The Best Thing I’ve Read This Week

By far this is the best, the most-thought provoking thing that I’ve read all week. Since I first read Blue Like Jazz, I have appreciated Donald Miller’s voice, his humor, and his insight. I’ve credited his most recent book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years with changing the way I think. A few years ago, life was about getting it done as effortlessly, painlessly, and comfortably as possible. Now I have the end in mind, what kind of story do I want to have lived?

“Do You Have a Good Team of Life Editors?” made me see that I can not create the kind of story I want to live alone. I need people, trustworthy God-honoring people, holding me accountable to my dreams, my purpose. I need friends who are willing to speak hard truth into my life. I need an extra set of eyes to see into my big gaping blind spots. I need life editors. Go read his post.

PS – The Second Best Thing I’ve Read This Week is this incredible story from Carlos Whittaker. All I can say about it is…wow.

Two questions.

One: How are your life editors helping you live a better story?

Two: What is the best thing you’ve read this week?

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  • Good stuff!!! I need some more life editors…in a new place and in a new season, needing to make new efforts to challenge and be challenged!

    Best thing I've read this week: besides the Word, Uncle Tom's Cabin. I'm smack-dab in the middle and it is really rocking my socks off. The pen, she is mightier than the sword!!
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  • Erin

    "Priceless" by Tom Davis. Incredible book. Made me want to do something important.

  • I read Drops Like Stars by Rob Bell on Monday and it was awesome.

    I just started reading Blue Like Jazz too and I'm blown away by it.
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  • Life editors … probably need to work on that some.

    Best thing I read this week … every post by Shaun Groves has all been excellent!
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  • Scott

    Believe it or not, those two things are also the best things I’ve read this week.

  • Those are two of my best reads this week too!!! Yay!
    My recent post the case of a choice

  • Loving Pru's "community series" here :

    Also reading this book called "the Light and the Glory" – I'm at a part about Christopher Columbus – and it's really good!

    And def @loswhit's post. Wow…

  • Amy

    Hmm… I have to admit, there's no one in my life right now who I know or trust enough to be a "Life Editor" for me. Do I even need to say how much that bothers me?

    As for the best thing I've read this week, it has to be "The Grace of God", by Andy Stanley. I reviewed it earlier this week for BookSneeze and decided that I needed to re-read it more slowly and carefully. When I'm done, I may just read it again. Grace is something I just can't wrap my head around fully, but this is helping. I'm sure I'll never really get it until I'm face-to-face with God, but I still want to try. I think it just might be important…

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  • I am blessed to have a couple of life editors who I meet with every week. Everyone should have some people in their life like this. I hope and pray that I never take this gift for granted. I agree with you on those two posts, Lindsey. I would also recommend a post by Alex Marestaing called first train home. Here is the link:
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  • I absolutely love this book. I listened to it on audio book in one sitting on a recent road trip. I think it has shaped my thinking in my major way.

    1. My life editors help me to live a better story by constantly challenging me. This past week I found myself in a slight depression about the place I am currently living, and one of my editors asked me some really tough questions.. many of which I did not want to answer, about my current circumstance. It is good to have people who know me well enough to be able to challenge me to walk the path that I want to walk. My circumstances used to dictate my path, I (with the guidance of Jesus) will now dictate that path. My editors keep me on that path.

    2. The best think I have read this week is the book from Chris Guillibeau called "The Art of Non-Conformity". It is a of a similar vein as Don's thoughts in his book. Check it out.
    My recent post Judgement

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