Did you attend Catalyst last month? And come home feeling all warm, fuzzy and inspired? But quickly stash away your swag bag and your notes? Only to get immersed back into life as usual?

Or did something (finances, obligations, lack of vacation time) keep you at home? So you watched the seeminglingly-never-ending twitter feed and thought to yourself, “maybe next year?”

If so, you need to hear about a new initiative Catalyst is working on…Catalyst Connect.

Catalyst Connect from Catalyst on Vimeo.

Catalyst is creating intentional and strategic space for you to continue your leadership journey in relationships with those you already trust. Beginning in 2011, Catalyst will launch smaller, more intimate coaching huddles of ~5 other like minded leaders AND regional round table conversations of ~70 local leaders purposed towards facilitating conversation, collaboration, and long term leadership development. We will also encourage and support open source “meet ups” driven and championed by local Catalyst ambassadors. You are the Catalyst in your community, we want to support you and help connect you with other trusted leaders…

Pretty cool, huh?

I sure think so. I have been in one of the trial coaching huddles and it is has been one of the best things I have ever done. No lie, one of the best things I have ever done. I could go on and on about our coach, the group of people I huddle with, the invaluable (albeit painful at times) insight they offer. But I will save that for another post. Right now I want to talk about the meet ups.

On Thursday, November 4, Catalyst is having the official Catalyst Meetup Day. The hope is that we can connect with other local leaders and continue the conversation around “Tension.”

If you are in Nashville, hope you will come out and join us at 7 PM at Cantina Laredo (now, what is a meetup without table side guacamole and a margarita?) Click here for more information.

And for the non-Nashvillians, check out the meetup page to find or start a Catalyst meetup near you.

Do you struggle with taking conference experiences back to real life? If not, what have you done to make the learning, the inspiration, stick?

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  • I absolutely LOVE this! Conferences come and go. All we end up with is a bunch conference binders taking up space on our shelves, under our beds, and on our desks collecting dust. I applaud those who are making the effort to take the great content and help inject it into the bloodstream of our lives.

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  • human3rror

    hey lindsey! your standardtheme ad on the left isn't linked up with your affiliate.


    • ugh. i noticed i hadn't been making any $ lately. thanks for the heads up.

  • very cool, lindsey. i'll check out the link to see if there's anything going on in my area. my cousin, miriam, is the worship leader for 12stone and i think they led worship there at some point. and one of my bff's dustin was a part of rudy vaughan's group. i've always heard what an awesome conference it is (dustin used to work for that branch of john maxwell's ministry) but have never been. looking forward to being a part of it at some point! xo

  • Hey, that's a Maguire film!!! I love his shorts.

    Thinking of you. A lot. Hope you have a great Sunday brunch 🙂
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    • His shorts…ha…I was confused, then I realized you meant short films. 🙂

      Am I still going to get to see you in two weeks?

      • You bet'cha! We can't wait. Matt and I will treat you to dinner, too 🙂 Annnnnnd I get to see you at the Happiest Place On Earth.


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