Drafting Blueprints, Part 2

This is the second post in my “Drafting Blueprints” series. Basically this series in an excuse for me to think through what I want my life to look like, who I want to be, so that I can begin compiling a life plan.

In the first post, I admitted I want to get married. So today I thought I’d tackle something a little less, how do I say it, well a little less humiliating. (Kidding. Kidding. In all honesty putting the whole marriage thing out there was so worth it. You guys were incredibly supportive and encouraging.)

Powered by Hope

I want to get fit.

I don’t know that I’ve ever actually been “fit.” I have been skinny. I have been fat. I have been an obsessive exerciser. I have been an award-winning couch potato. But I don’t think I’ve ever had the balance that would truly make me fit.

So that is what I am after, fit-ness.

I know that there is going to be some pain involved in this goal. And candidly I’m not a huge fan of pain. (I hate pain. Avoid it at all costs.) But hopefully it will be worth it.

I actually have a plan for how I am going to begin chipping away at this daunting goal, desire, dream. (Yay me!)

I am going to train for and participate in the Country Music Half Marathon with the Powered by Hope Team. Yes, I’ve finished two halves before.

But this time I will be different. This time I am going to stick with a training schedule. This time I am going to push myself past the pain. This time I am going to also be conscious of what I using as fuel. This time I will cross the finish line proud of the race that I have run. This time I won’t just be thinking about finishing the race. This time I will have a goal in mind, getting fit.

If you want to join me as I get fit and raise some money for an incredible and inspiring organization, visit http://whatpowersyou.org.

PS – I am hoping a by product of getting fit, is getting “sporty.” Because well…it is my favorite adjective. No lie…my favorite adjective.

Would you consider yourself fit? What does fit-ness look like in your life?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Lindsey, you are killing me with your posts! I've given up on being fit…. I'll just settle for being thin. (which seems like it won't happen either) I'm just not sporty, I've little endurance, etc. My husband so supports me to be healthy and fit but I'm not like him; I've never been talented at sports. I don't think I could even run a 5k. (I tried.. at the track my 10 year old was running circles around me; I was gasping and he could go on forever!)
    So, in answer to your question: Nope. I'm not fit at all. There is nothing even close to "what fit-ness" looks like in my life! (but I do desire it….. or if not "fit" to at least be thin!)
    My recent post Impossible Union

  • Sporty may be your favorite adjective but she sure wasn't my favorite spice girl!


    This is a great goal… and one that I hope we can all support you in achieving!
    My recent post Why You Don’t Get to Pick Who The Church Are

  • Cute! Great goal! I have spent most of my life swinging between the two extremes. Never resting in the middle. At this juncture, I would definitely say I am an award winning couch potato. And my body is beginning to tell the tale. Sigh.
    My recent post Let Me Be Weak

    • @Chrystie Didn't you just hike the Grand Canyon. Think that would disqualify you from any couch potato awards. Sorry.

      • Haha! I did just hike the Grand Canyon. I forgot about that. But, that is the only thing I have done in months. I stopped running before we went to the Canyon. Stopped yoga too. Haven't done a thing since we returned.
        My recent post Let Me Be Weak

  • I'm FAR from fit and honestly, I hate it. Two years ago I was 70 lbs. lighter than I am right now. I have an issue with gluttony when I start going through really stressful times. I would run to food for comfort. I'm fighting that now but my schedule with two jobs is so insane it's hard to find time to exercise. (Thank you, Wii Fit.)

    I hope you reach this goal although to be honest I hope you find the guy for your first one before this one. I don't want you to ever wonder if he would have loved you before you were fit. 😉 (Man, I'm sappy sometimes, eh?)
    My recent post Mission Bellevue Ridge Update 9:16pm

  • rebrev

    You go "sporty" girl!

    Please keep us posted as to your progress. I live too far to run the Hope Academy half (and it is probably too soon) but I'm gonna ante up – it sounds like a great organization.

    My goal is the Myrtle Beach Half (flattest in the nation 🙂 Feb 2011. I'm looking forward to your other goals and getting mine organized as well.

    • @rebrev You go! I will definitely keep you up to date on my training (sigh…I am so annoyed I wrote this post.)

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  • I have a lifelong goal now of staying fit/healthy. Not up to running half marathons, although 5Ks and 10Ks are starting to appeal to me. … My journey of wanting to be fit began in 2001 when I was diagnosised w/ high blood pressure. I turned 30 that year and my son was just only 1 at the time. So, on New Year's Day 2002, my wife and I began to change our lives by becoming physically fit. Long story short, I lost 75 lbs and I've been able to maintain my current weight – which isn't easy given my occupation. Also, my blood pressure has remained good and in check, esp. the past couple years. … I'm at the stage now where I just want to stay healthy & fit. It's amazing how much better I feel when I get to exercise, just makes my day that much better. Staying in that routine is a different story. … I applaude you and encourage you to stay on this course.
    My recent post Random thoughts from the mind of a SID

  • Hmmm…definitely not as fit as I was back in my early USAFR days. 🙂 Still, I do not think I would consider myself out of shape. (Well, the month of DEC might be an exception :)). I ran my first half in SEP and hope to do another in late MAR. ____I do get a bit more lax in the colder months since I really dislike treadmill running when the weather makes outside running inpractical.____Fit? Generally so

    • (got cut off)

      …just not as fit as I would like to be and very well could be.

