Picking Up and Laying Down Roots

I moved to Nashville two and a half years ago to work for Thomas Nelson. It was a big move for me. BIG. I had been in Birmingham, Alabama, for eight years.

Birmingham was my place. I built a life there. I built a home there.

And candidly I was not certain that the Nashville move would stick. I assumed the move was temporary. I assumed I would get some more experience under my belt that I could take and utilize in other opportunities. I assumed I was done cultivating rich energizing friendships. I assumed that although God was calling me to move He would bring back. I assumed I return to Birmingham after a few years.

I assumed wrong (or at least I’m assuming I assumed wrong.)

Over the last year, Nashville has become home in a way I never anticipated.

I have made incredible unconditional friends. I have found a church where I fit. I work for a company that I’d like to continue with for the duration of my career.

But something is missing. I haven’t built a home. I haven’t found a place I can completely claim as my own.

I am eager to put down some roots and build a life here…but first, I must pick up the roots I laid down elsewhere. First, I must sell the condo I purchased in Birmingham.

So if you know ANYONE who is looking for a place to settle in Birmingham or ANYONE who is looking for a smart investment property, please send them here. My condo is officially for sale for a incredibly low price.

So tell me…are you rooted where you are? If so, what do you love most about where you are planted? If not, what would need to happen for you to feel more at home?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I'm not really rooted here in Nashville yet but I want to be. My wife and I both feel like this is going to be our home until we die. I love the possibilities of living here and I really hope that I can bloom here once the roots are grown in.

    It's funny…I would have thought your roots were already grown in.
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    • Really the living arrangements is where I feel unsettled…and don't get me wrong…they are not bad. I just miss having my own space, my own personal space. Everything else is feeling very homey.

  • Nope, don't feel rooted at all.
    Where I live now I actually have lived here for the past 13 years, but to be honest I don't feel like this is where I am going to put down roots, it just doesn't feel right. All my family is here, but not my family that I am going to have a future with (if that makes sense). Hope to find that place soon.
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  • I'm firmly planted here. Between adopted family and the family built at work, I can't imagine leaving Nashville. But, if God comes a knockin', my roots will go a walkin' 🙂

  • thegypsymama

    Haven't lived anywhere for longer than 2 years in the last decade. Not sure if I want that to change….

    • That makes me tired…just thinking about it. You are brave! But we knew that already. 🙂

  • I'm living in Vancouver (arrived a year ago tomorrow!) while my husband does postgrad theology and have just over a year to go (probably). It's amazing how Vancouver has come to feel like home. I guess because I know this is my home for now. We will most probably return to the UK after this, probably to London. I'm excited about that. I lived there for 3 months once and cried all the way to the train station when I left. But then I don't imagine London would be forever either. We're waiting to see where God takes us. Enjoying the nomadic lifestyle for now! 🙂
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    • I LOVE Vancouver… so beautiful and clean. What a wonderful place to wander…even if only for a little while.

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  • Lindsay,
    You have hit on something that is important to so many people. Roots are mysterious. How does it happen?
    You’ve tapped into a topic that strikes a nerve for me. As a child, my parents moved us frequently cross-country. So I grew up into an adult who had no roots. I could never answer the question of where I was from. So when I married & had kids I thought we’d need to stay in one place forever for our kids to feel roots. We stayed in Cincinnati for 10 years. But we recently took an expat assignment in Prague. I had to let the fear go, that we’d lose our roots. And honestly, all 5 of us feel maybe as you describe– a wow–we don’t feel a loss, but a gain. Truly a divine gift. We’re grateful.
    I hope your condo-selling process is quick and painless.
    Blessings to you in your new home.

  • I'm less than two months into a move from my hometown — a little town I never wanted to leave. But the job moved, and opportunities there are too limited. Now Hubby and I live two hours away, in a rented home in a much bigger city surrounded by an enormous metroplex, trying to sell my dream house.

