Mickey D's, Like An Old Friend

As I scarfed down my Chick-Fil-A lunch, I started thinking. (I know, you are probably pretty impressed right now at my incredible multi-tasking.) I started thinking, about how fast food restaurants are like old friends. Pretty deep thoughts, over a chicken sandwich and fries.


I am blessed with some incredible friends and each one is unique; each one plays a special role in my life. I need each of them at different times.  Kristie plays the big-sister and work-mentor role; Carey Martin is the go-to for nights on the town or hour-long phone conversations (any hour day or night); Rami listens when I need to complain (about just about anything);  Mindy always takes my side (even when I am wrong); Mary Helen tells me like it is (even when I don’t want to hear it); Courtney, around since middle school, puts everything in perspective; and The Normans are always up for a good-deep philosophical conversation. This is just a sampling, I could go on and on.

Similarly, as a self-proclaimed fast-food connoisseur, I believe that each fast food chain is unique. Here are some of my favorites, my typical order, and when I enjoy them most:

McDonald’s – Cheeseburger Happy Meal – when I want to feel like a kid again

Dairy Queen – Blizzard – when I am on a road-trip

Chick-Fil-A – Chicken Minis or Chicken Sandwich and Fries – anytime but Sunday

Milo’s -Cheeseburger, don’t forget the special sauce and extra chunk of meat – when in Alabama

Sonic – Diet Cherry Limeade – when I am craving something sweet

Guthrie’s -Fried Chicken Tenders, extra sauce – when I have nothing else to do for a week, the guilt alone is enough to do you in

Krystal (with a K) – Krystal Chick hold the Mayo – when it is late-night

This is just a sampling, I could go on and on. (That is an exaggeration, kind of.)

What are some of your favorite fast-food restaurants and when do you enjoy them the most?

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  • Rami Perry

    Taco Casa when I want to remember my wonderful college days!

    • lindseyreadenobles

      Thanks. Isn’t it funny that you will eat things late at night that you would NEVER eat in the light of day?

  • Wendy’s – Mandarin Chicken Salad – filling, healthy, exotic, sweet. Good for you when you want something bad.

  • Meredith Taylor

    amanda, anna blythe and I worked at the Guthrie’s on 15th street! haha – i will never get the image of how they actually made the ‘secret sauce’ out of my mind (hint: it involves a fishing bucket). didnt stop me from eating it though! mmmmm.

  • I like your new header!

    I certainly eat PLENTY of fast food now, but your post made me think about college days. After a night of movies and talking and laughing, we’d head to Country Kitchen (open 24 hours) and I’d eat a southwest breakfast skillet.

    Now that I think about it, I’m not sure WHY that was good! 🙂

  • Meredith Taylor

    and I know this doesn’t count as fast food, but I will always have a special place in my heart for La Madeleine tomato basil soup, eaten at North Park after a long day of shopping 🙂

  • margaret Baker

    I like it! I’ll say I sometimes have a hankering for the mexican pizza at taco bell. I will always eat Krystal though at anytime of the day! Yum!

  • Jessica

    i love this!
    im all about chick fil a when its sunday and i cant have it other wise mornings for bagel chicken and chez

    sonic for strawberry slush or limeaid, and tots

    mc Ds for a hamburger happy meal

    Krystal for a late night also

    taco bell when i work overnights for a chicken taquito