Going to Get My Bliss On

I am headed to Blissdom

Blissdom is the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online.  Blissdom ‘10, our third conference, is a welcoming oasis in the ever-changing blogging world. Speakers and panels featuring the best blogging, public relations and social media pros will be gathering to mentor new and old friends alike.

I am so excited. I love to learn. I love to blog. I love talking about social media. I love connecting with other bloggers. I love putting a face and a warm laugh with a twitter handle. Plus, the handsome crooner Harry Connick Jr. is going to sing me a song or two. I love it when handsome crooners sing me a song or two.

But as much as I am looking forward to it, I am kind of really nervous.

I’m nervous because sometimes large groups of women FREAK ME OUT. I know, I am a woman. I should feel right at home. But sometimes women in large groups squeal. And I don’t do squeal. I’m nervous because I have never been to a blogging conference before. I have only been blogging about 10 months and so I still a newbie. I have a lot to learn. And I am going to be surrounded by experience. I’m nervous because a lot of these women are “mommy bloggers.” I am a “get this off my chest” blogger and the occasional “doggy blogger.” And I’m nervous because the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center is massive. And I might get really lost and never find my way out.

All this to say…if you are going to Blissdom and see a girl who has a deer in the headlights look about her…it’s probably just me feeling a little freaky…so please stop and say hi. I promise not to bite.

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Have fun, take good notes… wish I could have joined you!
    My recent post Trying to Smile Too

  • I would love to be there to share the fun times you will have!!! Enjoy!
    My recent post This Is Your Brain in Love by Dr. Earl Henslin – a book review

  • I would love to be there to share the fun times you will have!!! Enjoy!
    My recent post This Is Your Brain in Love by Dr. Earl Henslin – a book review

  • Have a great time! I also wish I was going (especially with it being right here in Nashville) Maybe I'll be the nervous newbie next year and I'll look for you.

  • Laura Anne

    I wish I could be there, but know if I was going I'd have the exact same nerves and jitterbugs!
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  • Your comment about squealing reminded me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother called "Woo!" A group of women at a bar when they got together would always yell "woo" in unison when something good happened or a cute guy passed.

    I hope you have an awesome time!!!
    My recent post Payback's a…well, you know what it is

    • I love How I Met Your Mother and that episode was hilarious.

  • Jacklyn

    Lindsey- consider this an "Amen" 🙂 I'm so excited but really nervous as well and feel unqualified since I just started blogging. You put my thoughts/fears/excitement into words. I wonder if deer travel in packs! But I've also learned that there is no better way to learn and catch up that jumping in head first and immersing yourself in it. So I'm ready for the plunge! We're going to have a blast!
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  • i would be nervous for all the same reasons. (seriously – groups of women scare me too!)

    but i wish i were there. mostly so we could walk around with that deer-in-the-headlight look together!

    i can't wait to hear all about it.
    My recent post coffee talk: authenticity & faith

    • wish you were here. we could roll our eyes at the squeallys togther.

  • I wish I could be there, even though I am not crazy about squealing, either. (nor am I crazy about honey-dripping sweetness:) ) Hope you have a great time! I am sure will have much to teach us afterward.

    • had a blast with you ladies last night. thanks for letting me crash the fiesta.

  • Large groups of women freak me out too.

    • i thought that was just a girl thing….

      The business cards are a hit. Thanks so much for your help laying them out for me yesterday. You are very kind!

  • Girlfriend, no wonder you are scared of mommy bloggers if they look anything like the "baby wearing" wikipedia mama. Yikes. I got scared myself and I *am* a mommy.

    But Alece met me and can vouch for the fact that not all of us are that um.. out there, if you know what I mean 😉

  • we made it. survivors like destiny's child.

    so good to be with you!
    My recent post diagnosis: pbs (post-blissdom-syndrome)

  • I'm glad I got to meet you this weekend, Lindsey. I wish we'd had more time to hang out – I don't squeal either. 🙂

  • This is a great resource for anyone who blogs!!

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