Observations from the Road

After a three-hour delay, the Compassion Guatemala bloggers are finally in flight from Dallas to Guatemala City. (I really love saying the word Guat-e-mala. It might just be my new favorite word.)  I am traveling with new-in-real-life-but-instantly-familiar friends Lisa-Jo, Amanda, Dustin, Patricia and Shaun. And Keely who I have known for…months-that-feel-like-decades.

Here are a few random observations from today….

Technology is amazing. Our American flights today have had WiFi and power outlets. I remember when the air was the last frontier of disconnectivity. Fortunately (or maybe I should say unfortunately) those days are long gone.

The Pappasito’s in DFW is heavenly. There is no other adjective to describe it. How do they get their chips so thin? Their tortillas so fresh? Their salsa so tasty? And why does all other airport food pale in comparison?

Traveling makes me feel kind of icky. No matter how many times I wash my hands, no matter how much hand sanitizer I use, I still feel the overwhelming urge to take a long hot shower after a long day of travel. (The lingering smell of Keely and Shaun’s fajitas is certainly not helping the matter.)

We are all so wonderfully unique. Maybe it’s my Individualization (thank you Marcus Buckingham) kicking in but I can’t help but marvel at God’s unfathomable creativity as I get acquainted with the team and encounter unfamiliar stories, accents, and expressions.

This Compassion trip is going to blow my expectations out of the water. I think the only thing I can count on expecting is the UNEXPECTED.

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. They are overwhelming in a marvelous, amazing, wonderful, glorious way. I appreciate each of you more than you will ever know.

What have you observed lately?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • Laura Anne

    Hope you've had a safe journey to Guatemala!
    My recent post The legendary Cassie the Corsa

  • Chrystie

    I am going to thoroughly enjoy following your journey!
    My recent post Free

  • yay!!! so glad you made it and can’t wait to observe your trip in real time!!! have a blast.

  • Thank you for sharing! Praying for you several times a day….

    May God cover you, speak and touch you deep!


  • Fran

    I'm so happy y'all are there Lindsey! Praying over you all. Can't wait to see what God has up His sleeve. 😉

  • Thinking of y'all and praying so so hard. <3

  • Eve Annunziato

    Yea! So, glad you're safe and sound. Thanks for the reminder that we are all uniquely and wonderfully made perfect is His image. Can't wait to read more and experience this amazing journey w/ you – virtually 🙂
    My recent post My Fabulous New Ministry Venture!

  • So excited for you guys! You have some great trip leaders travelling with you. Shaun is amazing and embodies the heart of Compassion more than anyone I know. Patricia is one of the sweetest, most caring people with a heart that spans continents. And Keely is just plain fun – she lightens things up at times when the emotions of the trip feel like they're going to overwhelm you (plus, she's a dang good photographer!).

    I can't wait to start reading your stories and the stories of the other bloggers with you. We're praying earnestly for you while you're there.
    My recent post Some Will Follow- Some Will Go

    • Brad, Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. It made a huge difference. Appreciate you!

  • Lindsey – I am new to your blog but am diligently following you and your new friends on this amazing trip. Thank you for sharing as God uses and touches you on your journey! Praying for each of you!

  • CW

    Plane funk. There's absolutely nothing like it.

  • I'm so excited to follow your journey!
    My recent post WFMW- Decorating with Kid’s Art Update

  • I traveled with a team to Cambodia in July and we had a layover in DFW on our way to San Fran. All of a sudden I deeply regret my Auntie Anne's pretzel with hot salsa cheese when I could've had Pappasito's.

  • I just got back from Nigeria, and I'm amazed at our world here. There's lines on the roads, traffic laws, and groceries WHENEVER I want them.

    I went to Guatemala last year and loved it!! Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing

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