Free Stuff, Take 1

A couple weeks ago, I got a very generous email from Rachel at INO Records offering to give me some CDs to giveaway on my blog. Get this…I even got to choose between three artists – two I knew and enjoyed (Fee and Phil Wickham) and one that was not on my radar (Jonny Diaz). And what did I do? I asked for her to send me the Diaz CD to check out. I got her to send me the Diaz CD because I much prefer introducing people to new things than giving them more of what they already know they like so….

Today, I am giving away Free Stuff. Today, I am giving away 5 copies of Jonny Diaz’s CD “More Beautiful You.”

It is the first time I’ve ever tried giving away anything so this post is called “Free Stuff, Take 1.”  We’ll see how this works. And if it works well than there will be a “Free Stuff, Take 2” and so on and so forth. (Can you tell I am a kind of random mood and not sure how to do blog giveaways?)

Anywho…back to Jonny Diaz. Jonny Diaz is a former collegiate ball player who is making a name for himself in the music business. In fact, he was recently nominated for the Dove Awards’ Best New Artist of the Year.

Jonny Diaz’s music is good. Really good. His sound is fresh. His melodies are catchy. His lyrics share his heart, his heart for reaching his contemporaries with the message of God’s love, forgiveness, and grace. But don’t take my word for it….


“With Catchy hooks, toe-tapping melodies, and undeniable artistry, the Jonny Diaz Band grabs you at first listen. A former college baseball player, Diaz does smart, guitar-driven pop flawlessly.”
BART MILLARD (lead singer of Mercy Me) says…

“The bottom line is Jonny Diaz is the real deal. To stand in front of 7000 people with just your guitar and your voice, and keep the crowd captivated is a gift. Jonny has that gift and then some.”

Sounds pretty good, huh?

So…would you like to win a copy? If so, leave a comment below sharing a musician or band you’ve discovered lately and a few comment about what makes them stand out. I will randomly choose 5 commenters on Friday and will notify them via email that they will be getting a copy of  “More Beautiful You.”

PS – Once you become a Jonny Diaz fan, you should go here and vote for him to win Dove Awards’ coveted New Artist of the Year award. (Note: Fan voting closes April 20.)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Caleb Collins. He is a newer artist who has a jazzy take on some old hymns. Fantastic artist, fantastic album.

    And apparently, he has a new album out that I didn't know about. That's exciting. 🙂

  • Sounds exciting Lindsey…and of course you'd have hip and wonderful….because well, you are!

  • Steve Fogg

    I'm always late to the par-tay.

    But a couple of years ago I discover a band I don't think anyone has heard of. A band out of nowhere from the fair country of Ireland.


    Some of what they play I can leave. Some of it just melts my soul.

    Late. Lame. Dunno. But I'm just into them.
    My recent post Recycling Easter

    • I love that you just discovered U2. You should download the version of 40 they did at Red Rocks – it is my favorite!

  • Thanks to HelpHaitiLive I was turned on to NeedToBreathe. Can't stop listening to them. It's raw, passionate, soulful goodness. I have been on their Pandora station for 2 weeks now. Such great storytellers through. Prisoner of Your Heart is playing as I type this and feed my son breakfast. Oh, he seems to like them too. He's been bobbing his head to all of their songs.

    Yep, just played the cute kid card.

    • Yeah, I followed your lead on tuning in to the NeedtoBreathe Pandora station. It is my new go-to station. Love it!

  • I'd love a CD. I recently discovered a local band here in Kansas City made up of people I used to go to church with called "Oriole Post." It's hard to describe them, except to say they're kind of old timey country fusion music. It sounds old, but fresh and new at the same time.
    My recent post The Best Day of School Ever

  • I have known about Michael Buble for a long time but sort of wrote him off, thinking "what can he bring to the table that is new". Then I heard his music in my sister-in-laws car and got hooked. Some of it is very similar to previous versions of the songs. But with a few of the songs – there is just something special. I keep hitting repeat on "Cry me a river" and "Baby, you've got what it takes". Aside from that, this style of music is really just fun.
    My recent post Kate & Amy’s Book Club – The Fiddler’s Gun

  • Bethany

    Hey Lindsey! Thanks for introducing a new artists. I am re-discovering Need to Breathe. Since I am around music all the time I love when people have great suggestions for new artists. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  • jessi

    Lady Antebellum! I saw them a couple months back on the Today Show, and I just loved their sound. What makes them stand out to me is that they're country with a little bit of pop… not too country, not too poppy (is that even a word?) I also love their edgy look.

