The Company You Keep

Yesterday it struck me how critical it is to walk through life with inspiring friends.

EVERY DAY I am inspired by one of my friends. They show me how to love. They encourage me to dream big dreams. They shift my focus from fear and inadequacy to possibility and potential. They are a constant reminder that there are no such thing as extraordinary people, only ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Spence is an Iron Man (just thinking about it makes me tired).

Keely travels around the world capturing stories of poverty and hope with her camera.

Jenni strives to empower, challenge, and encourage women leaders.

Justin and Trish bravely share their season of struggle with unbelievable candor and grace so others can learn from their mistakes.

(I am keeping this to a short list, but I could go on and on, and on and on.)

It is this simple. If you don’t have friends who inspire you, you need to find some new friends.

Right now. They will change your life. They will change your life for good.

How are your friends inspiring you?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • My friends inspire me to quit crying and get off my butt and do something. Yes, I'm emo and sensitive.
    My recent post superrolemodels…

    • That's interesting. I would think you were the one telling them to quit crying and do something!

  • I have friends who speak about the Lord with boldness and confidence to anyone and everyone in their lives, and it inspires me to do so as well! It is contagious.
    My recent post Learning here- learning there

  • I don't really have many friends but I try to read blogs from folks like Spence who are inspiring in what they do. Then there's bloggers like you who go to Guatemala and share with such honesty and transparency that it makes you examine your life and what you do.
    My recent post If you want something done right

  • Kingsly

    Thanks for the post.
    My Friends encourage me to live a life for God when i plan to quit. Thanks for those inspiring friends in my life.

  • Keiki Hendrix

    Lovely post and so very true. My husband says that if you are the smartest person in your group, you desparately need to find some new friends and bring the others with you.
    My recent post Clergy-Pastor Appreciation Book Giveaway

  • I completely agree with you about this. My friends have changed me so much and hopefully for the better. They encourage me to look at things from different perspectives. They inspire me to kindness. They make me laugh (which probably makes me a better person, because who can be mean when they're laughing?).

    Good friends — we needs 'em!
    My recent post Guest Post at GodlySheep

  • Hmm…one of the most recent ones for me has come through an unlikely relationship. I have been mentoring a troubled teen for the past several months. This summer, I was able to witness as God changed her right before my very eyes. I watched as He took a resistant, rebellious, and broken heart and softened it. I watched as she surrendered her life to Christ. And, now I watch as she boldly professes His name in school. I watch as she reaches out to classmates that are hurting and prays with them IN class. I watch as she gathers with other girls in the cafeteria and prays over a student who just lost his mother. I have fallen in love with this precious girl and she is such a joy to me. Everyday I get to spend with her, watching as God creates her anew, I am inspired and walk away praising my amazing God! Watching Him work in her, watching her allow Him to use her in the lives of others, makes me love Him and worship Him even more and makes me want to serve and love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Sorry so long – but this experience has so incredibly blessed me!)
    My recent post Fruit Basket Turned Upside Down

    • I love this because it speaks to the fact that you don't have to be out conquering the world or climbing a mountain to be inspiring.

  • Love you Friend. . .and our conversations ALWAYS inspire me!!

  • Lindsey…thank you so much for inspiring me as well. The way God has used you in our family has been such a blessing. We are honored to know you and be called friends.
    My recent post One Day at a Time

    • I was just trying to make up for skipping lunch on Sunday 😉 Hopefully we can make up for it this week!

  • jcatron

    Love yah, Linds. So thankful for your inspiration in my life and I'm honored to be a part of yours!
    My recent post Are you a Manager or a Leader

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  • Your kids are lucky to have you!

  • I couldn't agree more Lindsey. We need friends who inspire us by dreaming big, who relentlessly use their gifts and passions to serve others and who challenge us through their authenticity. These people are contagious.
    My recent post Road Trips

  • I'm late to this blog post commenting party, but I wrote a quote from this at the top of my planner this week…

    "If you don't have friends who inspire you, you need to find some new friends."

    I have some beautiful and inspiring friends, for certain. The quote (and this post) made me think more about being GRATEFUL for them, and it begged me to ask myself, "Are YOU being an inspiring friend to others?"

    Thanks, Lindsey!
    My recent post Part 3- Ive been there

  • At first I thought this was a post about New York Life, since the title is their slogan. 🙂

    My friends and family inspire me by encouraging me when I try new things (even when I sometimes hop from one to another like a flea.)

  • juliebmack

    Lindsey – Great post about inspiration from friends! I think sometimes that support is what can get you through the rough days and inspire you to be a better person. I think God puts people in our life for a reason and if one of those people motivate you to be a better person, than it really is a blessing! I enjoy your blog!
    My recent post Here’s to 50-000 Words on My First NaNoWriMo

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