Logically I KNOW that I have enough.

But my feelings never seem to be logical. (Oh, how I wish they were.)

So…I find myself haphazardly fluctuating between wanting more and feeling…just plain overwhelmed.

In my relationships, at work, with my piles of stuff, it’s never enough until…it feels like too much.

Oh, how I want to live life with a spirit of contentment, a spirit of joy, a spirit of peace, a spirit of hope.

Instead of…this endless restlessness.

Restless (Audrey Assad and Matt Maher)

You dwell in the songs that we are singing
Rising to the heavens
Rising to Your heart, Your heart;
Our praises filling up the spaces
In between our frailty
And everything You are;
You are the keeper of my heart.
And I’m restless, I’m restless till I rest in You, till I rest in You
I am restless; I’m restless till I rest in You, till I rest in You, oh God.
Speak now, for my soul is listening;
Say that You have saved me;
Whisper in the dark, the dark.
I know You’re more than my salvation;
Without You I am hopeless;
Tell me who You are;
You are the keeper of my heart
You are the keeper of my heart.
Still my heart; hold me close; let me hear a still small voice.
Let it grow; let it rise into a shout, into a cry.

Do you know this restlessness?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Yes, I know this restlessness. I am always looking to the future when the kids are older and will be easier to handle, when our finances are more in order, when the market is better to sell a house, etc., etc. Instead, I have to remind myself to pray for that spirit of peace and contentment and enjoy what God has given me now.

    • Yeah, today…today…today. Life is full of neglected todays.

  • Yes, I too know this restlessness. I always feel like there is one more thing I should be doing, like I'm never caught up. Sometimes it's so hard to just sit back and let God have all the control b/c He doesn't always move at the speed I want Him too. It's as if I think my time frame on projects is better than His. How naive can I be? I am starting to view this as a distraction from my relationship with God. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with this. Keep your chin up, He does always give the daily bread…….

  • I totally know what you mean. We are constantly bombarded with people telling us what we need- more stuff, more relationships, more whatever (in the UK at least). Some of it isn't even bad- in fact it could in certain cases be quite good. And my head tells me that I may not need it. But my heart still longs for whatever it is sometimes.
    On occasion it is almost deafening. And deep down I know- we all know that actually what we long for is him.
    For Jesus.
    It's just that at times it seems so much easier to try and fill that ache, that restlessness with other things.
    Even when we know that they won't fill the void- they will just make it deeper and more hungry.

    So I've made a choice. To rest in him. To be still in him. To find my security in him. My identity in him. My purpose in him.
    I'd love to say that it's as easy as that, but if you live at 100 miles per hour you have to make a choice.
    And so I choose him.
    I choose him.
    Specially when it aches.

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  • amanda

    Had this conversation with my husband this evening … why do we always want more? God's graciously given us all we need and then some. I've decided when I let myself go "there", I'm going to purposely thank God for the blessings He's given me.
    My recent post afternoon fun

  • Ashley in Atlanta

    Hey Lindsey, I've been reading your blog for a while but never have been brave enough to comment. But this post met me exactly where I am right now. It's so hard being a 20-something single girl living alone in a big city. Is this job what I want for the rest of my life? Am I ever going to meet a guy? Why can't I find a small group that "gets" me?

    I don't think we have to have all the answers, I know I don't. But thanks for helping me be encouraged tonight and know that I'm not the only one who feels these things!

    • So glad you commented. You are not alone. At all. I'm learning even the married folks feel this way. Just with different unmet desires.

  • Yes! Been talking about rest all week and will be all month! 😉 I think we all have seasons of restlessness and sometimes it's even used by God to lead us or move us further down the highway of the life He has planned for us….I praise God that it's not anything I have to DO or TRY or STRIVE FOR….Jesus simply says, "come…and I will give you rest"
    My recent post Reflecting on Session 1- Rest to Ransom

  • yes. yes, i know this restlessness. mine is a restlessness of the "is this all there is?"-sort. i'm finally in a place of acceptance that, while dear god i hope this is not ALL there is, that this is what is for now. and i need to live in it fully, be an active participant in my life, plug in. it's very, very, very hard for me to do sometimes and i don't always do it well if at all. but i try. because i think the "abundant life" that's promised us is what we make of our life as is, right now. i think. but i don't know. i just think that because it's easier to accept than, "nope, this isn't all there is. there is more but you just can't find it. it's available to everyone else but you." i think there was something else i thought about, but i can't remember it right now. i'm sure there will be a "p.s." immediately following this one… xo
    My recent post default

  • Amy

    I’m laughing at the moment because of the post I just wrote (see below). Do I know this restlessness? In every conceivable way! I want so much right now, but I have to learn that God is enough, if not more than enough…

    My recent post The song I can’t sing

  • i'm so with you in this restlessness…

  • I know that feeling all to well and the sense of despair that can grow from it. 🙁 Good post, Lindsey.
    My recent post The Pete Wilson Challenge Day 10 -amp 11

  • Yes…I know this restlessness very well. It’s in these moments that I long to feel the Lords embrace….rocking me till I fall asleep in the safety & comfort of His love.

    I’m praying for you Lindsey!!

  • Oh do I know that restlessness?! Sometimes it is manageable and sometimes it overwhelms me…I love the part of the song, "I'm restless til I rest in You." I believe, for me, I may wrestle with emotions and restlessness, until like the song says "I rest in Him". Unfortunately, I have no special words of encouragement to offer, just letting you know you are not alone, my friend! Anxiously awaiting the day we can all rest in Him.
    My recent post His Whisper