6 Women to Watch (Blissdom Style)

Last week I went to my first blogging conference, Blissdom.

I had a blast. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. Really I left feeling kind of really overwhelmed. It was a lot of women. And a lot of information.

But I would go again in a heartbeat.

I learned. I was inspired. And I met some amazing women. Amazing women…who blog. Amazing women…who blog and tweet.

The Tommy Nelson Girls with Dedra and Tammy

Here are six you should follow. Right now. Go check them out. And don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

Follow her on twitter: @dedraherod
Read her blog: Just a Chick
Dedra rocks. Really, she does. Just ask anyone who has ever met her. They will tell you “she is sweet as pie.” And even those of us who typically “don’t do sweet” can’t get enough of this beautiful lady from Alabama.

Follow her on twitter: @sarahmarkley
Read her blog: The Best Days of My Life
Sarah I love. She is beautiful inside and out. I keep praying that she wants to be my post-blissdom friend. But truth be told, she doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

Follow her on twitter: @emilychats
Read her blog: Chatting at the Sky
Emily just signed a two book deal with Revell. (Congrats Emily.) She is smart. She is kind. She is a gifted writer and photographer, her blog incorporates both.

Follow her on twitter: @pensieverobin
Read her blog: Pensieve…Magically Delicious
I first “met” Robin when Compassion took a trip to India last Spring. (She beautifully captured the people she met, the poverty she encountered. Not an easy thing to do.) So when our paths crossed at Blissdom, I was beyond excited. I expected Robin to be perfectly wonderful “in real life.” But I didn’t expect her to be larger than life. She is. Larger than life. Robin works a room like no one I have ever seen. And I love it.

Follow her on twitter: @amberrunsamuck
Read her blog: The Run A Muck
Amber is gorgeous. Inside and out. Her writing is incredible. Guess there is a reason why sat on two of my favorite panels, Content is Queen and The Writer’s Craft. Oh, and her husband gave her this incredible gift, The Mother Letter Project. Have you heard of it? (Warning: If you are prone to husband envy, I’d stay away.)

Lindsey (I knew I liked her as soon as I read her nametag. She spells Lindsey correctly. Lindsey. Not Lindsay. Which is wrong.)
Follow her on twitter: @thepleatedpoppy
Read her blog: The Pleated Poppy
Buy her stuff: The Pleated Poppy Store
She brings new meaning to “crafty.” Her “poppies” were all the rage. All the rage. I can’t wait to accessorize with mine.

That’s all for now. I have several more women I want to introduce you to. But I will save that for another day, for another post.

Will each of you recommend one person for me to follow?
Please include twitter “handles”, blog addresses, and why they are follow-worthy.

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • oh, you've mentioned so many of my favorite fellow (in)courage ladies…so thrilled you met them. They are all so precious. 🙂 (although I haven't met Deidra, so I'll have to go check our her blog 🙂
    My recent post Creating Beautiful Food…are you that chef?

  • Love. love this.

  • ummm, wow! i am so honored to be on a list with those other women! thank you so much! and i am totally feeling the same way – information overload. what do i do with it? where do i start?
    My recent post valentimes

  • What and honor to be listed here on your blog among some of my very very favorites.

    It was so good to meet you. I'm still on a high from it all.

    Thank you, new friend.

  • I agree wholeheartedly – these ladies are wonderful! And I love that you are praying for post-Blissdom friends. Me, too. 🙂
    My recent post Top 10 Moments of Blissdom

  • Jacklyn

    Great post and great recommendations. I have a local one for you…
    Name: Beth
    Blog: Eat.Drink.Smile http://betheats.blogspot.com/
    Follow her: @betheats
    Why: Wonderful food blog and she is a dear, sweet person who I wish could have come to blissdom so we could meet 🙂
    My recent post Arbitrary truth

  • I'm so bummed I missed Blissdom. Thanks for making some introductions for me!
    My recent post Sunday Highlights – Your Turn

  • She doesn't have a twitter but she does have a blog and is rocking it out and she is my sister.

    her blog is http://scarletcordministries.wordpress.com
    her name is Kamrie
    and it would make her day or even really her week if everyone went there and said hello and read her post.

