Go Ahead…Commit Me

Albert Einstein once said,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

If this quote is accurate (and I am inclined to believe that it is), I’m insane. Sad, but true. Insane. Certifiable. Seriously, go ahead and lock me up.

I constantly find myself repeating behaviors and expecting different outcomes, only to bombarded with the inevitable.

  • I make New Year’s resolutions, only to feel like a complete and utter failure on January 2.
  • I expect too much of people, only to feel let down and unloved.
  • I buy loads of fresh produce at the grocery store, only to watch it spoil.
  • I want things, expensive things, only to feel dissatisfied once they are in my possession.
  • I live life trying to please others, only to find myself displeased.
  • I eat every one of the french fries on my plate, only to feel full, disgustingly full.
  • I am drawn into sin, only to be reminded that sin is…well as Pete Wilson put it yesterday…stupid.

I know…it is time to stop the insanity.

And I would say that I am never going to do any of these things ever again, but when I say things like that I am setting myself up for disaster. It’s as if I enjoy hitting my head against a wall, over and over. (I am insane after all.)

But I did join the 31 Day Challenge earlier this month with Cross Point.  And I am actively pursuing wisdom. Hopefully that’s a step in the right direction…

Am I alone in this, or are you a little insane too?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • That is not an accurate description of insanity.

    If it were true, then every Christian who prays the same thing more than once would be insane!

    Great post though! I hope the challenge goes well!
    My recent post Trying to Restart

  • Certifiable ,glad to know I’m in good company . Praying for wisdom and applying scripture to all my brokeness and praying for transformation .

  • If we're honest, we're all pretty insane. Paul seemed to be stuck in the same boat with us too. And as he said, thank God the answer is Jesus Christ our Lord.

    But try telling that to those poor wilting veggies and see how sympathetic they are 😉
    My recent post The Repentance of Mark McGwire

  • Jessica

    Love this post! Thanks for writing it! I'm with you on everything on your list! Wonderful encouragement to seek wisdom for first steps!

  • Bob Garbett

    Hi Lindsey,_
    Please pass the crayons. Wisdom, free for the asking James 1:5 (God's graciousness), yet so hard to receive – my stubborness

    Thanks for the post.

  • Chrystie

    Oh, honey! I am certifiable. My post today was the culmination of realizing the insanity I have been living over the last couple of months. God is constantly having to remind me that I m not in charge; that people pleasing gets me nowhere but empty and exhausted; that I will never find what I am truly looking for in the world, only in Him will I find fulfillment. These seem to be lessons that God and I go on the merry go round with All. The. Time. As I have heard before, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am so tired of learning the same lessons over and over and over again. It makes me incredibly grateful though that I have a God who has committed to finish the work He started in me…because honestly, if I were God, I would have gotten pretty tired of my antics by now. You are not alone, my friend. 😉
    My recent post Will She?

    • @Chrystie Love seeing your face pop up. I am missing you on Twitter, friend.

      • Chrystiec

        Aww…thank you! It is nice to be missed. I have missed our interaction on Twitter too! Almost halfway through…Whew!
        My recent post My Heart, The Idol Factory

  • You are not alone Lindsey, I have done all of those on your list plus many more I am sure. Always with good intentions but they never work out. So I am with you 100%. I also want to thank you. I saw your post on the 31 day challenge and I have been following along. It has been great, so thank you for allowing a Wisconsin gal to follow along with the challenge:) This imperfect gal is always in need of learning more on wisdom!

    • @eleroo34 Yay! Glad you are joining us. You should go listen to Pete's messages – if you aren't already (you can find them at http://www.crosspoint.tv). Last Sunday's gave wonderful context to the whole Proverbs assignment.

  • Oh yeah…I'm with you on this. I hate the times I catch myself in the middle fo something I know hasn't worked in the past. I guess I'll see you on the cell block!
    My recent post The 15 year old Catholic school girl sex slave

  • Gina

    Yep, crazy here too. Sometimes I need a really good kick in the behind! At least its a new year and we are getting a fresh start.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets her produce spoil!

