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Decided that today instead of normal “Follow Friday” tweets that I’d hook you up with some of the incredible people I encountered this week so you can get connected with them. Each of these folks played a part in making my time at Catalyst West (#catwest) incredible. Incredible.

@sarahmarkley and @cmarkley –  At the suggestion of a friend, I sought Sarah out at Blissdom. Still a practical stranger I somehow convinced her to bail on the last session and join me and a few friends for dinner. I discovered that I loved her heart. When I decided about a month ago to try to pull off Catalyst West, Sarah direct messaged me and said “you are staying with us, right?” I took them up on their generous offer and I’m so glad I did. I love the Markleys. Love the Markleys. Hard to believe I didn’t know them a couple of months ago and now I consider them great friends.

Sarah’s blog:

Chad’s blog:

@lvhanson – I started following LV when he ventured to Kenya with the Compassion bloggers earlier this year. I loved his posts and his heart for the children of Africa. And I was just a little envious of how wonderfully he uses his gifts of communication and connection. But it wasn’t until I sat down with LV last night that I realized that he has an uncanny ability to get straight to the core of someone by asking just the right questions. Plus, LV is from Dallas and an alum of the University of Colorado, what’s not to like?

LV’s blog:

@keelymarie and @flowerdust – Keely and Anne are incredibly gifted artists. Keely’s photography and Anne’s beautiful prose allow me to be transported on all their adventures.  I loved the time I got to spend with them in Orange County. And I love even more that they are permanent fixtures in Tennessee.

Keely’s blog:

Anne’s blog:

@biancajuarez – Bianca’s smile will light up a room. She is beautiful inside and out. I could tell within minutes of talking with her that she’d rather skip all the pleasantries and get right down to business. My kind of girl.

Bianca’s blog:

@kylezimmerman – One of my concerns about going to Catalyst West was that without the Cross Point staff on hand, I wouldn’t have anyone to make fun of me. (And I am the sick kind of person who enjoys being made fun of.) So glad that I met Kyle Zimmerman so he could step right in to the rigorous role of calling attention to the stupid things I say and do. I appreciate more than Kyle’s sense of humor. I appreciate the way he invests in people. I didn’t have to be at Mariner’s long to know that he is well-loved and well-respected.

Kyle’s blog:

@ryanoquinn – Ryan O’Quinn makes me laugh, a lot. Just go here to see why. And I love the work he does for Compassion. Great guy.

Ryan’s blog:

@b_rewster – Stephen Brewster is the real deal. He’s one of the best encouragers I’ve met. Over the last few months, he has done several little things to encourage me along the way. I so appreciate that about him. It’s hard to believe that yesterday was the first time we had met in real life, as I already have enormous respect for him.

Stephen’s blog:

@pastormark – Mark Driscoll is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Yesterday he shared some of the most powerful words I have heard in a long time. He spoke truth with the correct doses of transparency and humor.

Mark’s blog:

Who is one person that you have discovered lately that I should be following? What do you find engaging about them?

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  • A tinge of jealousy reading about you being able to meet Bianca! I follow her and read her blog and one day I hope to meet her in person! 🙂
    It looks like you had a great time!
    My recent post My Doctor Apt

    • One day, Beck! One day…
      My recent post new blog site…

    • Hard to imagine but Biana is even cooler in person than on the blogs. Not saying this to rub it in…just so you know you need to meet her.

  • Lindsay, it was really MY pleasure in meeting YOU. I knew from your blog that you were a girl who shared similar passions. I can't wait to hang out again soon.

    Catalyst Hotlanta? Say the word…
    My recent post new blog site…

  • Lindsay, it was really MY pleasure in meeting YOU. I knew from your blog that you were a girl who shared similar passions. I can't wait to hang out again soon.

    Catalyst Hotlanta? Say the word…
    My recent post new blog site…

  • thx lindsey, i will send you payment next week for the shout out on your blog. are you kidding me?! great to finally meet you, already excited for the reunion in Chicago next week for Q! uh, just curious, how much did Kyle have to pay to make it on your blog???

  • because he has a trendy way of presenting his messages

  • oh goodness. i love you friend.

    you left a hole in my heart.
    My recent post Because you asked…

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