An Easy Way To Keep Track Of Your Favorite Blogs

Most of my “in real life” friends are not very into Social Media, Web 2.0, Blogging, Twitter, etc. Yep, they think I am kind of freaky, or more accurately geeky. But a few have even expressed interest in reading my blog but complain that they never know when I have posted something new.

So…I thought I would share with simple step-by-step instructions on keeping up with their favorite blogs using a Google Homepage. Google Homepage enables me to keep up with all my favorite blogs and is very simple and easy-to-use.

Here’s how:

1. Make a list of blogs you want to read regularly. Some of my personal favorites: Michael Hyatt’s covers leadership, productivity, publishing, and much more, Pete Wilson’s is a great model of transparency and community, Don Miller’s reflects both his hilarity and deeply passionate fight to change the lives of fatherless young men, and Confession of a The Pioneer Woman beautifully captures life of a homeschooling mom on an Oklahoma ranch.

2. Visit one of the blogs and click on the RSS feed button. If you are not familiar with a RSS feed button, it should look something like this:

my circle rss

3. And if there is not an RSS feed located on the blog, then you can look at the right side of the URL toolbar. There almost always is one there.

4. After you have clicked on the RSS feed button, a new window should pop up.

Subscribe Now Menu

5. You can choose how you would like to subscribe, via web-based news reader or delivered by email. I subscribe to a handful of blogs via email but I read the majority of them via my Google Homepage. To setup our Google homepage, select Google out of the web-bases news reader options.

6. Then choose to read in Google Homepage.

7. Another option is to read posts in a Google Reader. Candidly I tried this for awhile and if I got behind on reading posts, I found it overwhelming to dig around and prioritize what I needed to read.

8. Now, you are ready to go. Your Google homepage will be a dashboard of all your favorite posts. You can easily identify what is new and what you want to want to read. Also note that you can even set your Google Homepage up as your homepage by editing the preferences in your web browser. Doing this, allows you to see this dashboard anytime you open your browser.

A Screen Shot of My Google Reader

Important Note: I use Mozilla Firefox for a web browser. I have noticed that using Safari sometimes does not give you the option of adding a blog’s feed to your Google Homepage.

Simple enough? Now friends, you have no excuse not to catch every single one of my blog posts.

For the more tech-savvy folks, how do you keep track of your favorite blogs? And what are your favorite blogs and why?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Leigh Edgar

    Great blog post. I've always done Google Reader and it makes me want to pull myhair out. Just set up my Google Homepage as shown above. Thanks for the tip.

  • Ali

    This is a good post, Lindsey. I am so NOT technologically savvy it is scary. I have had an ipod for months, and I am scared to program it. I tried several months ago, got frustrated, and wanted to throw it across the room. I have a friend I always turn to, but he insists that he won't help me unless I first try to work with the technology myself. So this information you give here is great for someone like me who needs step-by-step instructions.

    • Let me know if you get stuck along the way. I know that it can be overwhelming at times.

      • Ali

        Thanks, Lindsey. I just might email you or something if I have problems. And you know what the most ironic thing is? I actually interviewed for a writing position with a good computer company here in Ohio where I work. Part of the first interview was a computer test, which I totally failed. I could only answer one question, and that was how to copy and paste something. They had to cut that part of the interview short because I was doing so poorly, and I remember thinking to myself, "Ali, you need to walk out of here right now before you embarrass yourself further." I actually got two more interviews despite the abominable showing on that test and was offered a job there, but I didn't take it in the end.

        One of these days I will get on Facebook and try to connect with you that way–and then you will know I am a real person and have a face to connect with the comments!

  • Ah, it's so nice to know that others have friends that are not into twitter, blogging, and social media 2.0. Most of my friends don't, and yes. they do think I'm a geek. (but that my be well deserved as I have perhaps an unhealthy obsession with my laptop and iPhone) And truth is, I don't advertise my blog to my friends. I'm at a place where I finally want to be heard by all but still enjoying the relative obscurity and safety of saying my thoughts but having only a few people that actually take notice.

    Ironically, I live in the (heart) of the Silicon Valley in CA, my husband works in high tech software and yet nearly all my friends are not tech savvy. My pastor blogs, which I love, but our church website is really, really in need of a makeover! It's just surprising that instead of being cutting edge most of my friends are simply not that into it. (and I"m not THAT old!)

    I don't subscribe to any blogs. Instead, I just look at my "top sites" on Safari. I click on it and it gives me a thumbnail view of my favorite webpages; most happen to be blogs. The delight of my day is seeing the blue stars in the corner. A blue star signifies a change; something has been altered and that usually means: A new blog post!

    I know; it's crazy how excited I get by blue stars.

    • No, I totally get it. I think I would get really excited too!

  • I really like netvibes. I have tried both bloglines and google reader, but I think netvibes gives you a lot more options. It rocks my socks. 🙂

  • I put all the blogs I read into the blogroll on the sidebar of my own blog. The most recently updated moves to the top of the list. I just go to my blog and can easily see what needs to be read. My mom loves it, too because I'm the only one with links to all of my sisters' blogs. She can go to my site and see if they have updated.