The List

A couple of friends and I have this shared mental list (yeah, I’m not sure how we do it either) of WORDS WE HATE. Words that makes us cringe. Words that should be avoided if at all possible.

I thought it was time to commit this list to paper so I will start us out and then you can chime in with words you feel should be added and why they make your skin crawl. (Oh yeah, let’s keep all the naughty words out of this. Let’s all just assume that we all know better than to use those. To say it a little more strongly: I will edit out any words that I feel are inappropriate.)

Moist – Let’s stick with DAMP people.

Lover – Really? Lover? Ugh. The worst is when someone refers to their spouse as lover. I don’t need to hear that. Ear muffs.

Bro – I just think Bro is lame. And this is my list, on my blog, so it will stay.

Mayonnaise – Just something about the way “mayonaise” sounds as it rolls off the tongue. Yuck.

Ointment – Kind of like mayonaise, it just sounds icky.

Okay, your turn. Remember, keep it clean…

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • I thought of another one "conversate" wha?

  • Lee Bezotte

    Never been a big fan of "cockles". As in, "she warms the cockles of my heart".

    What is a cockle and do we really need more than one of them? And shouldn't they be left at room temperature?

  • Tapper

    Evacuate – as in my Doctor saying: "Did you evacuate?"

    What kind of question is that?

    You need a followup post of favorite pet words we like to use:

  • “The Wife”…I put this on the list because “My Wife” would put it on here if she was reading this post.

    “My Old Man”…honor your parents…’nuff said.

  • nipple. (really? thats the best we could do.)

    sacrament . (causes me to blush in church. every. time.)

    penetrate. (typically only heard around football season. nasty boys.)

    was this not clean? im not sure.
    My recent post Should I have been trusted

  • Follow you on Twitter. I’ll play:

    air biscuit–what is that anyway? Imaginary food?

    Suppurating–because oozing isn’t bad enough?

    Pustule–because it somehow has more gravitas than sore?

    While I’m at it: what is gravitas anyway? Just an elitist way of saying “weighty?”

    “Engrish” No comment here.

  • Awesome – When used in any context not relating to the nature of God!
    Like – When used in sentence along the lines of, "Like.. I think you, like, need to getta hold of this, like, awesome…"
    My recent post Cockroach vs Superhero

  • I used to have a friend who absolutely despised the word moist, I'd use it just to watch her cringe a little – I hate the word 'sissy'
    My recent post If Youre Going Through Hell

  • Hi Lindsey,
    I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I love it! I wholeheartedly agree with the words you hate – ESPECIALLY 1 & 5. One word that I would definitely add to this list is Crevice. I think it's totally grody, PLUS my brothers have lovingly added that after your first word on the list…and, well, you get the point. Gross, gross, gross.

    My recent post Weekend Update