One is Silver and the Other's Gold

Way back when, during my time in the Brownies (the pre-Girl Scout society) we used to sing this song: “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.”

Allison, Sarah and I - Jordan Vineyard, Sonoma Valley, Memorial Day 2009

Allison, Sarah and I - Jordan Vineyard, Sonoma Valley, Memorial Day 2009

I never had much of a singing voice (actually I never had ANY of a singing voice) but those lyrics sung over-and-over again in a round stuck with me. But I am not sure that I understood what they meant until now. I never understood how important it is to value both old and new friends, because each are precious treasures.

But something about my trip last week to California made me understand the truth in those words. Something about hanging out with friends from different stages of my life – childhood in Dallas, college in Colorado, post-graduate life in Alabama, and my current world in Tennessee – gave the lyrics a whole new meaning.

The collision of these women, each from a special phase of my life, enabled me to fully embrace who I am, where I have come from, and where I want to go. I am so grateful for these and all the “real” friendships in my life. I treasure each one for its uniqueness. And as much as I loved the sunny weather, the beautiful vineyards, the decadent meals, and the needless shopping, spending time with “my girls” was the best part of my trip.

Have you reconnected with any old friends lately? Are you invested in making new friends? What have these relationships taught you about yourself?

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  • John Ireland

    good stuff!

    my wife and i spent over six hours this past saturday night reconnecting with some friends that we have not seen much in a couple years (meaning all four of us together). the time flew by!

  • This is a meaningful post. As we find our friends drifting in and out of our lives with the season’s of change remembering that they are all important is a good place to keep your focus.

    I have a special friend who is about to move many miles away due to a new job and that is sad, but knowing that I am also investing in making some new friends is also an encouragement.

    Great post!

    Sonya Lee

  • I too am just realizing the power of the friendships in my life. I’m glad you are one of my new friends!