World Changers Aren’t Necessarily News Makers

Today I am featuring a guest post from my friend Greg Darley. Greg is a young go-getter. A few years ago he started BackStage Leadership, a coaching network that let’s you get behind-the-scenes with some of today’s most influential church leaders. This month he is releasing his first book, Passion is Not Enough. Here’s a quote from the book:

“Good intentions don’t change the world. Ideas alone will change nothing. Desires don’t feed the hungry. Ambition won’t stop injustice. Enthusiasm alone will not reach the lost. Wishing changes nothing. To change the world, we must have more than passion.”

You can read Greg’s blog here.

And follow him on twitter here.

In my research for Passion is Not Enough, I discovered something that I know I will be thankful I learned early—most people that change the world never make the news. I don’t have a scientific study to backup this fact, but its still true. For every person you see on the news making a huge impact in the world (i.e. Bill Gates donating millions of dollars to a charity), there are tens of thousands of others doing work that’s just as important.

Most of them are quietly going about their lives, making a difference where they can. They don’t have fancy websites or worldwide ministries. They help how they can when they can. These are the people serving at soup kitchens or tutoring kids after school. These people clean up neighborhood parks and help a friend who’s sick. They may not be raising millions of dollars, but its still amazing work.

The great majority of them don’t even worry about making the news either. They don’t work for the publicity or notoriety. They don’t need to make the front page for their work. Most world changers never make the news–and that’s ok by them.

Some questions to consider:

·      Will I keep pursuing that vision even if I don’t get the attention I probably deserve?

·      Will you write that book if only 100 people buy it?

·      Will you stay with that church plant when only 20 people show up?

·      Will you work at that after-school program that affects just 3 students?

We all want recognition.  We want to know that the work we do impacts people. We all want the pat on the back.  This is normal. But, for those that are seeking to change the world, you need to realize that you may never receive the credit you deserve.  It’s better to know that going in than getting frustrated in the process.

A quick side note.  Take some time today to encourage those that are changing the world and don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Send a thank you note, an email, or a quick text to someone that’s impacted you.  That encouragement could be the thing that keeps them working.

Greg has generously offered a special discount, 20% off Passion is Not Enough, for this week only for my blog readers. Simply use the coupon code “Lindsey20” at checkout.

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  • LOVE THIS! It's getting me thinking so much! Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

  • Thanks Lindsey. An honor to guest post here. Appreciate all the support!
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  • I love this post, such a great reminder to be faithful in little things. It's important for me to think in terms of the kingdom of God, not my own, when I write. Although my book sales aren't terrific, I had lunch yesterday with a friend and she told me that her son was reading Thin Places and it was changing him. That's far more eternally significant than numbers of books sold. I'm learning afresh to rest there.

  • I am looking forward to reading this book!
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  • Kamrie

    Great post. So hard to accept that people who are actually doing something are never heard about. It is even more frustrating that people are more interested in finding out what this movie star wore to this movie rather than someone doing something amazing.
    I guess this is where God comes in to be enough to keep on loving even if it is just tutoring some kid
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  • Thank you so much for sharing this guest post. "Passion isn't enough" couldn't be more true.

    Great call to encourage those we know are making a difference, but don't get their 15 minutes of fame.
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  • Thanks, Lindsey! Just bought 3 copies, courtesy of your discount. Can't wait to share with others
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  • renamariek

    Day in and day out there are people serving without recognition. They serve because it's their heart-It’s all a heart condition. It beautiful and pure and it is changing the world every day. I know for me this is something that I don't always think about. Thank-you for bringing this subject to light Lindsey. I don’t think many people realize how BIG this kind of servant hood is. I have been encouraged. I have been challenged. I look at my life and the tiny influence I have-Yet it is still enough to celebrate those who are continually making a difference without recognition-I can help give them the recognition they deserve.