I know Halloween is a little controversial.

But I have got to say, I like it.

I don’t so much care for the dressing up part. But I am a huge fan of the gathering with friends and family, strolling around the suburbs, meeting neighbors, and eating candy…a lot of candy.

I think we need more holidays that encourage to turn off the television, get out of our houses, and be in community.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this Halloween.

How cute are these kids all decked out? Even Molly was feeling festive. (Yes, Target got the best of me again. I have no shame. My poor dog.)

How did you celebrate “Halloween”?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I'm all about turning off the TV, meeting neighbors, even asking others for candy. I don't think we should greet one another outside the confines of Trick or Treating with the phrase "Happy Halloween". It just doesn't seem natural to say to someone at a restaurant; at church or while pumping gas "Happy Halloween" This isn't Christmas or New Years. Just my opinion 🙂 But I've already shared that with you.
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  • Hey Lindsey! You must work with Jason Jones at Thoman Nelson Publishers. I have to say… I am even more impressed with TNP after meeting Jason and now you!

    Your blog LIGHTS UP the world… and yes, I agree with your Halloween perspective. We had so much fun yesterday… more than any other year of our lives. Spent a few hours carving pumpkins… and doing a bunch of other fun things!!

    Jason handed my book proposal, “Make Me A Legend” to a great publisher in your department and soon (hopefully) I will be heading to Nashville to meet my new (and lifelong) TNP friends! Until then, have a most triumphant life!! 🙂

    Dream Big, Live Bold, Make a Difference,

    Chuck Balsamo

  • Great pics!
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  • We don't celebrate Halloween, BUT our church's 5th Sunday music extravaganza fell on Halloween so we were at church listening to all our church friends sing and do skits and such. It was crazy and fun! 🙂 I always love a good excuse to be with friends. And somehow my boys still managed to get some candy out of the deal LOL

  • Cute Halloween photos! My husband and I went as the "Hot Couple" AKA "Too Lazy to Dress Up" haha!
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  • Amy

    Ok, who made Losiah cry? I thought Carlos was out of town… 😉 (Will he EVER live that down?)

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  • We celebrated Halloween by hosting a movie matinee (Despicable Me) and then we handed out hot chocolate and flashlights to trick or treaters. 🙂
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  • I thought to myself when my daughter was going door to door saying, "This is so fun…" the same thing. We had a beautiful night walking around the neighborhood, we met the nicest people, and we laughed – a lot! With heaping buckets of candy we returned home all smiles.

    It was a good night.

  • jerigodsdreamsforme

    i'm late in the game here…we totally had a blast. Dressing up, hanging out with neighborhood families. We were wiped out for two days afterwards. It was awesome!

    Sorry about that seems my post didn't go through and linked instead.