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Powered by Hope

On Saturday, April 24, I will be running (actually it will be more of a jog/walk combo per the Galloway method but who cares about the specifics) the Country Music Half Marathon.

This is not my first half marathon and hopefully it will not be my last, but it is important nonetheless. This year I am running with “Powered by Hope” on behalf of New Hope Academy.

If you have never heard of New Hope Academy, let me take this opportunity to introduce to this incredible place.

New Hope Academy is like NO OTHER school I have stepped inside.

New Hope Academy exudes hope. (I know…it hard to picture an elementary school exuding anything but the smelly funk that comes with young boys, but New Hope does.)

New Hope Academy is a window into a world where racial and financial divisions do not exist. (And what a beautiful world that is!)

New Hope Academy fosters an environment where students can dream BIG DREAMS.

And most importantly, the faculty at New Hope Academy makes sure each student knows that they are loved completely and fully by God. (Can you imagine having this drilled into you at an early age? How it would have altered your adolescence?)

All this to say…Would you please consider supporting me as I run jog/walk 13.1 miles on behalf of  the children of New Hope so they can continue hoping and dreaming?

If so, venture over to my Firstgiving page to make a donation. Anything you can give is appreciated.

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