Meet Deva

Last week, before the Compassion Bloggers were even in flight to Kolkata, I sponsored a little Indian boy named Deva. Deva is 3 years old. Deva is 3 years old and adorable. Devi is 3, adorable, and he needs ME. (I am not going to lie, it feel great to feel needed.) He needs me to help provide his most basic of needs.


It will not cost me a lot of money, only $32 a month, $384 a year. But my sponsorship will allow the staff of UTTHAN Child Development Center to provide Deva with medical care, nutritious food, health and hygiene education, schooling, field trips, cultural programs, and Biblical teaching. Also, UTTHAN CDC will train Deva’s parents so they can generate more income to support the family. That is right $32 a month provides Deva with not only food, medicine, and education, but also with hope and faith.

For just a small (tiny actually) monetary sacrifice and some love and some prayer, I can change a child’s life. Now, that seems like a sound investment.

If you want to read more about what Compassion is doing in India, I highly recommend to set aside a few hours (trust me, you will need hours) and roam around the blogs of Pete, Spence, Anne, Shaun, Melissa, Angela, Patricia, Robin, and Keely. Actually start with Keely’s pictures, her pictures are filled with stories that words could not tell.

Oh, and this week Michael and Gail Hyatt, Mary Graham, and Max Lucado are in Ethiopia with Rich Stearns, the President of World Vision. I have a feeling that I soon will have an African child to add to my brood. (I will keep you posted.)

I would love to meet your sponsored children (although I am sure they are not as cute and lovable as Deva 😉 ). If you haven’t sponsored a child yet, what is holding you back?

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