    She is 15, is trying to help prostitutes in Nicaragua find freedom in Jesus. Reads every book I give her (currently reading Matthew Paul Turners new book and writing a review for it) and works with special needs kids at our church each and every sunday.
    I sound like I am bragging but my sister is awesome…

    • went over to your sister's site and commented … blown away at her mission and conviction as such a young age – thanks for passing that along
      My recent post BLISSDOM – play-by-play SAT

    • So sweet that you mentioned your sister…her blog is great. As is yours.

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  • Awww Jacklyn, you are too sweet! Thanks for your kind words. I wish that I could have been there to meet you too, but hopefully some day soon! A trip to the farmers' market is in our near future 🙂

  • great recap … these ladies are some of my faves as well … super bummed I didn't get to meet you, though – saw you were in one of the same sessions, but poof – you were gone when I looked for you – maybe next time! Blessings to you.
    My recent post BLISSDOM – play-by-play SAT

    • I know. I did not do a good job of meeting everyone at Blissdom. It was that deer in headlights thing. You going to BlogHer? I just signed up.

  • Jenny Scott

    Tip: proofread your entries before posting. You consistently misuse idoms, have run-on or incomplete sentences, misuse acronyms, misspell words and use incorrect punctuation. Proper sentence structure and spelling is especially important in the realm of publishing. Totally understand if you don’t publish this comment, my point isn’t to embarass you, just to encourage you to keep to a higher standard and take pride in your work.

    • Hi Jenny

      I think you misused a comma… 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip. Is there a specific mistake you'd like me to correct?

      Sometimes I misuse punctuation for effect. Guess you wouldn't recommend that?

    • If you weren’t trying to embarrass her, why did you leave a public comment? You could just as easily have emailed her.

      As a blogger myself, I find it very difficult to see my own errors. I get emails every time I post something, pointing out typos and other errors in my work. However, I choose to fix them as I go; nothing is set in concrete. To misquote Gen. George Patton, “An imperfect post now is better than a perfect post later.”

      By the way, your last sentence is a run-on sentence. In fact, you have run THREE sentences together: “[I] totally understand if you don’t publish this comment. My point isn’t to embarrass you. [I] just [want] to encourage you to keep to a higher standard and take pride in your work.”

  • Do you read Annie Downs blog?

    Blog – http://annieblogs.com/
    Twitter – http://twitter.com/annieblogs

    She's hilarious and insightful, which is a wonderful combination.
    My recent post 10 Ways To Easily (well, MORE easily) Get Out Of Bed

    • You are like the tenth person to ask me that this week 😉 I didn't, but I do now.

  • Check out Jo Swinney! In her own words, "Jo is a writer, speaker, and keen observer of the world. She is married to Shawn, a youthworker and Anglican curate, and mother to Alexa (3) and Charis (not very old at all)."

    Blog: http://joswinney.com/blog

    I have read her two books and thoroughly recommend them. 🙂 Unfortunately, Jo doesn't tweet.

    My recent post: reign in me again!
    My recent post Scripture of the Week: Do not worry

  • tracee @ http://traceepersiko.wordpress.com/ – her heart overflows with some serious wisdom. (she tweets @traceepersiko, too)
    My recent post other than good intentions

  • Lauren Doyle

    I just started following
    Jamie's Rabbits
    she tweets: @Jamiesrabbits
    From her about section: Event planner, blogger, sister, aspiring baker, daughter, aunt, pop culture fanatic, fairy godmother, friend, teacher, and future Mrs. Knightley.
    Hilarious… She hates ladybugs and Loves God.

  • Some of my favorite ladies you just mentioned! And also fun to find you! 🙂 (I also really enjoyed meeting Mela – special lady!)

  • Bianca Juarez is an amazing woman and so sweet and spunky. Her twitter name is biancajuarez and her blog address is http://liveinthenameoflove.blogspot.com/. She's super inspiring and real, seems too good to be true but doesn't hide the fact that she isn't. Probably a best tweep for life 😉

  • Lindsey,
    So glad you were at Blissdom. The blogger I recommend is Rachel Anne Ridge (@rachelanneridge) of Home Sanctuary.com. She inspires us each day to take small steps to make your home a sanctuary. http://www.homesanctuary.com There's a virtual coffee each Friday with her Company Girls too!
    Sweetie @getsweetie
    My recent post A Dog’s View of Greener Pastures