    • Jessi, i am going to have to listen to them. I saw there CD cover on my neighbor’s dining room table and asked who they were. My neighbor said, “Oh, they’re country.” I said, “Dressed like that?” Peaked curiosity, but I didn’t bite. Now I’m going to ask if I can listen. thanks

  • I'd love a cd…Rev2Ten is the band I know of. They are an unsigned Christian-rock band from southern Ohio. You can check them out at

    They can literally have you worshipping at the throne or melt your face.
    My recent post One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple, People-Eater

  • This would be awesome, and very generous I may add.

    Thank you!

  • Tracy

    A Jonny Diaz cd would be wonderful to have. Just a little more trivia…his brother is Matt Diaz who plays for the Atlanta Braves. Thank you for your blog and for promoting a new artist in a music giveaway.

  • A recent discovery i had was Chris McClarney:

    He's got this rawness to him… something i haven't heard since former Planetshaker-turned Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian. Very raspy, and passionate:

    I love his rendition of the timeless classic "Blessed Assurance":
    My recent post Free McDonald's Coffee

  • Needtobreathe was new to me. I very recently discovered their music. I love their sound in general. I'm kind of new to Christian music (or rather new again) I was excited to find them. I also like Decemeradio. Especially their song, "Drifter."

    But I've also become a recent fan of guys like Jose Gonzalez and Alexi Murdoch. My cousin told me about them so we listened on a road trip and now they're kind of my road trip guys. 🙂 Favorite songs buy Gonzalez include Down the Line, Heartbeats & Crosses. Favorite Murdoch songs are: All My Days, Breathe, Home & It's Only Fear.

    My recent post Tuesday Unwrapped – Open doors

  • dustinuga


    Great stuff.

  • I've been on a Crowded House kick. Very unique sound with great lyrics. An oldie but goodie that isn't on many people's radar lately.
    My recent post Hebrews 6 and 7: Once for ALL!

  • I like cd's.

    Even though I haven't recently discovered them, I'd definitely recommend the band "Guster." Especially their 'Live in Portland' album. They're unique in that most of their songs are done with their drummer on a "drum set" that has been constructed out of hand drums…and he plays without sticks.

    Awesome, awesome band.

    My recent post Seven Traits of Fundamentalists

  • Recently, I discovered Paige Armstrong… (Christianity Today:… )

    She has catch rock tunes and I am really enjoying her spunk!
    My recent post I did a silly thing…

  • I cannot stop listening to this guy: ZACH WILLIAMS

    Love his stuff. Just google his name and you will be able to listen to 6 of his songs from his latest album and you will be absolutely hooked.
    My recent post MBC Future Leaders Program

  • Betsy

    How fun! Funny that you mentioned it, but my husband and I recently got Phil Wickham’s latest release and we LOVE it. I had only heard a couple songs by him previously and while I liked them, I was skeptical about this new album, as it has a different feel. Fear not, it’s awesome!

  • My husband is the one that usually turns me onto new music. I've recently added Holly MIranda, Pompalomoose.

    Couple of my favorites that aren't new to me but get played often on my iPod is Neverending White Lights and Distrails. They are both great back ground music while I work.
    My recent post Washing Away Ungratefulness

  • Apparently I am really late because I just “discovered” Susan Boyle. A. Maze. Ing! Her voice is so ridiculous. She has a few hymns on the CD that she blows away. She also sings a song made famous by Madonna (or at least that’s who I remember singing it) – You’ll See. But, Lindsey, my favorite song on the CD is “Wild Horses.” That lady is gifted by God and I hope celebrity doesn’t wreck her. Hollywood has left enough carnage.

