With Gratitude, Part Four

I am glad this week is winding down.. all this gratitude is wearing me out (I kid, I kid.) Seriously…these posts have been a wonderful reminder of some of the everyday blessings I neglect to properly acknowledge.

In case you are just stumbling onto my “With Gratitude” posts, here are the posts from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. And here is what this is all about:

Instead I want to be someone who constantly feels blessed. Because in all reality I have everything I need, and more. So in honor of the season of Thanksgiving, I have decided to publicly express my gratitude this week on my blog for some of my many blessings.

Sometimes it is easier to focus on the things I don’t have. But I’ve found that’s no way to live.

Macon and Anne Shelton

I am thankful for children .

Okay…obviously I don’t have any kids of my own..yet. But thankfully I am abundantly blessed with children in my life – three nieces, a god-daughter, dozens of my closest friends’ kids, etc. And oh, how they make life more fun, how they make me more fun.

They remind me not to be so serious, so stodgy, so set-in-my-ways. They remind me of life’s simple pleasures. They remind me how to love completely, without a hint of restraint. They remind me how important it is to show affection with hugs, kisses, and cuddles. They remind me how to ask question about what puzzles me. They remind me how different the world looks through innocent eyes. They remind me how to live fearlessly.

I am so thankful to have children in my life teaching me how to be “childish”, “child-like.”

What have the children in your life taught you?

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  • My kids have taught me so much that I couldn't type it all here. 🙂 However, like you, they've reminded me how to look at the world through innocent eyes.

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  • Carol Anne

    My girls surprise me constantly. I never used to be the type to brag, but these days they keep reminding me how they are truly from God – I see Him every time I look at them. My eldest has asked her birthday party be about making cookies and going to our local nursing home to share and sing. She said her best friend never had a birthday party, but this year she will have a sleep-over. And since her friend’s is 4 days before hers, she would like her friend’s party to be the special one that everyone attends. She doesn’t realize how special hers will be (or maybe she does!) I just adore how they live God’s word when they hear it and it inspires me to live up to their goodness.

  • Immense amount of faith. See the glory of God.

    Sprinkled with doubt. That is more than okay.

    Radical obedience. We get to play in His playground.

    Just like little kids.

  • I don't appreciate my kids enough.

    It probably just shows how selfish I am – that I often feel like they get in the way.

    Then I remember that they are a blessing from God and kick myself for my selfishness!

  • Amazing as always 🙂