Things I Say Too Much

I have several go-to phrases…things I say when I don’t know what else to say.

Phrases that just subconsciously pop out of my mouth.

And sometimes I get annoyed at the fact that I don’t have any self- restraint. That these words own me.

Here are a handful….


You know what I mean?




I’m sorry.

I’m so full.

(Ugh. I got annoyed just typing them out.)

Your turn. What phrases do you say too much?

Or if you know me well…what other phrases do I overuse?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club. She spends her days (and some nights) laboring to end childhood hunger at Feed the Children and to gather, equip and unleash women at IF:Gathering.

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  • Do you use the "seriously?" and "really?", like, in disbelief when someone does something stupid? 'Cause I do. Lol. Those would be very high on my list of things I need to stop saying.
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  • online:

    offline / in face to face conversations:
    you know what im saying?
    are you serious?
    whaaaaaat? nooooo waaaaay! (whether it's good news or bad news and yes i do exaggerate the vowel sounds just like that.)
    My recent post 5.19.10 hold.

    • you know…i've never settled on an online laugh. i feel funny doing hahaha or LOL

  • I'm sorry, Lindsey, but this post is hilarious. I know it's not meant to be but…seriously…there's humor here. You know what I mean?

    When I saw your tweet about this post I thought "Really? Seriously? Lindsey's going to reveal stuff like that in public?" The post was definitely worth popping in to see.

    Your post just filled me with joy on a day I needed it. Seriously. I'm so full right now.
    My recent post And then, the panic set in…

  • I use "seriously?," "Really?," and "I'm sorry." all the time. But I also use: "That's just awesome." and "Nice."

  • First of all Jason you had me giggling like crazy. Secondly I am so unoriginal because I say all your phrases. I do use;

    sure, sure
    GET OUT!!
    SHUT UP!! ( as in no way, no be quite)
    NO WAY!!

    I think I am a worse offender then you. My list was your list and then more. OMG!!
    My recent post Did I just think that?

  • is probably the one that annoys me the most. I don't think I say it as much as I used to. At least I hope not.

    I also say "for real?" a lot, but in my defense my husband loves to see if he can get people to believe stuff that's just ridiculous. I never know if he's joking or not so I tend to think everyone is trying to get me to believe lies. I don't want to be gullible so I always ask if they're for real.

  • I was just thinking about this the other day. You read my mind!

    I'm tired

    To name a few 🙂
    My recent post It is Finished! Sort of.

  • I think this post is great. Everyone should take the time and list their own overused phrases. It makes one much more self-aware.
    Mine are:
    sure, sure
    HELLOOOO- in the voice of Mrs. Doubtfire. Don’t judge me.
    True, very true.

    • i say "right, right, right" when I am trying to track a cumbersome conversation…

  • Crap.
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  • Ugh.. further evidence that I am not as cool as I wish I was:
    – Good call!
    – Negative
    – Jigga what?! (note– I'm really really white)

    And my favorite– HEY-OH!

  • I say "Right, right" sometimes or "Cool, cool." The double saying of words kills me. I can't stand it when I hear other people do it so I am trying to be really aware of not doing it myself. 🙂
    My recent post How’s your back door?

  • My most-used words/phrases are:

    you know
    quiet (I'm a teacher)
    how are you doing–I've been known to ask this question several times in one conversation (weird, isn't it?)
    you see

    Oh, well, we're all human, aren't we?


  • I read your list and I mine just seemed to pale in comparison, so I am going to start using the following:

    Grandma's Whisker Biscuits

    Wait.. those all seem to be describing one thing.
    My recent post Failing Through the Cracks

    • I think you might really start a trend with "grandma's whisker biscuits" it just rolls off the tongue

  • I also say "for real?" a lot, but in my defense my husband loves to see if he can get people to believe stuff that's just ridiculous. I never know if he's joking or not so I tend to think everyone is trying to get me to believe lies. I don't want to be gullible so I always ask if they're for real.

  • Crystal

    My husband and I use this one all the time because he’s a big “storyteller” and we are always joking around, so we use this word to know that the other person is not making something up…sad, I know. And I use it alot when someone does something stupid.

    That’s cool!
    How fun!
    That’s dumb/stupid!

  • Loved this!! Isn't it funny how we now what we say all the time, but we keep saying it!! haha 🙂

    Things I always say that drives me nuts:)

    Ohhh that's cool
    You are amazing.
    Hurry up!
    We're late!
    I'm in a snacky mood.
    We've been busy…

    Ohh this was good to actually write 🙂 It reflects alot about what's going on in my heart.

    Thanks Lindsey!

  • Love this, Lindsey! I say "wow" a lot. It can be when expressing joy, disgust, surprise, amazement or any number of other things. I say "wow" a lot not because I'm not engaged in what people are saying to me, but because I find so many applicable uses for it. But it's often the tone in which I use it that makes it different. I guess I do overuse it. I need to find a new word. Um… Wow. 😉
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  • I overuse "seriously" too much also.
    My recent post Art on the Lake at Children's Harbor

  • Ali

    It is nice to know that someone else has phrases that just come out of her mouth. Mine is "fair enough." I did not realize how much I say it until a family member pointed it out to me. And now I have to work to restrain myself from saying this phrase too much.

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  • mine are…

    fer real
    I’m busy

  • Mine are:

    It's that easy.

    I sound like a real life infomercial. Ugh.

  • awesome.
    no way!
    psh. (yes, i actually say that)

    ok. i barely say words you can even find in a dictionary.

    My recent post How He Loves