  • For me I want to be at my recommended body weight.
    I am 6 foot and so I want to be around 180lbs
    I am 190 right now…I use to be down t0 182 when I was working out everyday and eating better.
    I have a love hate relationship with running. But I want to run a half marathon in the Spring. We will see how the cold weather and running work out.
    My recent post Christianese

  • Ali

    Go, Lindsey, go! I think that is fantastic that you want to be "sporty!" My goal in the new year is to lose more weight. I have had terrible–and I do mean terrible–knee problems for nine months and have had to be very careful. I even had special injections in both knees, and I was not a happy camper to be around when those were happening over the summer and early fall! But I am going to do more exercising in the new year because I have not been happy with this break!

    • @Ali – Injections? Ouch.

      • Ali

        Oh I am knock-kneed, and finally at age 39 (and after doing intense interval training), the my body has begun to fail me! I did physical therapy for three months to no avail. So I got Euflexxa injections, which are given to people with arthritis, in the hopes that they would fill in cartilage irregularities. Well I had three very painful injections in both knees, and I still don't feel right. Maybe a tiny bit better. But I wear these very hard-core, specialized, expensive braces every day on both knees (I take them off at night), I am done with heels for now, and two days after I got the last injection for my left knee, I banged it–and it seriously hurts twelve weeks later! The whole thing is so long and complicated and annoying, and I do not deal well with pain at all. Long-term I might need bilateral knee replacement,s but I am only 39, and I need to be active so I have several more appointments with the doctor. Trust me, I am on very friendly terms with my sports med doctor. Very friendly!

  • I feel fit. I ran my first half marathon in October in Newport, RI, and got hypothermia (48 degree rain for two hours). That was … less than awesome. But I finished and was still somewhat pleased with my time. I am planning to run another half in May in Providence, and I am toying with the idea of running the Country Music Half this year or next.

  • I started running in 2001. It began with my wife's cousin encouraging me to run TWO miles instead of just one. I thought he was nuts. I'd never really enjoyed running a mile as it was. I only did it because I thought it was responsible to get some exercise with all the holiday eating going on.

    He pointed out that the worst-case scenario was I'd get tired and walk back. He had a point. By the time that vacation was over, I was doing three mile runs.

    In 2005 I ran my first half-marathon. I trained for three others over the next 18 months, and ran two of them. (I got a minor but extremely painful foot sprain right before one of them, so had to cancel.)

    In 2007 I ran my first marathon, in San Francisco.

    I promptly ceased running and haven't really done any since. I joke with people that the reason I went running is because it felt really good when I stopped.

    Now's the part of my already-too-long comment where I list my points:

    1. The pain is worth it, because everything you've heard about the Runner's High ™ is absolutely true! For me it's about seven miles in. Euphoria. Bliss. There's a rhythm in there, and for me, when I'm alone out there, it's total intimate prayer time.

    2. I totally need to get back into this!! Since I stopped, I've gained almost one pound for every mile in a marathon.

    Starting over again is pretty much the same thing as never having done it at all. I feel like you're inspiring ME! I think I'll follow your lead in 2010.

    • @jeffreyholton You should join us in Nashville for the half. Meet all your twitter friends.

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  • Blake Bergstrom

    I'm doing it. I'm in. We will run together.


    • @blakebergstrom I'll be eating your dust I'm sure but we can start together and you can cheer me in.

  • Way to go with the running! I wish I could run and absolutely love it. I admire people who do. For me running is the surefire way to get the final stubborn 7 pounds off my body even when I am at the level I'd consider "fit," a.k.a. my "summer weight." I've been battling some joint troubles, so I've been limited to swimming and cycling these past few years. While I am probably what the world would consider sporty and have completed 7 or 8 triathlons or aquabikes, I am far from being hardbody sporty or one of the girls that can wear tiny cute workout clothes because she's rail-thin. Two of my closest friends are tiny-tiny (height and size), and here I'm more like the 6-foot amazon. I used to beat myself up for this, always feeling so inferior to their level of fit, their prowess in running races, and then they invented a phrase to describe me: They say I'm the "click-and-drag" photoshop version of them. I still think they're being a little optimistic, since they have no concept of what love handles might look like. However, one day I embraced the curves and realized it was possible to be an acceptable level of fit to meet my own goals (for myself this means 25-40-mile bike rides on a regular basis in the warmer months without killing myself, and at least a century ride a year), and enough swimming to have tone arms and be able to fit in my pants. 🙂 And when I don't have time and cannot make time to get to the pool or hop on my bike on the trainer, I've learned to give myself a break and just be happy with me and my curvy self, and realize that there will be redeeming workouts in my future. That's true "fit-ness" for me.

    Good luck with your training!

    • @stephanieinlex You sound very balanced with it. That's really what I'm after. Everything else makes me CRAZY..

  • Okay, you inspired me. No turning back now: just finished my registration to join you for the half again! Loved it when I did it two years ago and had to be out of town this past year. Time to get to it!

  • @ksbond Yay! I really think it is going to be so much fun this year. Glad you are in!

  • I would love that. I would love that so much.

    Unfortunately, with the past two years of sparse employment, I don't think I'm flying anywhere unless it's for an interview and it's on their dime.

    You guys wanna interview me on Friday and then go running with me on Saturday? 😉 Hey, that way, there'll be no hard feelings even if you reject me: I'll just run it off.

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