With Gratitude, Part Two

As I said yesterday:

Sometimes it is easier to focus on the things I don’t have. But I’ve found that’s no way to live.

Instead I want to be someone who constantly feels blessed. Because in all reality I have everything I need, and more. So in honor of the season of Thanksgiving, I have decided to publicly express my gratitude this week on my blog for some of my many blessings.

My Parents with My Niece Anne Shelton (And No They Aren't Tennessee Fans)

I am thankful for  my parents .

I am thankful that they were there to do all  did all the normal stuff parents do. You know the stuff I am just now learning not to take for granted…

They changed dirty diapers. They helped me with my homework. They kept me clothed and fed (maybe you could even say they fed me excessively.) They paid for a mouthful of cavities and braces. They nurtured me when I was sick. They drove carpool.

But my parents also did do some extraordinary stuff. The stuff will mold me into the woman, the mother, the wife, I will hopefully will someday become. The stuff that makes makes my pretty emotional when I dwell on it too long…

They lead by example. They tell me I am smart, funny, a strong writer, and a good dancer (okay, so they lie.) They protect me when times are tough. They inspire me to be whatever and whoever I want to be. They fight for me at every turn. They understand when I made decisions they don’t “understand.” They show me the importance of walking through life with a family of friends. They teach me to appreciate a wonderfully cooked meal and a fine wine. They model how parents should selflessly love their children. They give me the encouragement and the freedom to venture beyond Dallas, Texas. But they always make sure I have a key to their house so I know that I can always return home.

Mom, Dad, I love you and I am so thankful for you. And I can’t wait to relax and enjoy this season of Thanksgiving with you. And Honey. And the Wilburs.

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Ginger Nobles

    We are thankful for you too and love you very much!!!
    Mom and Dad

  • Careful, sweetie, your upbringing is showing! Your parents obviously did an amazing job with you.

    This is something I've taken for granted my entire life. Only as an adult have I realized that not everybody had loving parents they could depend on, no matter what. I really need to acknowledge it more often. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Parents are a gift from God!

    • @Peter Mine certainly are…

      • Obviously 🙂

        The truth is, all parents are a gift from God, some just choose to be a poor gift, not a good gift!

  • awesome post — and "thank you"

  • What a great post!

    Isn't it amazing how the older we get the smarter our parents get? 🙂

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  • Such a great post; so very sweet!

  • Me and my sisters often talk about how amazing it is that we have the parents that we have and how blessed we are. We look at all of our friends parents and do could not have imagined what it would be like to grow up in another household. Me and my sister are truly blessed by God for the parents that we have been given.

    The same seems to be said by you.

    • @kyle, So with you. I remember spending the night out with some of my friends' crazy parents and being so ready to come home the next morning. My parents certainly got on my nerves sometimes but I would have gone crazy with some of the other options.

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  • Great post! I've been thinking lately about all the little sacrifices my parents made through the years to give me the solid foundation I have today. It's astonishing, really. Lots to be thankful for.

  • what a beautiful tribute to your parents. i'm glad you get to spend today with them. happy thanksgiving, friend.

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  • Thanks for the great post! You have a new fan.