My 10 Favorite Things About Catalyst 2010

First off, let me apologize for completely disappearing for the last week or so. It was never my intention to be away so long. But man, Catalyst came with a big ‘ol bang and stole every ounce of my energy. Okay, that’s enough of that…

Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia, for the Catalyst Conference. It was a complete whirlwind that stirred a lot of things, good and bad, inside of me. Candidly, I am still recovering and processing (if you’ve been around here before you know it takes me a long while to process). But I wanted to be sure to share My 10 Favorite Things About Catalyst 2010.

1. Digging deep with my Catalyst/3DM Coaching Group (Brian Wurzell, Bianca Juarez, coach extraordinaire Jo Saxton, Hillary DeMeo, and the “MIA” Kyle Zimmerman.) LOVE these people. So thankful that they are boldly speaking into this season of my life.

2. Learning from Francis Chan. The man truly is fired up about emulating the life of Jesus. Some might call him “radical” but it is clear he is just faithfully working to live out the word of God. He has me wondering if Jesus is truly more than my Savior, if He is my role model?

3. Joyfully belting out John Mark McMillan’s “How He Loves” with 13,000 of my closest friends. One of the best worship experiences of my life!

4. Learning from T.D. Jakes that we need to get on out of the “cor-ner.” That “people who play it safe are not leaders.” That “if you always do what you have always done, you will only be who you have always been.” That “you need to make yourself uncomfortable.”

5. Hearing John Ortberg. That man is one gifted communicator. His book, The Me I Want to Be, has profoundly affected the way I think. I am still processing a couple of things he said on grace.

“Transformation requires at least as much grace as salvation.”

“Grace is God doing anything in me that I can not do myself.”

6. Boohooing as I watched Jimmy (who broke my heart last year) meet his Compassion child.

7. Having Andy Stanley reframe the story of Jacob and Esau. I know this…I don’t want to trade my future, my calling, my legacy, for a “bowl of stew.”

8. Watching Michael Hyatt teach a roomful of eager participants about the importance of “Platform.” Such an engaging presentation…made me so proud to call him “boss.”

9. Debriefing at night with my Catalyst roomies Trish, Bianca, and Annie. And laughing so hard that I cry trying to figure out the techno-style-video-chat with Sarah and Keely.

10. Witnessing a human cannonball. I lie. Actually, I hated the human cannonball. All I could think about was how that poor man was going to die a gruesome death in front of 13,000 strangers. Thankfully he made it. This time.

Were you at Catalyst? What were your highlights? If not, what were you up to last week?

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  • heather steinbeck

    um, no kidding about the cannonball man…was a smidgen worried that I was going to catch his demise on my Nikon–and really glad I didn't.
    It was good to meet you at the lunch Thursday…I'm the girl who has a twit but doesn't tweet…maybe you have convinced me; time will tell. 🙂
    Worshipping with 13,000 people is always a huge blessing at Catalyst-can you imagine what heaven is going to sound like?! Andy's last talk of the day was so good for me to hear–the tensions to manage as opposed to the tensions to eliminate in my life–so practical and simple and user-friendly! And Francis Chan's passion to follow Jesus whenever, whereever with whatever has spurred my side too for sure. It was a great year!

    • So great meeting you Heather! Keep me posted on your tweet/no tweet debate. 🙂

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  • I was there, for the pre-event bloggers meet up and for Day 1 at least. Wish I would have been able to say hello in person.

    It truly was a great event. What I loved most was connecting. The content from the presenters was challenging indeed but the connections and meeting people face-to-face who I typically interact with online or via phone was a gift.
    My recent post The Eyes of an Effective Leader

  • Seriously, every one of your top 10 moments, I missed. Some of them obviously, the rest were within my reach. Can you download the details into my head please? Amen and thank you.

    • You missed all of them? Even the human cannonball? You sure you were at the Catalyst Conference? 😉

      • I was there, but found myself in outside the arena conversations….a lot of them. Dang it!

  • Apology accepted. It sounds like you had a lot to process and will continue to process as you come away from the conference, getting back into your routine.

    You are the second person this week I seen mention the “bowl of stew.” Sounds like something God wants me to contemplate and dwell on, seeing I was reminded on it.

    Hope you had a blessed Sunday.

    • It was an amazing talk from Andy. I am stewing on the stew too.

