One Thing

If you were truly FEARLESS, what is ONE THING you would commit to DOING right now?


Break a habit?

Tell someone how you really feel?

Step into the spotlight?

Run a marathon?

Change careers?

Give a long overdue apology?

Say goodbye to a friend that is stunting your growth?

Adopt a child?

Looking at this short list, I am amazed by how my fear has limited me, how my fear has held me back. Ugh.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • That's a great challenge for me this morning. What if we really lived with the wonder, faith and confidence of Psalm 19? I'm in for a marathon and committing to a completion date for my manuscript.
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  • Move to Africa.
    My recent post Seriously

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  • Concise, inspirational and motivational. Thank you for sharing Lindsey. I have several things I should do differently, based on this and similar verses. Thank you for sharing. Now, to schedule that skydiving trip…
    My recent post I Bought Shoes That Were Cheaper Than My Bus Fare!

  • I have a few I could add to this list.. One is pursue a career in something I enjoy (such as writing) rather then what is safe and stable for me.

    You posted a good list, but you did not let us know what one would be for you.
    My recent post RE-Set

    • True. I didn't.

      Honestly I am arguing with myself about this (thankfully I am winning ;)). There is some part of each of these that I'd like to do. Trying to figure out if it is really FEAR holding me back versus and what is just good DISCERNMENT. And most importantly where God wants me to jump.

      • Well I would say 1 2 3 5 7 and 8 are ones that I would love to read about in articles on this blog in the very near future…

        JUMP!!! ha
        My recent post RE-Set

  • open an orphanage
    trust god with relationships/future husband. and that's a really trust him…not the trust where i keep on trying to make things happen.

  • Up and move to North Caroline, and take a Director of Communications position at a church there.
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  • Brian

    Move to Nashville and go to work with Dave Ramsey.

  • Between you and Jon Acuff am not sure who's reading my thoughts better.

    If I were truly FEARLESS the one thing I'd do is be a better communicator with my wife. That might sound odd, but I'm very conflict averse when it comes to my marriage and am more inclined to just apologize and avoid a fight.
    My recent post Soldiers &amp Jesus

  • I wish my fears consisted of sky diving or bunjee jumping. I would do those in a heart beat. My step would be to move and new job.

    My heart is a whole different risk in fear. Being fearless would mean trusting others.

    • That is a good one Tracee – trusting others more can be very difficult for many who are afraid. Thank you for sharing.
      My recent post Virtual Mentors

  • You are the second person to call me out on this. Giving you the same answer.

    Honestly I am arguing with myself about this (thankfully I am winning ;)). There is some part of each of these that I'd like to do. Trying to figure out if it is really FEAR holding me back versus and what is just good DISCERNMENT. And most importantly where God wants me to jump.

  • Wow … great question. Reminds me of the saying seen on a lot of graduation gifts. “What would you do if you knew you couldnt fail?”

    I would … train for a marathon (maybe even the Hawaiian Ironman) and pursue a speaking/writing career more aggressively.

  • I can totally relate. Fear has definitely held me back from many many things.
    My recent post A remedy that will help turn the world upside down

  • fearless? finish my stupid book. 😉

  • Oh, how I've been dealing with this same thing.

    One thing I'm trying to do, and it is very helpful, is to articulate just why I am so afraid of a specific thing. Am I afraid I'll fail, that I'll be alone, that I'll be rejected, that I won't see my dream fulfilled? Then once I name it, I get some perspective. And sometimes I start to realize that either what I'm afraid of is just ridiculous, or really not that bad.

    For example – I'm afraid that God won't fulfill my dreams, but if I really believed that his will for my life is better, why should I be afraid of that?
    My recent post brand new day

  • I've been thinking A LOT about this lately and I've been writing about it on my blog. I saw a question recently that said "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" That stretched me, for real.

    I know I have big dreams in my heart and I'm at a point in my life that I'm ready to go for it!
    My recent post Soulless Social Media

  • As of 4 weeks ago, we (my husband and myself) are living fearless! We quit our 6 figure salary w/ benefits package to pastor a dying church that pays us no salary. Sounds crazy, huh? We are trusting God that He doesn't want His bride to die, so we have re-birthed the church with new name, new vision & bylaws. In the last 4 weeks, 20 peoples lives have been radically transformed by God's eternal grace and we've had over 100 first time guests to the church. We are experiencing the best days of our lives & ministry. Just think if we had decided to be ruled by fear and stayed comfortable….

  • Albert L.

    Change careers to be a singer/songwriter for the Church. In some ways, be a music artist who serves people.

    I want to jump, but my biggest fear is failing. Letting myself down (pun intended).
    My recent post Ten Years In the Making

  • God honest truth:
    The one thing was to be able to tell my friends the brutal truth. Even when it hurts.

    You've been part and parcel of this journey and I'm grateful for you. Even when it hurts.

    My recent post 100 words on who you are…

  • I would pursue traveling and playing music full-time. Although, I definintely have it well where I'm at. But leaving it to go all-out for cause massive panic in my heart and mind. So yeah, that's what I'd do. 🙂
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  • If I was fearless, I would stop being in bondage to my baggage and start living my life wholly for Christ.

    That may sound superficial or awfully philosophical, but it's true – there are many times when I want to live differently than I do, but don't, for fear of… whatever.


    I pray that God will change my heart and others in similar situations.

    – d.