Formula for Assertive Communication

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When I was in school, I was kind of a “crammer.” You know…I’d wait until a few days before the test, try to jam everything I might possibly need to know into my brain, ace the test (this might or might not be an exaggeration), and then forget everything?

All this to say..I remember very few facts or formulas that we were taught in school. (Don’t ask me to list the state capitals, Presidents, or chemical elements. All those things went in one ear, hung out for awhile, but then flew out the other.)

But there is one formula I remember. And truth be known it has helped me out of a pinch or two.

I took this peer counseling class and they taught us a quick, but very helpful, formula for assertive communication (aka how to get your point across without offending friend and colleagues).

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  • Ron

    Lindsey, why do you need to remember all the capitals or presidents, it's not like we can't look up this information at a moments notice thanks to technology today (thanks iPhone).

    That being said, I think that a LOT of people I know could benefit from the advice that you give. Communication and people skills are two areas that will help you succeed in life. Can you say the same thing about knowing the capitals or the presidents?

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