A Lesson in Looking, Sarah Markley

Today’s “How He Loves” post is from Sarah Markley. I met Sarah at Blissdom. And when she heard I’d been in Orange County for Catalyst West, she told me to stay with her, her husband Chad, and their two daughters, Hope (8) and Naomi (4). They took me in and became my California family. Words can not describe how much I love Sarah. She is the kind of friend that you spend years searching for, but that divinely appears in your moment of need.

Read more about Sarah’s marriage crisis and recovery here.

Find her blog here.

And her twitter here.

Look at the way my four-year-old looks at her father. Study it.

I have been all morning.

He, by no means, is an infallible father. He yells once in awhile, and sometimes he forgets. But in that moment, in the instant she rested in his arms, and the shutter closed, there was nothing but the two of them.

He is telling her jokes.

She’s grabbing at his face and trying to make him laugh.

The moment is pregnant with words about to be said. Something is on her lips, a laugh? A word? I don’t remember even though I’m the one snapping photos with furious speed.

But look at her. Her eyes are locked in on his. She is watching for something in his face, a signal. There isn’t any fear or hesitancy. She is completely his and at peace. I know her and I can recognize peace in her.

I want to look at Christ in the same way that my four-year-old looks at her dad.

My face without trepidation, my eyes centered on Him, my heart in my throat ready to tell Him how much I love Him.

Resting in peace, but actively seeking His attention.

Our laughter expectant with hope and the depth of Him.

Joy in the proximity and contentment in the moment.

I want to look at Him this way.

And I want Him to look at me with the same laugh-lined smile, wide with love for me.

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  • My little girl looks at me like this from time to time and it melts me to the core. Love coming home from work to her squeals of, "Daddy!!" and bear hugs.
    My recent post Futbol vs Football

  • Sarah… your way with words are inspiring. I love how you see immensely personal roots even in a photography.
    You are a jewel.

  • Beautiful Sarah! I have such a sweet picture in my mind at the moment… It's amazing how he loves us… wish I could live in such a gaze this!

    My recent post My Morning Place

  • when i came over here this morning that picture caught my eye right away. before i had even read one word in this post, the pic had already captured every bit of my attention.

    you know, by looking, that naomi is safe. thats what got me. i didnt have what your girls have, so i see these things right off. as i looked at naomi in this photo i praised God for what you and chad have. for what you have chosen for your marriage. that you have chosen your marriage.

    sarah, you write so beautifully. thank you for this incredible post.
    My recent post How He Loves

  • great post. a beautiful picture of love. and it works the other way as well. my wife and i had our first child six months ago. and now when i look in my daughter’s eyes, i understand just a bit more how God feels about me.

    • congratulations on your baby! i love it. i agree, i have understood much more of God's love since becoming a parent.

      and then i realize how much he puts up with in me. =)
      My recent post What I learned from looking

  • Even though I believe I am a good 5 years or so from the thought of having children, it's moments like that I see kids having with their parents that makes me want to expIerience that joy some day. I am often troubled when I'm in the grocery store or shopping mall and I see parents taking their anger out on their children..children remember every little thing their parents do or don't do for them..it's good to see parents with the joy of the Lord that can give them children the best.

  • What a great post. I want to look at Jesus that way too.
    My recent post Informational life overload

  • i too was captured by the moment within the photo. and then i read and i was transported to a place of peace and a place of quiet.
    thank you for expressing this so tenderly.

    My recent post confessions of an introvert…

  • Makeda

    Sarah this was such a beautiful post. I grew up without my dad in my life essentially; I saw him over the summer for 2 months out of the year but that was it. I have no real frame of reference for the term Father or Daddy. God has been redeeming that word in my heart and helping me to learn to see Him as Father. As I travel down this road of learning to let go and trust, my prayer is that I too will look at the Father the way your daughter is looking at her Father. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • sigh… me too… me too… was just reading about really taking the time to "know" Christ… not know about Him, but to know him… and then to allow Him to know us intimately. This is a beautiful picture of that.
    My recent post Trafficking: From the World Cup to your Back Yard

  • Melissa

    I’m with tam…I didn’t grow up with a dad so I notice the interaction of my sweet husband and three year old daughter more quickly, more intensely than some. I just blogged about the parallel of her earthly father to our heavenly father.
    Beautiful writtings Sarah..thank u. And the picture is an amazing capture!

  • carolinecollie

    Lovely lovely lovely!!! Thanks for sharing this. I needed it today!

  • As a photographer (in one part of my life), most of my favorite pictures come when two people who truly love each other and are happy look at each other. I feel honored to be in the presence of such love at those moments.


  • this is so beautiful, sarah.

    not sure how to really put words to this, but i feel like God is redeeming what i have (and haven’t) experienced from the men in my life. and He is using men like your husband to do that. my heart is feeling awake and in awe as i get the opportunity to see what Godly husbands and fathers are like.

    that look naomi and hope see in chad’s eyes? nothing can take away the impact that is making on their heart.

  • Oh my word, my heart. Yes, yes yes. Me too.