I Can’t Say Much But I Can Say This

I returned from Guatemala two weeks ago. Wow…two weeks…14 days…336 hours. In some ways it seems like just yesterday, in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago.

On Friday, Shaun Groves sent an email to the Compasssion Bloggers Guatemala team.

I’ve been laying low, reading your posts, praying for you from a distance but now I’m gonna put my nose back in your bid’ness and pry a little: How’s everybody doing?

It took my two days to respond to his not so subtle nudging. And still my response was stilted.

It is not that I felt uncomfortable exposing my thoughts…or feelings. It is just that I don’t know quite know what I am thinking…or feeling. Ugh.

How. Am. I. Doing?

I can’t quite say.

But I can say this.

Today I witnessed the incredible effects of the work Compassion does. Again.

I had the opportunity to hang out with two Leadership Development Program students, Ben (27) from Kenya and Richmond (30) from Uganda. They are seemingly ordinary young men that were unleashed from poverty through Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program. And then taught to chase extraordinary dreams through Compassion’s Leadership Development Program.

It was an incredible couple of hours.

We laughed about college football. Unfortunately Ben is a misguided A&M fan.

We compared fruit. I guess there are some crazy bananas in Uganda that will get you on-the-floor drunk?

We talked about dreams. In the spring, Richmond will return home to get married to Sheila, pastor his community, and equip other pastors all over Africa. This fall, Ben will go on tour with with Amy Grant to share first-hand the importance of the LDP program.

And we marveled at the lives changed by generous men and women who provide for hundreds of thousands of Compassion children. Generous men and women who are playing a critical role in unleashing children from poverty and unlocking their dreams.

I hope that I never forget the stories of these young men. I hope that I never forget the opportunity we have to love on our neighbors around the world.

So…How’s everybody doing?

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  • Mary Graham

    Fabulous post, Lindsey. I love how you're growing and helping reach the world. You have a great heart.

  • Just wanted to say a quick Thank You! for caring about the Guatemalan children. We adopted our son from Guatemala and recently joined with Orphan Outreach to raise $3200 by Christmas for Mama Carmen's orphange in Guatemala City!
    My recent post A mothers prayers

    • I was hopping around on the internet the other day and I noticed that they have put a hold on all adoptions in Guatemala? I hope they open it back up. I'd love to adopt from there someday.

  • there are so many things I love about what you have said here today Lindsey..

    I love that Shaun is "debriefing" as a "leader" well (not sure the leadership structure.. but he is def. stepping into that role)… that he is checking back in… checking w/your hearts… checking on how you are… not just what you "accomplished" for Compassion… that is – it's just so – it's amazing

    Second… I love that you are letting this trip "read" you – so to speak. Meaning – that you are allowing bits and pieces of it to infect you contagiously – regardless of whether you understand or not. I think back to your posts on the song "He Loves Me" and how that impacted you… and well, it's just cool. You are amazingly teachable, open, and so authentic – no matter where you are in your journey – and I really admire that 🙂
    My recent post Are you Living Your Vision

  • Good to hear about our most recent journey…I hope it makes a lasting impact- not only on you, but others because of the part you played in it. I have confidence that will happen.

    I'm doing ok…would request prayers for confidence and peace. I just released an EP last Friday and my non-risk-taking self is rearing it's ugly head…need to remember these are God's songs and not just mine.
    My recent post Traps Along the Way

    • Josh, the prayers are yours. I'm going to check out the EP.

  • Angela Lounsbury

    I recently found your blog through Shaun Groves' blog. Blogs have opened up a whole new world-a global community-rich with opportunity. I appreciate your honesty and philosophies about life. my heart and life resonate with you in many ways and I think we have a lot in common. I lived in Franklin, TN for a few months and I wish I was still there so we could sit down over a cup of coffee and chat. Maybe some day. Most days I love being single and having the ability to travel and serve. I recently ended a tour with the African Children's Choir (I was teacher) and am looking forward to going overseas next year to teach (Lord willing). I left my heart in Africa and desire to spend the rest of my life bringing hope to vulnerable children. I spent some time with Richmond (Uganda) also recently, in Chicago. We met through his roommate (whom I have become friends with). The world grows smaller every day and I love it! Anyway, thanks for all you do and for who you are. I look forward to walking the streets of gold with you (and hopefully meeting before then!). Angela