The Turtle in Me

Recently a friend (that I think the world of) pointed out that there are times when I suddenly, inexplicably, vanish.

And only a shell remains.

She cited a specific incident that morning and challenged me,

What happened?

You were so alive, so vibrant, so engaged, and all of sudden, you disappeared?

Where is your fight???

Ever since her questions have haunted me and I can’t help but wonder,

Am I like a turtle that at the first sign of danger retreats into the comfort of my shell?

Why don’t I really battle it out in passionate pursuit of my dreams?

What am I afraid of?

And most importantly, how can I break this unbecoming cycle?

Because I have got to say of all the animals I could possibly imitate, the turtle would have to be 0ne of my last choices.

What animal do you feel you resemble and why?

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Lindsey has a sincere love for her precious dogs Molly and Maisy, a good red wine and the Delta Sky Club.

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  • "Am I like a turtle that at the first sign of danger retreats into the comfort of my shell?

    Why don’t I really battle it out in passionate pursuit of my dreams?

    What am I afraid of?

    And most importantly, how can I break this unbecoming cycle?"

    im going to spend this week asking myself these hard questions. cuz i really, really, need to.

    thanks, lindsey.

    animal, right now? sloth.

    My recent post walls shouldn’t look like that

  • Kingsly

    Thought Provoking…
    I feel i resemble the Sheep…Dumb and helpless…but then i am also reminded of the Great Shepherd i have..

  • I feel a lot like a chameleon, blending into my surroundings, not making standing out, not making a difference, but if you look at the right angle or talk to the right people, you just might see the difference.
    My recent post works is our way of life

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  • Thank you Lindsey for your transparency. I too have tendencies to be a turtle, and slip into my comfortable shell.

    But the animal I am most like, is an elephant. To borrow the illustration from Chip and Dan Heath's book "Switch", I am just unmotivated sometimes.

    I know what the right thing to do is, and I know that I should do it, but I'm just not motivated enough to do it, and the opportunity passes me by.
    My recent post Different Color Converse

  • Oh, the turtle is a definite animal that represents me! I hadn't really thought of it, but it really fits. I often pull into my shell – seems like I'm there consistantly lately. I think I'm there for several reasons – fear of dealing with whatever is going on (or not going on), fear of letting others see the "real" me, fear of getting hurt yet again, avoiding conflict because I can't or don't know how to deal with it…I'm sure the list could go on and on!

    I think I am also slowly working on coming out of my shell, but I also think I need to rediscover who I am before I can totally shed the inner shell sanctum.
    My recent post Words Are Powerful Try Journaling

  • You did a great job of explaining my feelings this morning 🙂 My animal is probably turtle too right now…headed to my first blogging conference and just feeling overwhelmed with it all…fighting the urge to retreat, pull in and hide. Thanks for reminding me to stop and expose it for what it is. Fear.

  • Someone just remarked to me recently that they noticed I become withdrawn when I'm under stress. I think that is so true, and a turtle is exactly what I pictured. My shell is safe. I'll come out when the fighting is done.

  • hm. this is a really good question. thanks for being so honest. i love having friends who know me that well and who love me enough to check in.

    i probably become a turtle more often than i realize. i'm a creative and a recovering alcoholic, which doesn't necessarily mean but often does mean, that we are prone to depression (chicken or the egg, i'm not sure). so i have to fight my way through that sometimes.

    once i was told that i'm like a golden retriever puppy on god's leash – running all over the place, exploring, adventurous, and he enjoyed it. that was many years ago. not sure if that still holds true.

    i'd like to think i was like a dog – always faithful, so loyal, fiercely protective. and cute. and cuddly.

    once again, i'm stumped. and this will probably bother me all day til i have an answer. (i'll let you know when i do. i know you'll be waiting with baited breath til then.)


    My recent post just because

  • You're truly blessed to have a friend who knows you well enough to see truth, and then offer that truth in love. I'm celebrating this revelation with you!
    My recent post I Rang Lalla’s Bell Today

  • Linda S

    Recognizing a tendency is the first step to overcoming it – please share what you are doing to overcome your ‘turtleness’!

  • I wrote about something similar a while back.

    I would pick a duck-billed-platypus.

    It has a beak, it is a mammal, it lays eggs, and it can sting you believe it or not.

    I would pick that one because it does not really fit in anywhere. I imagine that the platypus probably has self-esteem issues and feelings of insecurity when it's around other animals.
    My recent post Failure and Learning

  • I hope this doesn't sound like the perpetual cheerleader in me, but the turtle catches the hare. And as long as you just keep moving forward on this road to discovery, you're going to be fine.

    But deep inside is a slumber Rocky. I know it. Just let out.

    In the eye of the Tiger,

    My recent post minutia…

  • I recently described part of my experience of going to Catalyst as being in an introvert's hell – even though you might be feeling okay the morning(s) of, if you encountered anything that set off any feelings of insecurity, or something that began to make you doubt or question your worth, talent, or value, and -BOOM- you were stuck in this sea of smiling people who act like they drank a case of Red Bull right before they saw you and that everything is right with the world, inserting an obligatory "Praise God" in the midst of it all.

    Been there, done that, felt the ironic comfort in my own insecurities. It's weird how I want to work through them, but I find myself going back to them time and again.

    I'm not sure which animal describes me better: the turtle (slow at getting where I need to be because I go into my own shelter so often), or a donkey (stubborn and sometimes inclined to act like the synonym of "donkey").
    My recent post The Cata-list

  • It's interesting that you bring this question up. I recently was thinking about that after it was used as an intro question for some team building exercise. As I thought more about what kind of animal I might be, I came to realize that I would be much like a dog. Loyal and even tempered, though I can be fierce or extremely cowardly with things in life just as any dog might be. It makes me wonder how close even tempered could be when being able to stretch to extremes in extreme situations.

    Anyway, I would be a dog.
    My recent post Slacker Saturday- Some of my favorites posts from the past few weeks!

  • I can definitely relate to the turtle as well and the ostrich too …
    My recent post We dont have to live with a feeling of condemnation

  • Probably one of those moths or butterflies that you can't see if they're hiding in the weeds or flowers…they blend into their surroundings to get away from the craziness…and when they garner up the courage, or are scared off you can catch a glimpse of them.
    My recent post Not Sorry

  • This is good stuff… I can immediately relate to a turtle. Lately I've been acting more like a blowfish. When I get freaked out by life, I pretend that things are better than they are and act like I've got it all under control, when really I'm just scared. Just a bunch of hot air (or in a blowfish's case, sea water?). But the turtle too. I sure know how to retreat.
    My recent post Knocking Them Down

  • I feel like a buffalo at times. Constantly running into ideas and fighting with them. Hoping that at some point I can stop bumping heads with my idea and start running with my idea.

    And Buffalo's just look cool
    My recent post The Presence of God

  • I'm not a big animal person, but somedays when I'm planning out my running schedule, I think of myself as a gazelle and I 'know' I will be able to cover many miles quickly without much effort. But then most time when I run, I feel more like a slow horse with heavy feet.

  • That’s my favorite ice-breaker question 🙂

    So… I would want to be a Giraffe. Tall, graceful – yet strong – can see for miles – but gentle and fun.

    Of course… John calls me Monkee. Which I have been very much growing into the last year and a half.

    Is there a monkey giraffe out there?

  • Wow. It's awesome that she called you on that. Although, I suppose it might not have FELT awesome and really, would I want someone to point that out to me? But that's the thing, I do this, too.

    Also, I think I might resemble a sloth. Yet another reason to get myself in gear and get back to exercising!! 🙂
    My recent post Money for Nothing and the gifts are free!

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