Living Biblically

I’ll admit it. This is sort of a cop-out on a blog post. After all I have already tweeted this Catalyst video from Catalyst TWICE. But I can not stop thinking about this message from Francis Chan.

Catalyst East 2010: Francis Chan from Catalyst on Vimeo.

And I am processing Francis’ questions.

What is “weird”?

When they look at us what is going to be the “weirdness” about our generation?

When I look at scripture does my life “make sense”?

Do I live like I want my life to fit in Bible one day?

How about you?

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  • kristerdunn

    This clip got a hold of me too. Fantastic questions to give serious thought to. Really liked the part where he talks about people leaving this church or that church for "weird" reasons. Powerful message all the way around.
    My recent post “i want my life to fit in this book…”

  • I didn't get a chance to hear his whole talk…I caught the last 5-10 minutes,but what I did catch was amazing and so humble….He exudes Christ in a way that I don't see every day. I like the barometer of what may be "weird" to many is not "weird" in biblical eyes. I have also heard a similar thought process that said what may be a "demotion" in human eyes may be a "promotion" in God's eyes….

    My recent post Known Understood Loved

  • I am gripped..

    I don't feel as crazy when I think about it in the context of putting my life next to scripture. In fact, I feel kind of wimpy. This will inspire me.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    And making me feel like a wimp.
    My recent post Judgement

  • Lindsay – This is not a cop out on a blog post at all. I applaud you for taking great content and re-highlighting it. This is what I'm doing with #TheNines videos ( ).

    I firmly believe great content, regardless of how well it is presented, can still sit idle collecting dust on the shelves unless we keep it in front of ourselves over a period of time. That way, it starts to get ingrained into the fabric of our journey.
    My recent post Job 1

  • Whoa. That’s some heavy stuff.

  • this session was one of the highlights for me…

    i want to live with that kind of brazen faith… that doesn't even realize it's being "weird" by others' standards…

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  • Heather Steinbeck

    This was one of the most impactful sessions at Catalyst this year for Dave and I. We were messed up and convicted and encouraged to take a step out on the ledge that God is nudging us onto–to loosen the grip on my job that helps us accumulate "stuff". Convicted by the statement that is rolling around in our heads, "you can make more money, but you can't make more time". Something specific that we were convicted of, that Dave shared this past Sunday, was that if we were to be honest with ourselves, we were comparing the level of the sacrifices we have made laterally to other people, instead of to Christ; ew, gross…that for us, in order for our lives to fit somewhere in the pages of the Bible, our life needs to be different than what it is now. It's not all clear yet how this is to be accomplished, but our hearts are so tenderized to what God has been doing in us, we can't help but say, "Yes"…whew, longwinded, much? 🙂

  • kelybreez

    I wanna live like the Bible and call it normal.
    My recent post laugh a little laugh a lot

  • Chrystie

    Umm…wow. Yeah, I don't live a weird life and the reasons are fear and my desire for comfort. And that all boils down to a lack of trust in God. Sigh. Praying He grows my courage and trust in Him. Thanks for sharing this Lindsey. I hadn't seen it.
    My recent post Whats It About Anyway

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