The Great Time Suck

I am officially addicted to Angry Birds, or as I now like to call it “the great time suck.”

If you aren’t familiar with Angry Birds it’s a silly little game on the iPad and iPhone that is as addictive as it is dumb. Literally you sling birds out of a slingshot into different scenes and try to propel them or other props to kill snorting green pigs. (I told you it was dumb! But if you want to go download it, click here.)

IT IS NOT that I have a problem with playing all time. I still somehow manage to get up in the morning, go to work, and enjoy time with friends and family without even giving a second thought to killing those snarky little pigs.

IT IS that when I start playing I have a very difficult time quitting. I gently coax myself, “just one more level.” Then luck strikes (and it is all luck), I annihilate the green guys, pass the level, and have this overwhelming need to see if the next one is also attainable. You see how this can be a problem?


And my new “addiction” has me scratching my head. Why do I have such a hard time stopping? Who is the tempting little voice that  lures me in every time? And what is up with this gaping hole in my self-discipline?

What do you have a hard time quitting?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Honestly, one of the most addicting things I have ever done is play solitair. That thing sucks me in every time. I even downloaded it on my iPhone.
    I have a hard time quiting the internet.
    It sucks me in over and over and before I know it, the work that i was suppose to be doing hasn't even started and I have been surfing the web and reading for the past 3 hours.
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  • Thank God there is no android app for that game! 😉 However, I am the same way with the jewels game.

  • Josh Surratt

    Just tell me the time and place of the Angry Birds Anon group and I’m in. My 3 year old is hooked as well. Out of control!

  • oh girl… everyone in my home is addicted but me. jett is on world 5… i'm thinking about renting him out for angry bird lessons and putting the income in his college fund! 🙂

    • note to self: i might need to get some pointers from jett on sunday.

  • ha, i do the same thing with games…like typershark or bloxorz or bloxorz 2. but then usually they are a phase and go away, but once i start then i just so desperately want to see if i can get to the next level and just how far i can go.

  • I used to be addicted to bitting my finger nails. My solution: carry around a pair of finger nail clippers and cut them off before I started bitting them. It took about three months but put an end to a bad habit. For the game, I'm not sure. Maybe just delete it all together? You prob won't even have any withdraws. Good luck! 🙂

    • so that's how you quit bitting your finger nails? good to know 🙂

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  • Last night I had a hard time quitting the book I'm reading! I stayed up past midnight (and that's late when your alarm is set for 6:40) and had to FORCE myself to put it down and go to sleep already!
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    • i do that too with really light fiction….can't. put. it. down.

  • luck? LUCK? I think not!

    I am a master at The Great Time Suck.

    I know just when to tap the screen and turn mr. blue into a trinity of destruction.
    I know just how to lob the white dude into a building so that he drops his egg AND careens into a structure.
    I know when to use the boomerang bird as a boomerang, and when to use him as a wrecking ball.
    I know that bomb birds travel farther than the red guys, and the yellow turbo birds are really only good for wood.

    But yeah, you're right about one thing.

    Dang near impossible to STOP playing.
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  • Did you know Angry Birds was rated CNET's #1 iPhone app?

    I'm with you on being addicted to an iPhone game except mine is Zombie Smash ( I know it's a terrible sounding game, but it's so much fun. Basically you drop boulders, fire shotguns and use various explosives to stop a myriad of zombies from demolishing your house. They even added a World Cup theme!!
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  • Oh man. Ridiculous, that game. I remember seeing, just a few short weeks ago, people on twitter talking about Angry Birds. I'm a sucker for new games/apps, no matter how stupid they seem. So I went to the app store, checked it out and thought, "Really? This is what all of my (Twitter) friends are playing?" I'll buy any game/app, but I draw the line here. Maybe I need to follow new people. Maybe I need to quit Twitter. What does this mean? Then I had lunch with a real life friend, and all he talked about was Angry Birds. So I went back to work and bought it. And I haven't stopped playing it since. The worst part is that when I got my new iPhone I had to start all over. Or maybe that's the best part? Time suck indeed.

  • STAY AWAY from SCRAMBLE on the iphone……2 minutes per game and before you know it, well too much time has passed…..

    • i had issues for awhile with words with friends. and i learned that i am not so good at scrabble.

  • i myself am a recovering alcoholic, lindsey, and it is exactly as you described (for some people): it's not that you do it all the time, you can function without it, but you just can't stop once you've started. i drank for several reasons, one large one being that i wanted to escape. it didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't just alcohol i would use to escape – it was anything, and it was mostly self-destructive behavior. even now, i don't act out in the same unhealthy ways and i usually can't catch it in time (which drives me bananas) – for example, the day *after* father's day, i realized i acted out the day before because i wanted to escape the pain of not having my dad here anymore. i know lots of folks would disagree but i think it's okay to have some outlet of escape. the good thing about your addiction is that you can't go to jail or kill anyone with it (other than your 'snarky little pigs'). and you probably won't end up with strangers in your bed, either. xo____

  • HGTV is my angry birds at the moment. This is why I never had cable before. satan is happy I am sure. It's no surprise my prayer and devotional life is out of whack. Honestly, I think I needed to read this, write this, to shake me awake. We can be better huh?
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  • Reading. Books or Blogs doesn't seem to matter. I will start and it's "just one more chapter" or "just one more post." I am a total Bookaholic, it's to the point where when I read on vacation my parents will literally have to put a hand between my eyes and the page of a book because I just zone out and get totally absorbed in what I'm reading. When I was younger they actually used to ground me from reading/books. What parents do that?
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  • I have a hard time quitting sims, tv and spider solitaire. It is so hard to stop no matter how dumb any of the games are or what I am watching. I hate it!

  • I have so far resisted putting it on my iPhone. I did put it on my daughters iTouch and will agree that it is addicting for both of us.

    I wished I knew what made it so addicting, but I was up late last night trying to complete a couple of levels.

  • oh yes, i have played that.

    my girls love it. you can have tournaments with them if you want. =)
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  • I have a hard time stopping… while I am running 🙂 I can't stop and walk once I've started!

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  • I have a hard time putting down books, or watching a tv series on dvd. I always say one more chapter, or one more episode. There have been nights I stay up til 2 or 3 reading a book, knowing I have to work the next day!