From Kicking & Screaming To Grinning & Bearing

Today I had to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Not to be all dramatic about it BUT, I have DREADED this appointment all day (actually make that all week.)


As long as I can remember, I have had this “intense dislike” (my mom told my I should avoid use of the word “hate”) of dentists. It is not that I don’t like them as people. I know several who are fine people. It is that I have no appreciation for their chosen profession.

The following is embarrassing, but unfortunately true.

When I was a little girl, my dentist was more than just a random doctor. He was someone whom my parents saw socially, someone with whom they were friends. He was always very warm and friendly, but he was a dentist so I did not like him one bit. My mom would have to drag me in to my appointments kicking and screaming. I mean that not just as an expression, but as an accurate visual description.

Upon arrival, the fear did not subside and I COULD NOT BE CONSOLED. The screaming and kicking got louder and more violent. (Especially when they tried to get me to brush with fluoride for a whole minute. I am convinced the longest minutes of my life were spent brushing my teeth with fluoride.) Dentists see this type of behavior frequently I assume, but my case was extreme, really extreme. It was SO BAD that said dentist called my parents, his friends, into the office to tell them explicitly that if I could not get it together and stop this disruptive behavior that they’d have to find me a new dentist to torture.

Obviously this experience was mortifying for my parents. And so they laid down the law. And my dad is the type of man that doesn’t lay down the law about much, but when he does I obey. Believe me you would too.

And today, although I still DREAD the dentist, I have learned to grin and bear it. (Actually there is not much smiling involved, but can’t you just be proud of me for not throwing a temper tantrum?)

Make me feel better. Do you hate the dentist too? If it’s not the dentist, what is it that you completely dread?

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  • Coming from a large family, I spent lots of time at the dental clinic – aka – the place where they taught people who weren’t dentists yet. Our school had a contract with them. They would come and get you out of class so you could walk to your doom.

  • Jessica

    I have had one dentist in my life that i did not HATE, man I wish I could go back to him!

  • I share your “intense dislike”. As an adult, I haven’t visited the dentist in several years.

  • Brian

    I too dislike dentists. However, I had a great deal of crown work done years ago and have had 5 root canals in the past four years.

    My dentist and I are now on a first-name friendship and often spend more time discussing families than the actual dental procedure.

  • I have a secret to overcoming the fear of dentists/dentistry. I always had the dentist give my kids the laughing gas. Six kids later, none are afraid. The secret…it worked for me first, lol.

  • I feel ya. Dentists are no fun.

    I wasn’t blessed with very good teeth so consequently I’ve had my share of fillings through the years. I hope I don’t pass those bad genes down to my kids.

  • My biggest one is the dentist. The dentist I have now is the nicest guy in the world, but I HATE that feeling when they grind on your teeth because you have to get a filling. That, and I don’t actually like the feel when they polish my teeth either. It makes me cringe. :[

  • I HATE the dentist ! I'm pretty tough when it comes to medical stuff ,but the dentist can still make me cry. 🙁

  • I'm not a fan of the dentist either! My dentist is a really great guy but for some reason that is one place I dread going to!
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  • Keely

    umm sooo cant stand the dentist!! Kicking and screaming was the usual for me too. . . now rather than a new toothbrush and a toy from the "treasure chest" to make me feel better my dentist gives me laughing gas. =) I am thinking we should try Dental Bliss Spa together. ha!
    My recent post For You. . .