Someone to Love

I’m a little ashamed to admit that there are lonely Sunday afternoons when I want, crave, pray for, someone to love.

Lonely Sunday afternoons when I grapple with God.

Why haven’t You granted me a husband or kids to pour into?

Why haven’t You provided an outlet for my overflowing heart?

When will I finally have someone to love?

The devil must snicker to himself as I covet what I don’t have, as I question God’s plans, and as I neglect to see the obvious. The obvious that hit me today like a ton of bricks.

There are no lack of someones to love in my life.

They might not come in the package I expected. But they are here. They are there. They are everywhere.

If I would just open my eyes.

Take Amelia for example, a young girl I fell in love with today at our first Compassion project.

A coy little smile, a shy wave, a tap on the shoulder, and she had my heart. It became quite obvious that Amelia was someone right here, right now, that I could love.

Amelia was someone to remind me of the hundreds of someones I have neglected.

And Amelia was someone to convince me to stop focusing on the WHY and WHEN and start focusing on the HOW and WHOM.

How can I pour out the love of Christ that flows within me?

Who do I have the opportunity and resources to invest in?

How can I leave a legacy of love?

Are you looking for someone to love? Did you know that for just $38 a month you can break the cycle of poverty for a child like Amelia? Did you know that for just $38 you can pour out of the love of Christ on a child like Amelia?

Click here if you are interested in learning more or sponsoring a child from Guatemala.

Click here to read my friends’ beautiful reflections on this journey with Compassion.

Are you ready to stop asking God why and when and start asking him how and whom?

PS – Thanks Keely for the amazing photos.

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  • Sharon

    Lindsey, I love your heart! Your open, honest, vulnerable, transparent heart!! What a great reminder to us all of the "someones" we're missing all around us!

  • and to think you were worried about what you'd write and how you'd write it! linds!

    you love hard, my friend. i know. i've seen it. i've felt it. i've been on the receiving end of it. you love hard.

    just ask amelia.

    grateful to call you friend. and grateful to be getting these glimpses of your heart-journey.

  • Great post, friend. I watched her choose you out of everyone. What a sweet interaction.
    My recent post Hola from Guatemala!

    • It was so wonderful getting to know you Amanda. I was so relieved to know that our paths will cross again in October. You are incredibly inspiring. Your honesty, your kindness, and your genuine joy touched me.

  • wow. that made me cry some sweet tears.

    excited to journey with you all.

  • Linds, I'm all teary now… this is perfect. For ALL of us.

    Loving you and holding you close in prayer this week.
    My recent post Dear Little Man in the Bible Club

    • Thanks Ashleigh. The prayers and encouragement were needed and felt. 🙂

  • janetober

    Following your trip from PA.
    Great post … good stuff to onder

  • jcatron

    Beautiful! So true Lindsey.
    My recent post Influence vs Leadership

  • oh. stoppitrightnow.



    amelia is the cutest thing ever.

    yes, i'd definitely say you have someone to love right there. mercy, she is cuh-yuuute!

    praying for you guys.

    My recent post made from scratch

  • That was beautiful, Lindsey. You put your heart out there and God just filled you up. He's pretty neato that way! Thank you for this glimpse. We're praying for you!
    My recent post Project of Love

  • The Monday following Justin's sermon on how we need to be intentional instead of giving God our leftovers I went on Compassion's site and sponsored a little boy named Issac from Columbia. Seeing this post makes my heart warm even more about having poured love from a distance into his life. It also motivates me to make my budget work to help another child next year and keep adding to the kids I sponsor as my life moves forward.

    Thanks for blessing us by sharing your journey and your heart.
    My recent post Critical care

  • Powerful. Thank you Lindsey. Your transparency & candor are a great reminder to us all to hold ourselves accountable to what The Lord wants from us, not what we want from The Lord. Thank you for sharing.

  • i love this…

    I too grappled with all of those same questions for years… it was not too long ago that I was grappling so the sting is still resident… I know that God has been opening your heart this year to so many new things – will keep praying for you as you step into these new places in your life knowing God has something special for you specifically in each new place 🙂

    you have such a beautiful heart and spirit …
    My recent post Blog Redesign Announcement

    • Thanks Jenny. God has been opening my heart to many new things this year. I need to remember to appreciate the work He has done.

  • oh wow….you just reminded me to love my compassion child from Kenya…. i’m gonna go love her in a letter right now. i’m very blessed by your post today.

    • Letters are so important. Definitely reminded of that this trip.

  • Amazing thoughts Lindsey. Thank you so much for sharing. Praying for you and your journey.
    My recent post Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson

  • Ok, now I’m instantly in love with these pumpkins! See how easy it is?! 🙂 Beautiful post, Linds ad a much needed reminder to all of us! LOVE you!

  • Great post, Lindsey.

  • Lindsey, thanks for sharing the insight that you've gained. It is, of course, accurate, and a similar insight marked a turning point for me, long ago (I'm a lot older than you, okay?) But I want to point out that crying out to God in our loneliness, our hurt, our aching hearts, is exactly what He wants us to do. He is Abba, Daddy, Papa! Only in the last couple of years have I realized that I see and hear His response sooner and more clearly after I've cried out to Him, out of the rawness of my sore places, than when I pray "nice."

    Do me a favor, please: Hug a bunch of kids for me!
    My recent post Guatemala

    • You are correct. Nothing wrong with crying out to Him.

  • Anne

    This is my heart, too! So well put. I shed tears while reading. Thank you so much.

    • You are welcome. Although I am not sure how much of the words were mine.

  • Lindsey, this touched my heart deeply. Have I mentioned we have a lot in common? Oh, I think the same things so often. Thank you for sharing. I loved this post. I love following y'alls trip. Thank you for sharing from your heart! Praying for each of you.
    My recent post George- the Curious One

  • I know that feeling, Lindsey. I've felt it. ((hugs)) I need to learn to love what God gives me to love now.

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  • You just described my Sunday to a T. Thank you for this timely reminder! Enjoy loving on Amelia!
    My recent post Does a dollar make a difference

  • Teena

    Love it…. thank you for sharing. I posted the thumb nail pic of Amelia on my fb asking people to read the bloggers…. then I clicked on compassionbloggers and read this!

    I am following and reading everyone of you!!!

    praying…. hugs,
    My recent post Where my hearts at

  • Very well done Lindsey! I love this candid post and all that it represents. I have asked these questions before too. God Bless!
    My recent post Boulder Fire- Boulder Fire 3-500 Acres Burning

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  • Thanks Lisa-Jo. Great sharing this experience with you. You are such a great connector and encourager!

  • Thanks Lynne.

  • Anonymous girl

    I 100% agree! But there is only one person you can give yourself to physically, and this is what I struggle with not having the most. I don’t know how to reconcile that.