This Is Probably Politically Incorrect But…

Actually not probably, this is definitely not politically incorrect but I used to joke and say I have “Singing Tourette’s.” (Tourette Syndrome is a medical condition that causes uncontrollable and repetitive motor or vocal tics.) But what I was really (poorly) trying to say is that, there are times when I get random and uncontrollable urges to belt out a song’s lyrics. The urge builds until I sing a line or two (who am I kidding, a chorus or two) which causes those around me to wince at the sound of my not-so-angelic voice.

I enjoy a wide range of musical genres — folk, country, rock, r&b, and alternative — mostly because I pay more attention to the lyrics than the melody. To me a well-crafted song tells a story, takes me on an adventure, reminds me of days past, or emits raw emotion.

Here is a list of few songs I love:

Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights by Nanci Griffith

Landed by Ben Folds

Star Mile by Joshua Radin (and really EVERYTHING else he sings, too)

After All by Dar Williams

Rosemary by Lenny Kravitz

Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Whenever God Shines His Light by Van Morrison

This week in Nashville, there is a festival celebrating the art of song-writing, Tin Pan South. I am hoping to get out an enjoy a few shows, you should too!

What do you like most about music? What song(s) do like you love because of the lyrics?

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  • I have that same condition! I sing in the Dallas Symphony Chorus and most of that group suffers from the same malady – we tend to burst out into obscure voice parts of random classical works, almost never in English. If you think Lenny Kravitz gets you strange looks, try belting out the alto line of the 1812 Overture–in Russian, of course.

    It’s even better when you add the uncontrollable urge to conduct. While driving.