The “Is that contestant on American Idol a Christian?” Scorecard

Today I am participating in Jon Acuff’s ginormous guest post tour.

Don’t know who Jon Acuff is?

You should. He is hilarious. He is smart. He is a Christian. And he makes fun of Christians. Come on, let’s face it…we, as Christians, are funny.

Jon’s debut book  Stuff Christians Like released on April 1. You need to go buy a copy. Don’t believe me? Well, read his blog and follow him on twitter and you’ll quickly be convinced.

And without further adeu…

The “Is that contestant on American Idol a Christian?” Scorecard

102. When they get kicked off and have to sing their final song they end it with an altar call = +2 points

103. They sing Stryper’s “to Hell with the Devil” during their audition. = + 1 point

104. They change the lyrics of Stryper’s “To Hell to with the Devil” to “To Heck with the Devil” because frankly those Stryper boys really had no call to sing that. = + 2 points

To add up your score with over a 130 other ideas on this scorecard, visit

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