Christmas Snapshots

I could kick myself (actually I am pretty sure I am not coordinated enough to make that happen, but you get the point, I am annoyed with myself.) There were SO MANY cameras and digital devices out during the holidays (even 7 year old Macon was snapping shots with a camera Santa brought her) that I was lazy and relied heavily on my iphone to capture our Christmas memories.

So admittedly this random bunch of photos instead the beautiful gallery of my dreams but at least you will get to share in some of my favorite Christmas moments from 2009.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I did. I loved being with my family. I loved watching the girls open up their presents. And I loved getting pampered at Pinehurst. (I know, it is about building character not being comfortable but a little pampering sure is nice.)

My favorite quotes were when my niece Macon told her father, “Dad, Lulu (that’s me) knows everything so don’t mess with her.” Yes, she is a brilliant 7 year old.

And I probably will get in trouble for this one but I thought it was hilarious. After having a conversation about using the Lord’s name in vain my sister reprimanded 5 year old Anne Shelton by asking, “do you want to be left behind?” I misunderstood and thought she was talking about “the second coming” and questioned her thinking it was a wee bit extreme. Thankfully she just was asking Anne Shelton if she wanted to be left out of the fun afternoon activities.

Any fun stories you want to share?

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  • JBussell

    My favorite moment was at breakfast the morning after Christmas Day. We were at my mom's and my 3 year old, Cooper, started telling a story. The story went on for about 5 minutes, but after about 30 seconds we realized he was telling the Christmas story. We have read the story to him several times and on Christmas Eve my wife's grandfather always reads from Luke 2. Because it's hard to get him to sit still for more than 5 minutes I never know how much he hears, and I certainly don't know how much he retains. As he went through he told us several details. It was such a cool moment, especially because some of my family are not Christians and they were able to hear the story of Jesus' birth from a 3 year old.

    • @jbussell That is awesome!

      3 year olds are tricky. You never know what is sinking in so they totally surprise you when they do something smart. We laughed after we told my 2.5 yr old niece that she couldn't go to Kid's Camp because she wasn't potty trained and she immediately went and hugged the toilet and told us "I'm Ready, I'm Ready."

  • Ron

    Great post. I have a picture that I need to post from this weekend as well.

  • i'm with macon – don't mess with lulu!

    and the "do you want to be left behind?" story? priceless!

  • tam

    the pics made me miss my little sisters a whole bunch more. well, my whole family really. i havent been home for Christmas in 20 years…it never gets easy.

    fun story? this was the first year brent and i ever set out our kiddos gifts so theyd walk out to see them Christmas morning. theyre 13 and 15 and we've never done this. weird, i know. but they were so surprised! and i cried. a lot. im a sap.

    • @tam Really the first time you did "Santa"?

      Confession – I didn't lay out the kiddos presents because I wanted to be surprised too. I'm 33. And obviously not much help.

    • @tam Really the first time you did "Santa"?

      Confession – I didn't lay out the kiddos presents because I wanted to be surprised too. I'm 33. And obviously not much help.

  • Oh, there's so many wonderfully fun things this Christmas for my family! I have a 5, 6 and 10 year old and we celebrate Christmas Eve with my inlaws and then Christmas Day with just our family (and later meet with more extended family later) This can be tough for young kids but mine did well.

    I think the most amazing thing for me has been the wonder this year; perhaps my kids are at a perfect age to verbalize and express it. The tree, lights, Santa (btw, a Santa came to our church twice this month for the church service…. he was a stand-in Santa that they send all over the US to relieve other Santas)

    My husband and I were planning a simple Christmas this year but somehow wound up buying them some extra presents. We needn't have. My 10 year old requested a gift that was under 30, my 6 yo's fave gift was under 10 and my little girl just wanted a kitten. (of course, she asked for a REAL one but we told her Santa did not bring real cats!) She was thrilled with her stuffed kittens Santa gave her.

    Another highlight for me was our Elf on the Shelf. My kids so enjoyed waking up and trying to find Gabriel, and they enjoyed talking to him and making him part of our Christmas tradition. (this is our elf's 2nd year)

    A highlight for me was taking the kids to a nursing home for them to sing carols. My five year old did not know most of the words, but somehow, in her antsy, loud, way, she stole the show and the resident's hearts. They were literally in smiles and tears as they hugged and kissed her, and she let them. It really blessed so many people. I enjoyed sharing my treasure with them.

    I know, I ramble and I say too much. (sorry)
    My recent post Gabriel The Elf

    • @torybee I used to love going to nursing homes to sing carols. Not so sure that the people who had to listen to me sing loved it but I sure did.

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