  • Brewster

    1. Seeing Friends stepping into their dreams.

    2. Everything Andy Stanley said.

    3. Groschel on generations

    4. Gungor

    5. Integrity having 3 artists on one day.

    6. Amazing friends. IT felt like we were at camp sometimes…i miss camp.

    7. Getting to hang with people who stretch you.

    8. the After-After party

    • the after-after-party…

      next time we need to do a better job hanging…

  • NicoleUnice

    I definitely agree with some of your highlights, like TD Jakes…I can't believe I missed Andy Stanley's first talk, that's the one that all of my team was talking about. I am trying to take in all of that teaching, one speaker at a time.
    Honestly, I found it overwhelming at times, particularly knowing there was so many people that I'd like to have conversations with and instead was forced into small chat for 20 seconds. BUT none of that mattered after I saw the trampoliners…(is that a word?)
    My recent post Catalyst Conference- Seth Godin

    • you need to make sure you find someone with a dvd…it was a great talk.

      it is totally overwhelming…i am stil so tired. being sick and around so much stimulation about sent me over an edge 😉

      • NicoleUnice

        We ordered the whole "experience" so I'm looking forward to the talk. I think I have a new word for my overload "Potential Relationship Syndrome"…All those people, all that potential…and so little actual time and emotional energy.
        My recent post Catalyst Conference- Seth Godin

  • I spent most of last week sulking around, being jealous that I wasn't at Catalyst. Some day…
    My recent post The Beholder

    • i know that feeling. I experience a lot of conference envy!

  • bennettaj

    Yes, yes and yes! Such amazing moments. I have to say Gungor singing Beautiful Things was way up there for me. I was a disaster and there weren't even words being sung by the end.

  • OH MY GOSH – I'm right there with you on #10. The tension was NOT so good during that moment. I kept thinking, "Well, I'm glad I'm at Catalyst this year, because if this goes down the wrong way, it may be the LAST Catalyst…" The knife thrower? *pfft* That wasn't tense. Now TD Jakes' comments AFTER the human cannonball made the stunt almost worth it. 🙂
    My recent post Strange Interlude 20

  • Makeda

    Seriously, I thought the guy in the cannon wasn’t going to make it and 13,000 people were going to witness a stunt gone horribly wrong. So glad it worked out though.

    I loved Catalyst and many of your highlights were definitely mine as well including Andy’s talk on trading my legacy for a bowl of stew. I’ll be thinking about that one for awhile. Loved TD Jakes! I never walk away from listening to him disappointed. The blogger meetup was a highlight for me because I got to meet so many of my Twitter friends live and in person plus I also met a ton of new people. Finally the luncheon on Thursday was also great for the same reason as the Blogger meetup. It was a great week. I’m still processing much of the information but all in all it was a good week.

  • Oh you know, the regular stuff. Sharing a room with 3 women, sharing my life with 4 people, sharing my stories for 5 days.

    I loved getting to hang out and live life together. Novemeber can't come soon enough 🙂 Dinner on Matt and I! We love you!
    My recent post parker mason…

  • Jerry Miner

    unfortunately I was in our booth talking to people and did not get to hear or see much, but of what I did see:
    Francis Chan- placing his hands on his head, closing his eyes. and saying "I am just at so much peace, I could scream" – He was so peaceful that I felt peaceful.
    Perry Noble – telling animal lovers "I am going to punt you too!" – has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard.
    The human canon ball – I was sure he hit the light brace on the way down – I thought Catalyst was going to have a very early end.

  • I know you were hoping that I was going to be as funny in person as I (occasionally) am online, but I opted not to break into my stand-up routine. hope that was okay 🙂

    great to meet you!
    My recent post Catalyst 2010 Recap- Part 1

  • jcatron

    Catalyst was awesome again this year. My only Catalyst "miss" was not being able to spend more time processing with you. 🙁

    My recent post Thank You Catalyst

  • Thanks so much for sharing!! Hope to make it to Catalyst some day.

    Good luck with the processing. I'm right there behind you.

    • You definitely need to make it on one coast or the other. It's a great experience!

  • i just have to say, i'm pretty impressed by our collective genius that we could figure out how to make that call work. btw, you need to upgrade your skype so that we can talk with more than one person at a time.

    i'm still laughing at the techno loop keely created. love it. =)
    My recent post Between the Whistles

  • Lindsey,
    I am sitting at my desk, crying like a baby over the Compassion video. People are walking past my office, certain that I am having a nervous breakdown of some sort. 🙂

    My husband (I call him Preacher Boy, in love, of course) and I just sponsored our first child through Compassion last Sunday.

    Thank you for sharing!
    My recent post Are you editing God

  • Laura Anne

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    I'm jealous once again! 🙂
    My recent post I got tagged…

  • Amanda

    Ooh! Thanks for posting the video. Gonna watch it now. It was great seeing you. I wish it had been longer!
    My recent post Aid Sudan

  • Thanks for the shout-out, Lindsey. I had a great time at Catalyst, too. I’m still trying to digest it. Andy Stanley blew me away. I am still pondering his message.

    By the way, it is so fun watching your grow and develop and become and extraordinary leader in your own right. I think I need to push you to speak. You have such a great heart and voice. Hmm.

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