Online Community?

Today I’m guest posting over on (In)Courage. (In)Courage is one of the few blogs I get sent to my inbox every day. Some of my favorite writers, and friends, are regular contributors. And so I was extremely honored when they asked me to share something on the subject of Community for their anniversary.

Some people don’t get it.

They don’t get my fascination with communicating in 140 characters. They don’t get what compels me to expose my most intimate struggles, fears, and dreams on a blog. They don’t get my motivation for allowing strangers to become followers, and friends. (Click here to read more…)

Also be sure to check out today’s giveaway.

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  • Looking forward to reading the article. Your click here to read more link is broken. It has an extra .html on the end.

    – your friendly neighborhood coder

    • Lindsey Nobles

      Thank you. It's fixed.

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  • I am so thankful I have found inspiring people like you and others I have found on twitter.
    My recent post Could you help a friend of mine

  • Great guest post, today. I am a firm believer than no matter where we gather (online or physically), God is present in our midst.
    My recent post The Wind Drives Them Away

  • Your simple, short, sweet, and deep insights gives the clue to why your posts seem so popular. I’m on the other side, the “finish well” side, of the Great Journey. Am currently posting notes from the really great Rite of Passage challenge on a huge wildness pack-in with my grandson. If you think it fits, we might refer or exchange posts some day.

  • Ahh, the online community. I love it, and I miss it now that I have two foster daughters who keep me busy (which is why it has taken me a week to leave a comment here!) I have a small, "private" blog that I started because I found a number of blogs that I enjoyed reading and thought it wasn't "fair" to take a peek into other people's lives without giving them the opportunity to do that if they so desired. I'm the only one of my IRL friends who "blogs", or even reads blogs. It's an interesting phenomena that there are SO many people who blog, but the only ones I know are people I don't "know"…but I do 🙂

    I met face-to-face with a "blog friend" for the first time a year ago May. She is the IRL friend of a woman whose blog I had been reading for nearly a year. She and I "chatted" into the wee hours of the night for days and days and one night decided we needed to meet. Needless to say, I didn't share the plan with my mother (seeing as I was 29, living on my own and knew what her reaction would be). She was SO upset, and definitely still is in the realm of not understanding how you can go meet people from the Internet. My friend came to visit me last fall and I went to visit her this spring.

    My "IRL" friends and family still don't really understand…and even I can't explain the fact that I wanted to tweet "wish I was there" to you when you were in CA with other people I have only come to "know" through blogs and twitter. But, seriously, y'all looked like you were having a BLAST and being a party crasher sounded kinda fun 😉

    Thanks for this fun post! 🙂 I love living in this area of fun technology where "distance is meaningless, age is irrelevant, and a mutual longing for uncovering the future where faith, purpose, and passion intersect is ultimate. Where friendships are not marked by years of shared history, but by sharing authentically in the present."

    Take care. (Um, 140 characters is tough for me…can you tell?!)