    • You just discovered Susan Boyle? That makes me smile. I hope you've seen this.

  • Thanks for sharing, I found this story while searching for music, interesting comments and great points made.

  • I agree with Kyle Reed, above. I'm loving Zach Williams' CD right now!

  • I discovered Audrey Assad while promoting the Home Foundation benefit. I'm really getting into her stuff.
    My recent post Video from the Home Foundation Benefit

    • Audrey Assad is amazing. And she is such a cool person too!

  • Wink Rush

    How about Kari Jobe? Her voice is very unique and her heart comes through her words as she sings.

    God bless you , Lindsey!

    • I love Kari Jobe. Her voice is ridiculous. In a good way!

  • Laura Colle

    VERA ( they are a new band who's EP is avaliable on itunes. They're focus is to be "christians in an unchristian industry." They are one of those bands where you sit back and go "they are freaks" (but, no worries, not in a freaky way lol) Their first music video will be released later this month/early April and I am so excited about it! You HAVE to check them out!

    Laura Jean
    My recent post

  • I'm so far from being hip and cool it isn't funny. But I know some really hip and cool people. They are the only reason I'm not totally lame.

    Here's my tip on new talent. A fairly new band from Down Under – Revive

    You can thank me later…
    My recent post Comfort Isn’t Always #1

  • chris vonada

    since you posted this i discovered Jonny Diaz, and really like what i heard of his 2009 More Beautiful You music. I like the acoustical guitar, clean sound, his voice, lyrics and beat, his sound to me is a lot like Jason Mraz.
    My recent post A divine adventure really is unfolding!!

  • Not really discovering or rediscovering anyone new. But I do go back and forth between Christian and Country music. Does that count? I'm newly rediscovering Country 🙂
    My recent post I'm Such a Know-it-all.

  • How fun!! I love free music 🙂 As for me, I’ve been loving on Jesus Culture and Kim Walker….totally want some of their music because it’s so….easy to put on repeat and get lost in some really good worship!

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  • I've really enjoyed Lanae Hale, who is pretty new to the scene. Her melodies are catchy and her words are thoughtful. Also, last week I had the privilege of hearing Matthew West live. I've heard his songs tons on the radio but hearing his stories behind the music re-energized me and encouraged me to revisit some of his great songs.

  • Kari Jobe is a great one I've discovered recently. The latest one is Jason Gray. I really can't describe why he stands out to me, but he different from anything I've heard lately.
    My recent post Project Life – March 2 – 8, 2010

  • i keep hearing jonny diaz's name. but i still haven't heard him. hopefully this comment is my ticket to remedying that.

    michael franti & spearhead opened for john mayer when i saw him last month. i'd never heard of MF&S before, but they were unbelievably entertaining. they were energetic and engaging, and i loved their show. this song by them is on the radio a lot these days, so you may have heard it… it's fun and catchy… you'll find yourself singing it at random times.

    My recent post i still can’t believe you even show up

    • I think I told you when we met the first time about Michael Franti and how much I loved him? His energy is so contagious. Seriously he is one of my favorite live performers.

      • my bad! now that you say that, it kinda jogs my fuzzy-brain memory a bit. i should've written his name down when you said it.

        he is definitely a good time! so much fun live!
        My recent post i still can’t believe you even show up

  • Amy J.

    This would be an awesome CD. Love "More Beautiful You"
    Thanks for this chance to win!

  • Oh…pick me, pick me 🙂 Love your site and your friendship!
    My recent post Giftedness > Character

  • So I guess Barry Manilow doesn't make the cut?
    My recent post My Daughter’s Trip to Haiti: Mending Bodies & Hearts, Including Mine

  • Bridget

    Mumford & Sons is my new favorite. Bluegrassy sound from the UK. Very cool lyrics with some Biblical and some Shakespeare influences.

  • Interesting fact about Jonny Diaz—-he played collegiate ball and his brother, Matt Diaz, is an outfielder for the Atlanta Braves.

    WIth two tween daughters, I especially love the song "More Beautiful You". Good stuff.