Home Sweet Home

Last night, I returned home after being gone almost a week. And as much as I loved my week with the family at the beach, it was nice to be home. (Or at least back in Nashville, as I expressed here there is some confusion for me about where home is.)

Airplane Landing

There are times when I have dreaded returning after a vacation. But not this time, and here’s why:

I got in at a reasonable hour. I inherited the terrible habit of scheduling departures early in the morning and arrivals late at night so I can make the most out of every trip. But as I get older, I am realizing that this does not extend my travel enjoyment, it simply makes me tired, so tired that I can’t fully enjoy my trip or the life I have to come back to.

I was so excited to see Molly. Often when I travel, Molly goes on a little trip of her own, to the vet. (They take great care of her at Murphy Road Animal Hospital and she comes home smelling all lovely.) But since Murphy Road Animal Hospital is not open on Sundays or in the evenings, I typically have to wait almost 24 hours before I can fetch her. But not last night, because my roommates generously watched her while I was away, last night I knew that when I walked in the door I would be greeted by her smiling face and wagging tail — and that is a site to behold!

My friend Rami picked me up at the airport. Often it is more convenient to just drive myself to the “Park and Fly” and board the van for the quick ride to airport.  But not this trip, this trip I called on friends to shuttle me to and from the airport. And it was such a treat to have Sarah drop me off, and it was was such a treat to have Rami waiting upon my arrival. Because candidly, there is NOTHING more lonely than an airport arrivals and departures that goes unnoticed.

Do you have any tips for making your post-vacation “re-entry” more enjoyable?

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  • Jessica

    Glad our home safe> Hope our trip was amazing!

    I am all about the pick up by a friend! It makes coming home so much better!
    I also like to come home to mostly clean clothes in my suitcase, so if I am somewhere I can wash before I come back home I feel better un packing and then I dont feel like I have so much to do.

    and nothing is better then seeing your babys face 🙂 smily and waggy tails are the greatest

  • John Ireland

    welcome home!

    for longer trips, my wife and i often do our best to have a day OFF after returning home. eases the transition back to normal routine.