped my iPhone 7x. That’s just about 6x too many for it to handle. I am now dealing with a temperamental iPhone til the contract expires in 2010. Oh yeah.
    3. I loved the book “Cold Tangerines” by Shauna Niequist. Read it and re-read it multiple times. Even started a book club just so I could get others to read the book and discuss it! She has a great blog at shaunaniequist.com. Just thought you might want to know that she posted a fantastic recipe for risotto sometime in January!

  • Ha, thanks for the info! (And I’m enjoying reading your blog, in general. Did you take the picture at the top?)

    1. I share a birthday with a rock musician, a rapper and a scientist.
    2. I’ve considered going to seminary. But just to learn more, not to become a pastor or any biblical/doctrinal/whatever-ical scholar. (As that’s a bit intimidating.)
    3. I want to be a percussionist who gets to travel and perform all over the world for thousands of people.

    I guess those are pretty good. Not necessarily representative of myself as a whole, but that’s hard to do in just three statements. (And I totally hear you on #23)

  • Jennifer

    Lindsey, this post was hilarious!

    Three things about me you wouldn’t know:

    1. I’ve had my head cracked open seven times. Two older brothers+one mouthy me=more buttkickings that you can imagine. My first trip to the ER for stitches was when I was two. I was more upset about getting blood on my brand new rabbit coat (no faux back then), than I was about the stitches. Should have been an early warning for my parents 🙂

    2. I LOVE to people-watch. It’s so fun to watch people go about their own lives and not notice the world around them. For instance, a man just walked into Panera wearing a Turquoise (yes, turquoise) suit with cowboy books and a ten-gallon hat. Did he plan to engage so many people when he decided on that outfit this morning? Is he aware that All eyes are on him…and not because he’s hot?

    3. I cry a lot. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m scared. I cry when I’m mad (which is extra embarassing). I cry when I am motivated and when I’m motivating someone else. I cry when I hear great songs of praise. I (still) cry when I see baby commercials (and my baby is no longer a baby). Maybe I have a “loose tearducts” kind of condition. Or maybe my empathy muscle is much bigger than I would ever admit. Let me go cry about it…

  • Oh my gosh, I laughed all the way through this, Lindsey. LOL

  • Popped over from Nashville is Talking. Love the list!!!

  • You’re running the half marathon? That’s pretty sporty of you!

    Here are three things about me:
    1) I cannot walk and drink hot chocolate at the same time. Seriously, I just spill it on my hand and burn myself.
    2) When I was a kid and I had to clean the bathroom, I used to pretend that I was doing commercials for Glass Plus.
    3) In high school, I passed out in the middle of the hallway on ’80s Day. I was in black sequined Hammer pants, a bright blue shirt, and pink dangly earrings…and I was unconscious on the floor.

  • this was the most fun when it came around of FaceBook! I Twitter nonstop from my blackberry and have it set up to update my Facebook. your blog makes me smile – so THANKS!