I’d Rather Be…

As we get older it is tempting to abandon the qualities that make us endearing, approachable, raw, even human.

We want to seem mature. We want to seem wise.

But unfortunately most days we just seem jaded.

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather be…

Naive than Skeptical

Silly than Stiff

Gullible than Guarded

Reckless than Persnickety

Childlike than Sensible

Awkward than Slick

How about you?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • SpenceSmith

    I wish i was more pure in heart.

  • exceptional than mediocre
    My recent post 30 Dollar Towel

  • I am with ya 100%! Wish we managed to keep our childlike attributes all the way through life… I think that's how God meant for us to be…
    My recent post Our Own Princess

  • AlisonH

    Your blog has been hitting straight to my heart this week! I want to be all of those things, but the change is difficult…

  • Felicity

    More . . .

    Loving than Reserved

    Purposeful than Reactive

    My recent post Personality Soundtrack

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  • dedraherod

    I wish I were more:

    Empathetic than Overbearing

    Obedient than Impulsive

    Gentle than Brash

    Funny than Sarcastic

    In the moment than Controlling

  • Shannon

    Yep. I spent so many of my younger years being the first but pretending to be the second (i.e. being naive but trying to pull off a skeptical vibe). Now I'm more often the second than the first, and I want to go back. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

    And, to add to your list, more

    Spontaneous than rigid

    Open than hesitant

    Natural than polished

  • Honest then Poser
    True then Fake
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  • Love it.

    Hopeful than Cynical

    Emotionally Intelligent than Intellectual

    Balanced than 'Successful'

    Colorful than Conformed

    Creative than Complacent

    My recent post Healthy Rhythm

  • Tom Martin

    know less assume more……much like my 5yr old niece who has not developed a filter to process everything through
    My recent post Why the laptop never made it to Seattle

  • growing than withering

  • i want to have childlike faith.
    My recent post 81210 hands

  • Hmmm…after thinking about a whole lot of things I wish I were more like and then finding reasons why I wouldn't want to be like that either…I have settled on: I wish I were more like Him.

    My recent post Our Only Comfort

  • isn't that the truth? i spent so much of my life thinking and feeling like i needed to be, do, or act a certain way that was appropriate and acceptable and i realize now that a.) i just don't have the energy for that mess anymore and b.) people like me better when i'm just myself c.) IIII like me better when i'm just myself; and d.) jesus only meant for me to be just myself. whew. what a relief.

    i really love this message, lindsey. may we both…or maybe i'm just talking to myself?…make life easier on ourselves by not trying so hard and just being who we are.


  • trusting than skeptical
    optimistic than pessimistic
    daring than fearful

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  • Yes! I agree w/ these sentiments so much. I don't want to be stiff or skeptical or resistant to change. I'd much rather be…flexible and fearless and full of faith.
    My recent post 3 Reasons We’re NOT Starting A Non-Profit or asking for your money

  • Gina

    Gosh. Its so true that all those child-like qualities disappear as we become older and experience the pains that come with life. I find that I have lost my enthusiasm for certain things I used to enjoy. You might say I am in one of life's valleys right now. I want to be more free-spirited instead of guarded I guess. Sheesh. This really got me to thinkin' girl. Darn it.

  • Open and free rather than with agenda..
    My recent post Power of positive thinking