Guinness World Records Has Nothing On Me

Have you ever broken a record before? Seriously a legitimate record? I break silly records all the time: most hours spent on the couch, number of tweets in a fifteen minute period, times using the word “hilarious” in a conversation. (I annoy myself with how much I use the word “hilarious” but I just can’t seem to stop.) But I don’t know if I have ever broken a legitimate record. Until this weekend.

This weekend at the Women of Faith conference in Dallas, Texas, I was a part of something pretty amazing. I helped break a record. And not just some stupid record, but one that I can be proud of.

We (that is me and the other 15,999 attendees of the conference) broke the record for the for the most WorldVision children sponsored at a Women of Faith Conference EVER. Over 1,500 kids were sponsored. Over 1,500 lives were changed.


I sponsored a little girl named Workezeb from Ethiopia. She is 11 years old and I can’t wait to get to know her better. She will be a wonderful addition to my “family.” (I sponsored a 3 year old boy named Deva from India through Compassion this Spring. Gotta spread the love.)

I also gently suggested that my parents sponsor two WorldVision children. (Okay, I put on the hard sell, but don’t judge me because it worked.)

But really how could they say no? For $35 a month (less than dinner for two at a fancy restaurant), they could dramatically change the life of a child. They choose two little girls, one from Rwanda and one from Malawi.

And today I can say proudly, “Together, my parents, a lot of new friends, and I broke the most important record that I can imagine.”

Do you sponsor a child through WorldVision or Compassion? If not, what is stopping you?

Oh, more to come on my incredible experience in Dallas at Women of Faith. Still trying to figure out how to describe such an extraordinary weekend.

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  • I wish i could be there at the Dallas Women of Faith. I missed the one here locally in CA. But, with a newborn arriving here fresh just in March, I can only look forward to the next chance I get.

    Hubby and I sponsor a child through Compassion. Thanks for the nudge to "spread the love" at World Vision. I imagine this post will add more numbers as a ripple effect of the record y'all broke in Dallas this week. Thanks.

  • My husband and I sponser a child with Compassion. This reminds me that I would like to write a blog post about how that came about and why I was cynical before. So glad for real people who shared about their experience sponsering a child with me. We can slowly all convince eachother. This is why blogging is also powerful. Thanks for sharing!

  • awesome, Lindsey! my wife and i love that we get to do the same thing for "our" girls Sidia (in Mozambique; WorldVision) and Anupama (India; Compassion).

    • I like that you guys feel the need to spread the love too. Two countries, two great organizations.

  • So very cool. Especially that it's Ethiopia — my wife and I are headed there in November to bring our little girl home. She's four months old!

    We also sponsor an unnamed child through Show Hope (, the adoption foundation that Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman founded. Because orphan care changes constantly, they don't actually connect you directly with a specific child (although I think it's great that World Vision and Compassion do it their way).

    What a great record to break! It was a blast following you all in Dallas on Twitter.

    • So cool! I can't wait to here more about your little girl!

      Glad you enjoyed the Twitter banter over the weekend. I was nervous that we were pretty obnoxious. Whew, now I feel relieved.

  • You're right Lindsey – that was an amazing (see I do it too!) part of the event. I held off – my two oldest are 5 & 8 and I wanted them to be a part of the process from the beginning – to talk about WorldVision together and go online and make the commitment together. I think it will be a wonderful experience for them. Looking forward to more insights about your weekend! It was great to meet you!

    • I completely get that. I'm now pressuring my sister to do the same thing. It is my way of postive bullying.

  • thanks for your part this weekend Lindsey! And did you know that for every one child sponsored – it affects a minimum of FIVE people? (since it also helps your child whole family)… so 1,585 kids sponsored impacts at LEAST 7,295 people! Amazing… we need to get everyone sponsoring a World Vision or Compassion child!

    Thanks again… Debbie

    • I didn't know the specifics about how many people were affected by child sponsorship so thank you for sharing!

      Your job at WorldVision must be so gratifying.

  • That's awesome!!!

    My husband and I sponsor a little girl with Compassion, and I also sponsor a little boy with a group of bloggers. I just signed up for both this year, so it's been awesome to learn more about the work of Compassion and World Vision.

  • That's great! I have sponsored two little girls through Compassion. The first little girl was Ana from Peru. She moved out of the Compassion area a few years into my sponsorship. So, then I took over sponsoring Ingrid from Honduras. It has been a huge blessing to me to be a part of it. I love the letters I get from her, telling me how she and her family are praying for me. Isn't that crazy! I am dying to go on a Compassion trip to meet my child one day. It is one of my heart's desires!

  • StephinLex

    Super cool. Last week I began sponsorship through Compassion of a girl named Beatrice in an area of Kenya I visited last month. 🙂 She joins Yessenia, my World Vision child I've been sponsoring for several years.
    Congrats on the record!

  • I'll probably get raked over the coals for this but I don't support a child through those groups because I try to help needy families in my area or through US ministries that I know. I'm not saying those ministries aren't worthy in any way because they are…I just like to try and help people in need here at home.

    It's awesome you broke that record and helped those children. Congrats on that. 🙂