    Right now, I feel like one of those uprooted trees I pass on the way to work .. last week's snowstorm was tough on all of us. But unlike the uprooted tree, I am transplantable. Hmm .. most transplanted plants fare better after pruning. Time to see what the Lord has in mind to keep, and what He's wanting to cut.

  • We moved here over 10 years ago and have put root the trouble is where we put down roots. Have you heard about HOA that our close to Hitlers SS that were we find ourselves. Were down to one child left at home so the 4 bedroom is a little on the big side but mainly it the HOA that making a look for a new place

  • This completely resonates with me! I’m still (2 1/2 years in) torn between the two places I love. I can’t imagine myself anywhere but here, and yet, I have a deep longing for Northern California and the home I left behind.

    I think you’re definitely on the right track with selling your condo! This may sound shallow, but every little investment that makes my home here in Costa Rica feel more like “me” – art, furniture, paint – helps me feel a little more deeply rooted. Hopefully, selling your old place will allow you to do the same. 🙂

    • Yes, I am learnging hat you can't really have roots in 2 places. You have to fully invest in one.

  • I'm officially unsettled. Like you, our young family picked up established roots in Indianapolis, where I had been a youth pastor for seven years at two different churches. Now we're in suburban Philadelphia, far away from where we ever thought we'd be. We've been here for 5 months now, and I feel a little bit like you, still looking for home, wondering if the move will be anything more than temporary. Yet I hold out hope that God has a plan! Our new church is a great, authentic community of believers who lives by the mantra "be the church." Praise God for taking us to places we would never otherwise go!

    • That's awesome…and I too am confident that God has a plan.

  • I am rooted here in OK. We have a home that we love, our kids really like the school, our Church is our family. Our family is within a couple of hours.

    That's not to say that we aren't open to moving and checking out new opportunities, but for now we are here.

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  • I'm pretty much rooted in Knoxville. I was born here and have lived here 39 years. I love the people, the views, and most of times the weather. The mountains are 30 minutes away and there are still plenty of back roads to explore.

    If I ever leave Knoxville, it would have to be for Nashville or the southern middle Tennessee area.

  • i love that you are taking this step. it says a lot — about your heart, about your friends, about this place (figuratively) you find yourself in. i'll be praying for your place to sell quickly…

    i have been living in limbo for 14 months now, and it's tiresome. i love the flexibility i have to do things like drive up to nashville on short notice. and i love traveling all over the place. but i miss being able to come back to a place that feels like home. having a bedroom in someone else's house for over a year is … tiresome. i miss having my own space.

    i'm a roots and wings girl. and i'm seriously lacking some roots right now.
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    • pray hard!

      limbo land = exhausting.

      2 days and counting!

  • Well, I'm of course praying for that precious condo to sell QUICKLY!!! I love that you love Nashville and hope you can build your home soon there. 😉

    We love our home here in Jackson. I'm happy to call it home.
    Love ya girl!

  • I'll keep my eyes and ears open. I have a bunch of friends who are graduating from Auburn and plan to move to Bham. I am CONSTANTLY hearing that people are looking for a place to live. We will get this place sold.

    Robyn – (your twitter friend – 3girlsmom)
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  • Great topic Lindsey. I am so glad that you have found a “home” Roots are a mysterious thing. Seven years ago I picked up and moved myself for a new work opportunity. Single and not knowing anyone in my new city. You sound like you have really found a great place. Unfortunately, I have not been able to grow deep roots like you have. Love my church a lot but haven’t been able to develop those deep roots yet, still hoping it will come Good luck on selling your condo.

  • Musicgirl77

    My husband’s job has moved us all over the country the last 20 years. We’ve found the positives to help our son cope, as well as ourselves. We’ve experienced and seen alot. We’ve met wonderful people and have found “homes” in many of church homes and new “family”. Our last move seems to be the hardest for myself. We have a fantastic church and pastor, but personally, I have struggles greatly in making friendships this time. I have my home and family, even moreso, my life. Perhaps move 10 was my limit, lol.

  • i love knowing you're so happy here! glad you've decided to bloom here, we love having you around!