    Some other certifiably insane patterns in my life:

    – I say something about somebody, and immediately realize I would be HORRIFIED if I knew she had heard me say it.
    – I pick a political/theological fight with someone who I know isn't going to change his mind…or mine.
    – I forget to close the zip-lock bag containing the cheddar cheese in the fridge…even though I know it drives my husband crazy…because I'm daydreaming about gravity and the space-time continuum, which I consider to be of much more importance than cheese.
    – I keep stuff I don't need, hold grudges against my neighbor, judge, and worry…because I tell myself Jesus didn't really mean what he said.

    Great post as always, Lindsey. Thanks for your candor and grace.

    My recent post On Resenting Anne Jackson

  • Ha…. I'm so insane
    My recent post Coded Messages

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  • emilysutherland

    Let's add an addendum to Einstein's quote and say… "…unless everyone does it… then you're kinda normal." I tend to think that, while is SEEMS like we're making the same mistakes repeatedly, maybe over the long haul we are making more progress than we think. Remember to stand back and look at the person you are today vs. the person you were 8 years ago… or even 3 years ago. My new yardstick for learning from my mistakes is apparently one that originated in AA… "Progress… not perfection." If 20 years from now, you've made ZERO progress… then maybe you'll be certifiable. 🙂 But I doubt that'll happen because you're aware. The truly insane have no idea!!

    • @emilysutherland Progress…not perfection. Much better way to look at things.

  • I sign up for free books and they make me sneeze! Who knew? 🙂 Awesome job BTW!
    My recent post A Quick Way To Remember Your Goals

  • You're definitely not alone. I make myself angry, with myself, by doing this with so many things in my life.

    The part that makes me so angry, is that I firmly believe that I have the ability to control everything that I say or do. I'm big on talking about not letting "feelings" determine actions. Yet, I catch myself doing things over and over…..usually because of how I "feel". Arg!!

    Lock me up too!
    My recent post Good Luck Finding a Cooler Gift…..

  • We do what's easy.

    I put this out on twitter yesterday, and it seems fitting. It's a GK Chesterton quote:

    "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried."

    My recent post The Story of the Hanging.

  • I was thinking, maybe we could get a group discount on our stay…

    To risk quoting "High School Musical" – We're all in this together…so we'll just listen, encourage, pray for and LOVE the dickens out of one another until God makes us whole!

    Love your blog and your heart.
    My recent post The Sweet By and By, Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

    • @cindy_graves I love that you quoted High School Musical.

  • I am very insane.
    I have great intentions but bad follow through

  • Observation: a lot of insane people read your blog. A ton, in fact. Add me to the list, I suppose. I've heard insanity loves company. Or something.

    • @kevindeshazo I noticed that too. A little disturbing!

  • @kevin – Actually I think that's misery, but almost the same thing. Although some insane people are really VERY happy…

    @lindsey – Sounds like you could get another post out of this. Maybe one on "Like Minds" or "Quirky Attractions" or something…
    My recent post The Sweet By and By, Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

  • i so get where you're coming from. i've spent the last 12 days of 2010 being intentional… on many levels. and i love all i see going on, but in the back of my mind i think when am i going to slip and slide back into old patterns? when am i going to get tired?

    thanks for sharing your heart, lindsey… you're loved by many!

    • @brandiandboys 12 days being intentional is a lot. I'm impressed. I wasn't kidding about the January 2nd thing.

      And thank you for saying I'm loved. Random…I certainly know that BUT it always is so nice to hear.

      Excited we have plans on the calendar. I can't wait to dish. 🙂

  • Go ahead and lock me up to!
    My recent post Cultivate Her – January Event

  • Guilty as charged on all accounts. It's amazing how many times we do these things before we change… But having confidence that you WILL change means you're not completely insane. [I'm going to keep telling myself that…] 🙂
    My recent post In the snow…

  • Carol Anne

    Too funny and right on the money! I do the same things (ugh – the awesome produce that goes to waste…) I will remember this blog on insanity the next time I stay up until midnight and think I won't be tired at six the next morning. 🙂

  • oh i'm completely insane, too. and my list would look very similar to yours!
    My recent post she was my first