“Always Give God The Glory”

This video kills me…

It kills me because even though I agree with everything Colt shares, it usually quite awhile after my dreams are shattered to remember to “never question why things happen the way they do” and to “always give God the glory.” I am so impressed with his maturity and his boldness.

Go Colt…you will be blessed abundantly if you continue to walk through life with that attitude. You are an inspiration.

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I can't say anything more than amazing. What a class act and great guy.
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  • Dang! That's strong.
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  • That makes me want to cry. Wish I could respond with grace like that when I take those hits…

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  • Good stuff!
    ESPN, cuts the video on SportsCenter right before he said he always gives God the glory…
    I thought it was very classy at the end to congratulate Alabama as well.
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  • Thanks for sharing this Lindsey – It's always refreshing to see people be "authentic" in their comments about God. I missed this interview, so glad you posted!

  • Good post Lindsey. It was nice to see Colt confess his faith in God in defeat. As I watched the ending of that game, I saw some very mature and classy moves by players from both sides. The two that caught me most were the players after the last two turnovers, instead of trying to score and run up the score, they both just downed the ball. This is showing maturity and respect for others, as they had beat Texas and didn't have to score anymore. Then Colt saying what he did in his interview showed a lot of class as well.

    My hats off to both teams.

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  • No secret here, I'm a Bama Fan for sure, but I can certainly appreciate a class act when I see one. Colt was amazing in his post-game comments. It was sad (even to us Bama fans) that he was unable to play the rest of the game. I'm praying that his injury will be healed by the Great Physician and that he's able to return to the game he loves. But if God has other plans, I think Colt will accept God's will over his own desires and be faithful in whatever the future holds for him.
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  • John Nardone

    this is my fb wall post 4 today…hope it helps…2010 The Year to Surrender ALL

    NOTE: 2 all who have dreams & aspirations– give them ALL 2 Daddy God & in return He will give u His vision (dreams) of ur destiny, which comes with peace even in the midst of struggle…then let Him lead you on His perfect path 4 u…wait on Him!

  • Chrystie

    Ummm….all I can say is Wow! I SO LOVE THIS. I had not seen it. Thanks for posting it!
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  • I serious dislike Texas, at least the college. With that dislike it extends to guys like Colt McCoy. Maybe I just hate his name, but really i just hate his school.
    When I watched the post game interview I was very impressed. Usually I just get annoyed with guys talking about God after games, but this one was different.
    It was awesome to see how at probably one of the worst times in his life he realized that football is just a game.

    I hope the STL Rams draft him.

    • @Kyle I hate that you "seriously dislike" Texas. But I guess I will get over it. Someday.

    • @kylelreed Oh…and I am with you..usually the God talk from the athletes seems a wee bit forced and is kind of painful to watch.

  • Wow. I just watched "I AM MARSHALL" on Netflix last night. And I just came to visit this morning after a break from unplugging. This was so inspiring. Amazing to hear Him respond in the moment like that. I want faith like that! Thanks for posting. Happy New Year, Lindsey!

  • Paul Hebron

    Reminds me of what was said in the movie "Facing The Giants." Always give God the glory win or loose. Just do your best and let God do the rest. Colt is an awesome young man.

    Lindsey! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  • I like your writing style thanks for the info -cheers-

  • Lindsey — We were at the Rose Bowl and it was heartbreaking to watch Colt leave the field. But, I too, was in awe of his bold testimony of faith. Did you see the I AM SECOND video he produced with Sam Bradford for the TX/OU Game?? It's an amazing video and well worth watching. I posted about it here:


    Thank you for your ministry. And, Hook 'em Horns!
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