Tough Conversations

Lately I have been “trying” to be “real.”

Not So "Real"

Not So "Real"

I would never go so far as saying that normally I am fake, but sometimes when situations are tough, sometimes when relationships are frustrating, sometimes when life isn’t fair, I can be fake-ish. (I know, I know, that really isn’t a word, but why don’t you just give me a break?)

And lately  in the midst of trouble, frustration, and uncertainty, when I might have glossed over what I really think, what I really mean, or what I typically hold back, I have tried to stand firm, get my point across, and be “real.”

And it has felt great.

Yes, I have had some awkward moments, some tough conversations, and some reality checks but there is one thing I have not had. Regrets.

And so I am going to keep pressing on in my search for “real.”

So tell me, have you forced yourself into any tough conversations lately? Any regrets?

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  • Jessica

    oooooooo, I am so there with ya on this. Sometimes I am really good at just saying what i feel other times I shake my head and put on a fake smile. Sometimes I just dont know. I am always concerned with being real. I always strive to be!

  • I have this problem all the time – a lot of times I know what it is I want to say. But fear of sounding like an idiot refrains me from lowering my defenses and often times I end up saying what it is I think the person wants to hear with maybe a smidgen of what I wanted to say lost somewhere in the undertone.

    I know that if I just said what it is I want to say everything will be fine (mostly), but it’s the times when they won’t be (rarely) that force stupidity out of my mouth.

    I more than anyone need to be more real – and just let people know me for me. But it’s hard. And I sometimes fear that at my age (26) it’s something I can’t unlearn.

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  • growingmom

    it’s always hard to keep it real especially if you feel you’re born to be a people-pleaser, at least for me that’s how it was. i didn’t want to say or write anything that would make people not like me but i realized, hey this is me, if you don’t like me that’s your problem, i’m just keeping it real. 🙂

  • It used to be really difficult for me to express my opinions. I would sit and hope that someone else would say what I was thinking and then I would have an excuse not to say it. I was brought up in a household where the philosophy was “If you don’t have anything worthwhile to add then don’t say anything at all”. So I learnt to keep my mouth shut. Now as a mother I encourage my girls to freely express their opinions and challenge mine. And they do ! As for me, well I still have a way to go, but I’m getting there !