Heart. Breaking.

As I said, Catalyst overwhelmed. The whole conference was amazing. But for me, one moment stood out. One moment broke my heart. And thankfully they caught it on video. So grab some kleenex, set aside eighteen minutes, and watch this. I promise you will be glad you did.

Catalyst 2009 Compassion Moment from Catalyst on Vimeo.

Something about Jimmy’s story broke my heart. But it broke my heart in a good way. Is that possible? Because Jimmy’s story reminded me that I can make a difference, I can help put an end to poverty in the world. But I need to DO SOMETHING.

I am still processing through the moment Catalyst so beautifully captured, still processing how I can make a difference in the lives of the children I sponsor through Compassion and WorldVision, and still processing what I should do with the knowledge and understanding that there are 143 MILLION ORPHANS in the world.

What did you learn from Jimmy’s story?

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  • I watched this video and cried. It made me want to become a better sponsor. The money you send is one thing; the words, however, can be life-changing, as this video demonstrates. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Thanks for sharing this video, Lindsey. As a Compassion employee, it's really helpful for me to see posts like this–they take me out of the bubble a bit and remind me that what we do actually matters. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for posting this, upon seeing Michael's tweet I came by and watched.

    My wife and I have been going through some challenging times trying to understand what God had in mind for us. Upon reaching a stage of utter abandonment to God, doors are beginning to open we could not have imagined…We have attended several compassion events and God has been working in my heart about sponsoring a child. There's still more things that God needs to work, but I am atleast open to the idea….

    • @Daniel_Berman That's awesome. If you want to be really wrecked you should read The Hole in Our Gospel.

  • Janie Edwards

    Thank you for posting this video. Not only did it impact my heart greatly seeing the power of a changed life through Compassion. I also sponsored a child straight after. He is 6y/o and from Kenya.

  • I had heard of this video but hadn't watched it.

    I haven't got time right now to watch it all so I fast forwarded to the moment the two guys met on stage.

    Made me cry and cry!

    • @Peter_P I tweeted after the fact that they really needed Catalyst tissues. I was a wreck. I had a headache for the rest of the day from the tears I shed. I boo hoo'ed.

  • this was, by far, the most moving moment at catalyst.

    my take away from it may be different from most others. i'm a missionary. been on the field for 11 years, where i pioneered and run a ministry. i work hands-on with the "jimmys" of south africa. so this moment resonated with me deeply because it gave me powerful glimpse at the impact our supporters are making in so many lives. they do more than write a check. or pray a prayer. and send an encouraging email. they are affecting lives. futures. destinies. hearts. and i loved watching that play out before my eyes.

  • David

    Everyone of us, I am included in this group, who wonder if giving in this manner really makes a difference should see this video. Thanks for sharing.

    • @David And there are thousands of stories like this one. I feel lucky to know people who have traveled with WorldVision and Compassion that can attest first hand to the powerful work that is going on through these organizations. If you haven't done it yet, you should read The Hole in Our Gospel – talk about powerful.

  • This was truly a blessing. Thanks for posting it. I'm sending this to my kids who have amazing hearts for the world and orphans. Two have already been on mission (and they're 13 & 16). Oh how we all love Africa.

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