Random Things I Learned About Last Night

Last night I had dinner with Spence Smith, Keely Marie Scott, and Ryan O’Quinn. I had never met Keely and Ryan before “in real life.” But they were even cooler than I imagined.

I had so much fun. It was one of those nights that was completely energizing (something I don’t take for granted in this season of Christmas parties and holiday hoopla). It was one of those nights when I reconnected with how much I love interacting with new and interesting people in a small group setting (not at cocktail party setting, that kinda freaks me out).

We talked about Compassion International. We talked 90210. We talked Battle Star Galactica (or “BSG” as I learned it is so aptly called).


We talked blogging. We talked steaming techniques (I’ll note the girls at the table had not-a-thing to contribute to this conversation). We talked books. We talked Glee. We talked Pioneer Woman. We talked Cross Point.

And of course, we talked iphone apps. I can honestly say I had NO IDEA there are so many helpful, entertaining, and utterly absurd iphone apps out there.

Here are just a handful of the group favorites:

TripIt – Online travel itinerary. Keeps all your plans (plane, rental car, and hotel reservations) in one spot. Added bonus TripIt let’s your friends and colleagues keep track of your jet-setting.

AroundMe – Everything you need to know about your surroundings. Do you ever wonder what is right around the corner? Where the closest Starbucks is? Where you can get gas before you hit empty? AroundMe has all the answers.

Words with Friends – Play scrabble with friends across the world. Or if you are like me, let all your twitter buddies know how small your vocabulary is. Trust me Words with Friends is fun, but be warned it is also addictive.

Dragon Dictation – Voice to text transcription that is stunningly accurate. I was skeptical but it was 100% accurate on my both my trial runs. I’m never going to drive and text again. I’m going to drive and dictate from now on using Dragon Dictation.

Literally I gasped as I learned about all the cool things I had been missing out on.

So….I imagine there are more apps completely not on my radar. Give it up. What are your favorite iphone apps?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Did you really call it "Battle Start" Galactica? (giggles)
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  • @scottdwinter I did. Obviously I didn't have a lot to contribute to that convo. Typo corrected 😉

  • I like OliveTree Bible Reader and MotionX GPS. Read It Later is cool because it sync with my computer's browser. If I bookmark something on my laptop, I can read it later on the iPhone. Zagat To Go is essential for people who like to eat out.

  • Words with Friends consumes far too much of my life. other favorites:
    Pandora, NewsAddict, Chipotle (seriously), too many photo apps to name (I have one full page of of photo apps), AllergyCast, Labyrinth, iFart (I'm a guy, sue me), Grill Guide, WunderRadio (has weather radio which is nice when power goes out). I'm not an addict, I swear.

  • Ironcell

    Really glad you liked Words With Friends. Even though it's been almost half a year since the release of the game and I'm still playing it on a daily basis, it's awesome! Thanks for dropping by my blog Lindsey, take care of yourself 🙂

  • I don't have an iPhone. 🙂 I just think it's awesome you had that dinner and were so encouraged and fired up. I had that same feeling after chatting with Spence at Merridee's….there's somethin' about that guy.
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  • Cyndi

    Parking Lot, it keeps my car-loving boys entertained when we are in doctors offices…

    Wurdle, my fav word game

    Whole Food Recipes…even though I no longer live near a Whole Foods I feel like I do with this app

  • Ah, it's true… whenever 2 or more that own an iPhone gather this is what is always conversed about! Love it.

    Thanks for sharing.
    My recent post Impossible Union

  • That was not the ending I was expecting at all.
    But I like it….
    Here are a couple that I use:
    -Wunder Radio (I like sports radio, this is like XM radio but for sports talk)
    -DCB App( David Crowder Band App that has a lot of cool things to do on there)
    -Best Camera (great effects for the iPhone camera

  • i had aroundme… but just downloaded the other 3.seriously, dragon dictation could change my life! 🙂

  • ahhh love it!

    if I was stranded on an island with my iphone and i could only have 4 apps the apps I must have would be. . .

    – Shazam ( for all that island music I am sure I would find)
    – ShakeItPhoto ( to take cool photos on said island)
    – Doodlejump ( cause it keeps me entertained for hours)
    – Skype ( cause its ummm awesome)

    Sidenote. . .with an iphone and the amazing Tripit app I would hopefully never be stranded on an island while having to use my apps to keep me company.

    And who could only pick 4 apps? Not I.

    I love learning about new apps.
    Cant wait to read the comments.

    • @Keeley What was the hip hop one? I think I need it but can't remember that guys name for the life of me.

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  • Well I just upgraded to the iPhone last week, so I am still learning, but so far my fav apps are The Weather Channel (TWC), Pandora, Twitterriffic (sp ?), Logos, Facebook, and WordPress. I'm definitely looking for more, tho. Thanks for the great post!
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  • Ali

    I do not have an iPhone because it would probably take over my life! But I am glad for you that you had fun with a new group of people.

    And I want to say I have so appreciated your honesty here on your blog. I recently have encountered some people who would prefer to keep things very private and think it is not so good to open up. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. I think it is amazing!

  • Stephen

    Olive Trees BibleReader!! Tweetie 2 is also very nice.

  • Flashlight. Because we all use our mobile devices as flashlights anyway, right?

  • @ lnobles you will always say BSG from now on, mark my word!

  • You have a much more interesting life than me.

    I love living vicariously through you!
    My recent post Do You Spend So Much Time Looking Ahead That You Forget The Past?

  • one of my favorite ones right now is Doodle Jump, but I also like Words w/ Friends, and Best Camera is amazing for taking and editing photos right on your iPhone.
    My recent post Let the Bible do the Work (part 2)

  • Sheralyn

    I am just proud of myself for knowing what apps are (tee hee). Michael explained them to me in September. Dragon Dictation sounds terrific for those who send text messages.

  • nice post, joined your rss feed. Thanks as I’m interested in car donations

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