My Top 10 Posts of 2009

One of the best things that I did in 2009 was start this blog.


Not only has it  served as a wonderful outlet for me to process through my often-tangled thoughts, but it has fostered an UNBELIEVABLE COMMUNITY. I appreciate you all you reading…and adding to the conversation.

Here are my top posts of 2009 (aka EVER).

1. I Am What I Tweet? – Some people say we are what we eat, do you think we are what we tweet?

2. The Stars at Night – Looks like I need to talk about Texas more often. I apologize for getting you mentioning that song. Find comfort in the fact that it is stuck in my head too.

3. 32 and Single..Don’t Judge Me Too Quickly – So I am 32 (now 33) and single…that doesn’t mean you can lump me into some stereotypical category.

4. I’m Infected – What I learned at Lifework 2.0…but don’t just read my post, go check it out for yourself.

5. I am a Big Scaredy Cat or Something Like That – Why online dating isn’t for right for me….right now.

6. Nothing is Impossible – We sing it, we say it, but do we believe it?

7. Heart. Breaking – Go watch this video. I don’t care if you have seen it before. It is amazing. Amazing. Hands down the most moving thing I witnessed in 2009.

8. Defining Community – How do YOU define community?

9. I Have This Terrible Tendency – My struggle to be focused on the present tense.

10. Scaling Back – Investing in VIPs and divesting of VNPs and VDPs.

And as we look forward to 2010, you will find a whole lot more of the same. The one thing I can promise you is that I will update this sucker three times a week. Three times a week. I sure hope you will stay tuned.

I am wishing you a JOYFUL 2010!


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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club. She spends her days (and some nights) laboring to end childhood hunger at Feed the Children and to gather, equip and unleash women at IF:Gathering.

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  • Ron

    I'm glad too that you started blogging. I'm also glad that I stumbled onto your blog and subscribed because it helped to get me started blogging as well.

    I've really enjoyed reading your blogs. I look forward to reading your blog 3 times a week. I am going to continue to commit to 2 times a week on mine. As for my top 10, I'm not sure that there are 10 on mine worth ranking.
    My recent post Blog review: Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell with Richard Chancy

  • I've always found something in your posts to challenge me or make me think. I'm looking forward to what you bring in 2010.
    My recent post 31 Days in Proverbs Day 4: It IS your life

  • Great list Lindsey! I've enjoyed your blog very much, Looking forward to more this year. Very glad to have "met" the fine folks of Thomas Nelson Publishing and learining a bit about your corner of the world.

    So…who ya pulling for Thursday? I gotta say it… ROLL TIDE ROLL!

    My recent post Wii Fit™ and the Word of God…

  • @Cindy_Graves Thanks. I don't know. Probably Texas? Only because I am watching it with tons of BAMA fans and so I will feel like they are the underdog. Roll Tide. Hook 'em Horns…That's exhausting. I need to pick one.