The Cutest Kids In The Whole World

Confession: I think my nieces are literally the cutest kids in the whole world. (Only to be closely rivaled by my God daughter, and the children I sponsor through WorldVision and Compassion.)

The Girls at Halloween

Confession: I am aware of how annoying this behavior is but I can’t seem to stop myself. (This post is a case in point.)

Confession: I am happy to “ooh” and “aah” about how adorably cute your children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews are, but ONLY because I expect the same courtesy in return. (And it has to be said, sometimes your kids are only cute to you and God. I certainly went through a stage or two where I was nothing short of scary looking.)

But really have you ever seen anything cuter than this?


And this?


And this?


Go ahead lie to me if you must. But I am sticking to my guns, “cutest kids in the world.”

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  • absolutely precious! 🙂

    we were playing wii tonight and i thought to myself "i have the funniest kids alive." so i know exactly what you mean!

    • @Brandi, Thanks. And your boys are so funny and cute (I mean it)! In my dreams, Anne Shelton is going to marry Gage.

  • Oh too cute!

  • darrell a, harris

    adorable! and rivaled only by our four grandchildren (twin seven year old girls, a two year old boy and a one year old boy.) dostoyevsky got it right: "the soul is healed by being with children~"

  • Lori Mahon

    That is what being an Aunt means — to adore and spoil your nieces and nephews 🙂 And we all think ours are the best 🙂 Great photos!

  • Your nieces are precious. Isn't being an aunt the best? I just ooh and aah over my three nephews all the time. One lives in Seattle and two live in Denver and I try to go see them every three months or so. I miss them like crazy inbetween visits. I'll see all three in a few weeks for Thanksgiving and will have a bundle of toddlers to be thankful for!

    • @rachelrandolph I miss my nieces too. Wish they lived closer… I have to wait until Christmas to get my hands on them again.

  • Absolutely adorable kiddos!

  • Yes, they are adorable, no doubt! 🙂 xo

    • @Jessica Your pics of Elias in the lion costume and the gnome costume tugged at my heart. He is so freakin' cute.

  • They are very cute. But I think my godson rivals them too. He was dressed up as Pooh Bear for his 'pumpkin party' the other day!