Do You Remember…

what it was like to be a teenager?

Really what it was like? Not some dreamed-up idealized version of high school where you felt secure, loved, and popular? Because I do. I try to block it out sometimes, but it is there, still haunting me.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, in an area that some people like to call affectionately “the bubble.” A common misconception is that where there is wealth and conservative values that life is easy, but oh how that is wrong -especially if you are a girl trying to fight your way through high school.

I fared pretty well. I made good grades. I had boatloads of friends (I guess you could call them that, but more accurately I always had lots of people around.) I was actively involved in Younglife & K-Life. I didn’t really drink. I was Associate Editor of the yearbook. I thought drugs were bad. I was elected as a leader of “the” girls’ service organization. I had it together, or that’s what I wanted to believe.

My only “real” battle scar was a year long bout with an eating disorder. And it was a doozy. I had been an overweight child. And fighting for control and acceptance lead me down a path where I dropped literally 50 pounds in a little less than a year. It scared my parents, my friends, and me.

All this to say…high school was a tough place for me to navigate. And I’d imagine that in the fifteen years since I have graduated from high school that has only been magnified. It pains me to think about how difficult life is for teenage girls today.

Please take just a few seconds to watch this video and think about what you can do to transform the life of a teenage girl.

Checkout this website, for the Revolve Tour. They are working hard to impact these struggling young women.

And take a minute to tell me what you remember about high school.

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  • What I remember about high school? Pain. I still feel parts of it to the point I'm not going to my 20 year reunion because of it.

    The stats in that video are shocking. I didn't know suicide was the 3rd leading cause of death. I'm almost ashamed it's gotten to that level without doing something to help. I'll definitely be praying like the video requested of us.

  • Thank you for transparency. This is important and I'm glad you're speaking out.

  • I didn't really enjoy high school all that much. I did a little of everything; played sports, was in musicals, show choir, etc, but it was a rough journey and I didn't really gain any friends from high school. I can't say I miss it a whole lot.

    On the other hand, college was a completely different experience for me and I loved it.

    Your transparency is fantastic, and it's easy to see you're someone high school girls can look up to. Like Maurilio said, this is an important issue, and it's easy to see it with the high school kids I volunteer with every week. This reminded again of things I can pray about for our high school students.


  • I think part of me – even at almost-31 – is still a teenage girl. The insecurity, the deep-down loneliness, the urge to run, to grow, to be, to do, the on-the-verge-of-tears – it's all there at times. I had a good high school experience, but I definitely remember the hard stuff.

    Just last night, actually, I was talking with some friends about how much anger I had toward my mom in high school. She still drives me nuts today, but it's crazy to think how much we fought back then!!

    • @ Mary – Yep, it's amazing the stuff we carry with us as we age. Thanks for sharing.

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  • What do I remember about high school?

    Some close friendships with people I have now lost touch with, with whom i had endless conversations about cars and aircraft. Not being good at sport (too uncoordinated) and taking refuge in reading instead. Going on solitary walks lost in day dreams. Loving geometry and geography and hating algebra and finding chemistry incomprehensible (perhaps because of the teacher). Resenting being forced to take Latin instead of History. Pimples and embarassment at being expected to dance.