No Envy and No Fear

This morning on the way to work, I rediscovered Joshua Radin. (I have been a fan for several years, but recently took a break because I went through a period I where was listening excessively, and I do mean excessively.) He is so talented. This song is so beautiful. And the lyrics are POWERFUL.

Here are the lyrics (so you don’t have to listen four times like I did to catch all the goodness):

some are reachin’ few are there want to reign from a hero’s chair

some are scared to fly so high well this is how we have to try

have no envy and no fear have no envy and no fear

brother brother we all see your hiding out so painfully see yourself come out to play a lover’s rain will wash away your envy and your fear

so have no envy and no fear

when your sister turns to leave only when she’s most in need take away the cause of pain by showing her we’re all the same

have no envy and no fear have no envy and no fear

every day we try to find search our hearts and in our minds the place we used to call our home can’t be found when we’re alone

so have no envy and no fear have no envy and no fear

So, that’s my challenge today..trying to live without envy and fear. You in?

Also, be sure to buy Joshua Radin’s Simple Times. You will be glad you did!

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